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7 Cool SEO Services to Sell on Legiit


SEO Services To Sell

Okay, so you’re a great SEO freelancer, but if potential clients don’t know what gigs you offer, then how can you expect them to know what amazing things you can create for their company?

If you’re a freelancer, you’ll know how important it is to get your digital marketing service offers right on Legiit so that your gigs get noticed before the competition and for you to start making sales.

If you want to increase your sales traffic, it’s essential you know how to market them properly on your Legiit sales pages for you to get those orders rolling in.

How to Get Started on Legiit

If you are new to Legiit, creating your first gig is easy. There are some excellent guides in the services’ support section on getting started, but a few of the key points are:

  • Start by providing an overview of your services. Include as much information as you can to inform your potential customers regardless of whether it’s local SEO, content marketing, social media marketing – whatever.
  • Try to be professional and knowledgeable, don’t forget you will not be the only freelancer trying to sell that service. Give an overview of why they need your service and focus on how it could help their business or website.
  • Next, describe your offer, what your client will get for their money – try to add real value here and explain in easy to understand steps how the gig will be delivered and what information you need to make it happen.
  • State your price and delivery time. Ensure your pricing is competitive.
  • Perhaps most importantly, spend a bit of time on your profile and the gallery template you are going to be using to sell your service.
  • Ensure it is eye-catching and explains visually what a customer will get from you. Notably, include an image of yourself, as an image builds trust and reassures them that they are dealing with a real person.

If you are thinking of offering SEO or digital marketing services, let’s dive into a few of the top sought after services you might look to provide on Legiit…

Keyword Research Services

7 Cool SEO services to sell on Legiit

We know that finding the right keywords is an essential pillar of any SEO campaign that also includes local SEO. It is amazing how many people are still misinformed about the keywords that people use to search the internet for both local businesses on local search and general search in search engines.

It’s therefore essential to stress in your gig that without specific keyword research, their businesses could be using the wrong keywords which have low search volume and have no people searching using those terms.

In your Legiit gig brief, you should emphasize that many businesses might currently choose keywords that have no relevancy to their page or product so that people immediately click off when landing on their page – you can help them with this.

Keyword research is important in SEO as it allows you to measure search engines volume and your competitors use of keywords.

Keywords are really important for SEO because they help search engines navigate the pages of a website and tell the SEO spiders what your page is all about and if it’s relevant to the search.

These are all the aspects you need to convey to your customers when setting up your Legiit Keyword Research gig.

On-Page SEO

There’s still quite a bit confusion for some on the differences between on-page and off-page SEO. Many SEO companies offer both options for customers, and as a potential Legiit gig, there is no reason why you can’t do the same.

With on-page SEO it’s about optimizing parts of your website that you have complete control over. It is basically offering to be the gatekeeper of a website owners’ website and making sure all the component parts are working well and not impacting the rankings.

This sort of gig can be aimed at local businesses who perhaps know little if anything about how a website works. You can usually package this up by also looking after their Google My Business page and even their social media pages.

You will need to have some understanding of the elements of how to set a website structure and the types of things that can go wrong, but you could offer a spectrum of services that you may not even beware that you deliver on.

Content Creating

Content creation sometimes gets confused for copywriting or blog posting. Content creation is, in fact, anything you might come across on the web. This can be from social media posts, web design, email marketing to infographics or Youtube video production.

If you already are passionate about producing something creative, you are halfway there to turning that into a gig that you can sell on platforms like Legiit.

One way to start this journey is to niche down. Don’t try to be all things to everybody. Think about why people would want to buy your particular content and how can it either enhance their business or improve their online presence.

Do some research to make sure you are not wasting your time and can offer only the best SEO services.

Use keyword research to see if it is in search results and that is it something business owners are looking for.

Can you provide a great user experience and get the pricing right?

Here are some top tips for all content gig creators…

  • Communicate the benefits and results that your customers will get from your best SEO service. Make sure that is clear in your description.
  • Pick a wow name for your content gig – so, if it is SEO services or local SEO, pick a name that really sells the service idea. People will engage more with it if the name grabs them.
  • Make sure all your graphics are well-produced and include an image of yourself if possible.
  • Think about offering a money-back guarantee, as that can give some comfort to potential buyers.

