4 Business Ideas You Can Outsource on Legiit


Whether you have some spare cash that you’d like to invest in a side-hustle or want to start your first serious business.

Outsourcing will help you reach your goals quicker.

However, if you don’t do it properly, you could quickly be in a lot of trouble ranging from angry clients to wasted money.

That’s why in this article on the 4 business ideas, you can outsource Legiit.

We’ll also give you some tips on outsourcing each business model alongside some of the top-rated services used by other Legiit customers.  

4 Business Ideas You Can Outsource on Legiit

Our top 4 business ideas you can outsource on Legiit include:  


4 Businesses You Can outsource on Legiit Dropshipping

According to Statista: “The global eCommerce industry is projected to grow   by 5.4 trillion US dollars in 2022 .”

And by dropshipping, you can get a piece of that cake. With Legiit, you can outsource most of the tasks of running your online store.  

  • Estimated cost: $200 to $Unlimited
  • Estimated Difficulty: Medium to Hard
  • Suited for: Someone with SEO/Traffic/Branding skills

Complete tutorial: How To Outsource an Entire Ecommerce Store on Legiit

For those that don’t know: Dropshipping is simply the process of building an eCommerce store around a product that you purchase from somewhere else for a lower cost. So you sell it for a higher price and profit on it, while the product is shipped directly to your customer after purchase.

What To Outsource

As you are building an entire eCommerce brand, you need to outsource quite a few things.

Let’s take a look.

Expert tip: If you’re new, consider running a 1-product dropshipping store. This will mean you can put more focus into that product, which may help you succeed. However, the keyword is CONSIDER.

Product & Market Research

Finding a product with the right market fit is tricky. On the one hand, you don’t want too much competition, but you need a proven product. Check out the product research category here

Content Writing

Whether it’s descriptions, the page content, or even your blog post – Legiit has a strong selection of expert writers that can help you turn your visitors into customers.

We’ve linked some of the best writing services down below.   Or feel free to check the entire writing category.

Highest rated blog posts: Stellar SEO Blog Posts by Ish

Highest rated product descriptions: Product Descriptions by SEO Amber

Web Design & Store Setup

Setting up a store so it looks appealing can be tricky too. Luckily, Legiit has a library of expert web designers and eCommerce store specialists that can get it done for you.

Head over to the programming & technology category to see the top services.


Backlinks, keyword research, audits, and more – Legiit is the #1 SEO marketplace on the internet.

Check out the category here

Conversion Optimization

Many eCommerce stores hardly think about conversion rate optimization or don’t have the expertise to optimize for it.

Whether it’s bad formatting, words that throw customers off, or wrongly-placed CTAs – there could be endless things that are holding your store off from succeeding.  

If you find this is an issue in the future, head over to the conversion optimization sub-category

Graphics & Branding

Excellent Graphics and branding will set you apart from the rest. But, while you can use a tool like Canva to create some yourself, it doesn’t quite compete with the work from experts.

If you’re just starting a new store, we recommend coming up with your core color combination – which will help you explain it to your graphics freelancer.

Check out the graphic design category here.

Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing industry is also a rapidly growing field. And, Legiit has all the pieces of the puzzle to help you build an affiliate marketing business.

  • Estimated cost: $200 to $Unlimited
  • Estimated Difficulty: Medium  
  • Suited for: Someone with SEO/Traffic/Branding skills

Complete tutorial: How To Outsource Affiliate Marketing

What To Outsource

With Affiliate marketing, it depends on which direction you want to go. You can choose to promote your affiliate links via SEO or social media.  

Website Setup & Build

If you want to go down the route of SEO, a website is essential. But even if not, it’s a great tool to have because it gives you more space to sell and communicate the value of your affiliate products.

Besides, it also allows you to add tracking cookies and email opt-ins to give you more opportunities to sell.

Check out the best web design packages on Legiit here.

Content Writing

Again, if you are going down the SEO route, you’ll need to go pretty heavy on content writing.  

With affiliate marketing, in most cases, you will mainly cover topics like:

  • Reviews
  • Best (product type/name) for x
  • Product A vs. B

Therefore, it would make sense to ask the content writer if they have any experience in this and doing so for your industry.

Content writing category.


If you are taking a heavy social media-based approach on places like Instagram and Pinterest – images will be the heart of your strategy.

We’ve linked some of the top social media design services below.  


If you are going down the SEO route, Legiit will be one of the biggest tools to help you dominate the SERPs.

You can hire a freelancer to help you with keyword research, building backlinks, or pretty much any SEO task there is.

Check out the SEO category here

Social Media

Social media is also an effective tool for affiliate marketing, as you can generate targeted traffic for free.

We have specialists to help you with all the tasks involved, and you can find them in the internet marketing category. 

Some services to consider are:

  • Social media management  
  • Social media profile setup
  • Graphics  

Expert tip: Make sure to shorten those URLs! Recommended FREE software: Snapt.io

Blogging In Front of Another Business

The cool thing about blogging is that you can build any business you want behind it.  

  • Estimated cost: $200 to $Unlimited
  • Estimated Difficulty: Medium  
  • Suited for: Someone with another business that needs traffic.

The main two things you can outsource are  

  • Writing
  • Website setup  

However, as we’ve already covered these, we wanted to talk you through some example ideas instead.

Here are some examples:  

  • Info products

You could create a course on your expertise – then have writers cover in on your blog.

From there, you can promote your course on the blog while the writers handle the content continuously.  

As your blog grows, you grow a passive source of revenue.  

  • Software developer

You could develop software for whatever problem – and then start a relevant blog, where you hire writers to cover the topic/problem your product solves.  

From there, you can also promote the software on your blog to get sign-ups.  

  • Consulting

With consulting, the process is the same.  

You find expert writers, set your business up, and let them create all the content.

From there, you can collect email addresses, sell your primary services and enjoy a stream of leads.

Related Tutorial: How To Hire Bloggers

Digital Marketing Agency

We’ve left the best for last.

  •  A digital marketing agency.  

The cool thing about Legiit is that there are already HUNDREDS of digital marketing agencies using Legiit to provide services to their clients.

So you know it works.  

And it gets even sweeter: Some service providers on Legiit have complete agency packages – so you don’t even need to glue the whole thing together.

  • Estimated cost: $0 to $Unlimited (you can pay after you get paid)
  • Estimated Difficulty: Medium to Hard
  • Suited for: Someone with sales skills

What To Outsource


Most businesses invest in SEO, as they have no idea how to do it. The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert to sell it. Why?  

Because you can partner with expert freelancers while focusing on the selling part.  

https://legiit.com/categories/seo" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" >Check out the SEO category here.

And also, make sure to check out these managed SEO services

Social Media  

Social media is something that most business owners would rather pay for than manage themselves – making it a great business opportunity for you.

The process is the same: You sell businesses your social media packages while outsourcing the work to Legiit experts.  

Check out some of the services here.

Web Design, Maintenance & Conversions

Every business needs a website and for it to be maintained.  

Legiit has a massive selection of experienced web designers that are experienced in working with hundreds of agencies.

Check out the web design category.

Website idea: Most businesses have websites, but the problem is that they suck.  

Consider doing some searches on Google for local businesses that have bad websites.  

From there, you can contact them, provide some value and try to sell a better website.

Bonus idea: You can do this with unregistered GMBs as well. The idea behind it is that you help them register their GMB to “get your foot in the door.”   From there, you can sell them your website packages.  

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed this article on business ideas you can outsource on Legiit.

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