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Grow Your Business With Legiit!

Legiit is your one-stop digital solution. Grow your business with Legiit’s integrated approach.

Use our cutting edge software to find opportunities in your business, get Ai based suggestions specific to your business on how to grow and improve, then find talented, vetted freelancers to execute the plan for you.

Step #1 - Connect your business to our Ai based software the Legiit Get More Stuff Done Dashboard™

Discover a ton of data, and opportunities that you can implement in your business right away to start accomplishing your goals.

Ai Suggestions

Get suggestions on how you can achieve your goals with our proprietary algorithm that will suggest proven to work strategies.

Business Health Score

Your Legiit Score will give you an easy way to see at a glance how well your business is doing. Keep driving that number up to make your business soar!

Track Your Traffic

With our built in business integrations with Google Analytics and Google Search Console you will have access to first party data on what is happening on your website without having to open a bunch of different tool.

Website Speed

A speedy website is a must for a successful business. With a single click you can not only find out if you have a slow website, you can find people to fix it for you.

Uptime Monitoring

Never worry about your website going down again. With built-in uptime monitoring we will keep an eye on your website for you, and let you know if anything happens.

Google Rank Tracking

Track the progress of your SEO efforts by seeing how well your keywords are doing in Google search!

On Page SEO

With our easy to use on page SEO tool you can put in your keyword and website and instantly get suggestions based on what is already working in Google to improve your SEO!

So Much More

This is just a sample of what the Legiit Get More Stuff Done Dashboard Can do, click to learn more and get started!


Plans that fit your scale

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you.

Legiit Plus


Our most popular plan for small teams.

$ 27 per month


Everything in our free plan plus....

  • 3 Campaigns
  • 3 Page speed
  • Check Uptime monitor
  • 25 Audiits
  • Analytics search included
  • Captionbox
  • 25 Keyword search
  • 500 Backlink metrics
  • Legiit score
  • Quote
  • Todo section
  • Whitelabel reports
Legiit Agency

Advanced features and reporting.

$ 97 per month


Everything in our basic plan plus....

  • 20 Campaigns
  • 3 Page speed
  • Check Uptime monitor
  • 25 Audiits
  • Analytics search included
  • Captionbox
  • 50 Keyword search
  • 500 Backlink metrics
  • Legiit score
  • Quote
  • Todo section
  • Whitelabel reports


Step #2 - Find The Talented Freelancer You Need In Our Marketplace

Once you have identified the opportunities your business is facing you can use our marketplace of world class freelancers to find the right one for your business.

World Class Freelancers

Our freelancers are the best in the world because:

  • Freelancers are vetted and must go through a rigorous 55 point inspection before their services are made available
  • They are bound by the Legiit Guarantee
  • They have a proven track record of providing services business owners like you approve of.

Step #3 - Learn & Grow With Legiit Courses

Maybe you are more of a do it yourself type of business owner but you just don’t know where to begin or what to do. Legiit still has you covered with Legiit Courses.

  • Instant Access
  • Dozens on topics
  • Qualified Experts

Step #4 - Stay In Touch With Legiit Messenger

We know you are a busy, on the go business owner who can’t be tied to a computer 24/7. That’s why we have the Legiit messenger app. Get instant notifications about the progress of your orders and communicate with your freelancer in real time.

  • Instant notifications
  • Available for iOS
  • Available for Android

Do yourself a favor and give Legiit a try

I have to say that after being burned so many times from other marketplaces it is refreshing to work with freelancers on Legiit. The services are carefully screened and the customer service is top notch. If you are tired of the same old crappy online services, do yourself a favor and give Legiit a try.

Focus On What Matters

Trust Legiit With Your Business

Legiit was founded by business owners who have a burning passion to help other business owners succeed and make their lives just a little bit easier.

  • 750k+

    Orders completed

    Since it’s launch Legiit has processed nearly 1 million orders successfully.

  • 100k

    Success Stories

    We’ve helped over 100k businesses like your start, grow, and scale.

  • 25k+

    Live Impacted

    We’ve helped over 25,000 freelancers make life changing money doing what they love.

  • 1Billion*

    Slices Of Pizza Eaten 🍕

    We love pizza. You might even find some on our platform. - *Actual number may differ.

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