Audits (Technical On-Page etc.)

Many website owners get a website created and then just leave it to dangle there in the great worldwide web, hoping that someone will visit it and it will look after itself.

Not so! As you know, every website needs love and attention to be a successful venture and here is where you can come in…

Most websites need maintenance and are not error-free, particularly as more content is added.

So, here is where website audits come in.

As a freelancer who understands websites, you can offer to audit websites and identify any errors. It is one of the top SEO services out there.

Search engine optimization also means making sure that a website is technically working correctly and set upright. For quality search optimization, everything needs to be right under the hood.

A website audit can be dissected into three or four aspects, and you can either offer all four or just one.

Website Performance

Looking at the performance of a website is to concentrate on the structure and navigation of the website. How easy is it for users to navigate around the pages? Is your design suitable, and is your page layout good? Is the speed of the website within Google tolerances?

There are many tools out there to help you measure website speed and load times of components such as images. The faster the website’s loading will lead to more customer retention and ultimately lead generation and conversions.

SEO Assessments

This is all about ensuring the content present on the website is of high quality.

In particular, is it meeting searchers expectations? Is the information good and answering all the questions a visitor might have?

Make sure all the basic SEO elements are correct such as page URLs, titles formatted correctly, meta descriptions are correctly done, and keywords aren’t stuffed in there.

Conversion Rates

Are the search results you are providing leading to conversions?

Is the traffic you are attracting turning into leads? Is your call to action strategies capturing all information you require?

Look at the marketing offers being presented, is there a variety?

A gig in itself might be offering a sales funnel and landing page design service.

Technical Assessment

Finally, you can offer a website technical assessment.

Here you could offer to look at whether the website design is responsive. Is it for an e-commerce site?

You could respond to error code messages that pop up on many websites, such as 404 redirects, 302s. Are there lots of broken links? Is the site optimized for search engine and search engine optimization?

Are all your pages indexed correctly and crawlable for every search engine?


Backlinks are one of the more popular SEO services you might consider. Although many SEO companies offer backlink building services, they are still in demand for both local businesses and local SEO.

Link building is not as difficult as it might seem, and the techniques are pretty easy to learn and implement.

Clients need links as part of their overall SEO strategy as they are proven to improve the ranking position.

If you are offering a link building service gig, perhaps try to offer something a bit different. You might want to offer a guest posting, link management or location link building for google my business.

As SEO strategies go, link building is a popular one, but the competition is quite intense, so aim to be different.

Local SEO

Smaller businesses are switching on to local SEO and the importance of SEO services even for a small business.

There are still many small business owners out there struggling with local search, and they can’t afford SEO agency prices.

This presents itself as an opportunity for you to develop local SEO gigs to help the small businesses appear more prominently in local search.

SEO local is a growing area for freelancers to help with local optimization leading to increased local traffic and an increase in revenue. Small businesses want help with local search, content marketing, reviews and improved ranking help.

The help they may need is with services such as citation building and clean up, local SEO audits, local link building, google my business set up and optimization.

These are all things SEO agencies would offer, but they could be part of your offering on Legiit.

Combining Packages

To round this off, have a look at the SEO services you might be able to sell through Legiit – perhaps you can combine packages to increase revenue.

Probably more than any other category, there are plenty of opportunities in the SEO category to come up with package bundles for you to offer to your clients – a win, win all round.

As a content creator, for example, you have the opportunity of combining your graphic design skills to offer content images, logos, infographics, Facebook headers, and Facebook ad design. You could package these up with discounts offered for the more services bought.

What about local SEO? Many local businesses do not have the in-house resources to afford a digital marketing agency. As a freelancer in the local SEO space, you can bundle together many of these services to make it affordable and cost-effective for a local business.

How about GMB creation, GMB optimization, GMB maintenance – there’s an excellent package for you!

You might also find that if you can build trust and a good reputation with a local business that you become their first choice when looking for other services in the SEO field.

The other great thing is many small businesses grow into larger and bigger businesses, which is ultimately good for you if you have developed a good working relationship.

So, by using the Legiit website constructively and finding your own niche, you too can expand your gig offer in ways you may not have thought of previously…

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