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How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency

This course will show you how to hit the ground running and get your digital marketing agency off the ground in 30 days or less.

The biggest problem I see with people wanting to start or grow an agency is that they screw around wasting days, weeks, months and even years in some cases talking about it but never getting their a** in gear and doing anything.

That's why crappy low quality agencies continue to succeed financially while others are still punching a clock and asking permission to eat lunch when they want.

I can't do the work for you... but I can tell you what to do.

If you're serious about wanting to start a digital marketing agency, you'll go through this course and ACTUALLY DO THE WORK

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The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Own Digital Marketing Agency


In recent years, we've witnessed a digital revolution. Online platforms have taken center stage, driving businesses, social interactions, and even our daily routines. The rise of digital marketing can't be understated; it's reshaped the way businesses communicate and sell. The question is, why not dive into this lucrative wave and start a digital agency now? If you've mulled over this idea, you're in luck. This guide walks you through every step.

Understanding the Digital Landscape

The Importance of Niche Marketing:
Digital marketing is vast, encompassing everything from content creation to pay-per-click campaigns. Zeroing in on a niche, be it content marketing for health brands or SEO for local businesses, can set your agency apart. A niche lends expertise and creates a clear brand identity.

Digital Marketing Trends to Watch:
With AR and VR becoming mainstream and voice search refining its accuracy, the digital world is constantly evolving. Keeping an eye on these trends ensures your strategies are current and effective.

Creating Your Business Plan

Defining Your Services:
Identify which services you're passionate and knowledgeable about. Whether it's SEO, social media marketing, or content creation, be clear about what you offer.

Setting Clear Goals:
Whether it's revenue targets or the number of clients you aim to onboard, clear goals act as your agency's roadmap.

Determining Your Pricing Structure:
Will you charge hourly or set package prices? Research competitors and assess your costs to set profitable yet competitive rates.

Legal Considerations

Choosing a Business Structure:
From sole proprietorships to LLCs, the business structure you choose affects your taxes, liabilities, and even daily operations.

Understanding Taxes and Liabilities:
Digital agencies must comply with local tax regulations. Additionally, consider purchasing liability insurance to protect against unforeseen circumstances.

Building Your Digital Marketing Team

Roles to Consider:
While starting out, you might wear many hats. But as you grow, you'll need a team. Key roles include content creators, SEO specialists, ad strategists, and social media managers.

Hiring vs Outsourcing:
While hiring brings your team in-house, outsourcing to freelancers or specialized agencies can provide expertise without long-term commitments.

Essential Tools for Digital Agencies

Project Management Tools:
Tools like Asana or Trello help manage projects, ensuring timely delivery.

SEO and Analytics Tools:
Platforms like SEMrush or Google Analytics provide insights into campaign effectiveness and website performance.

Social Media Management:
Buffer or Hootsuite can streamline posting and engagement across various platforms.

Overcoming Common Challenges

Client Acquisition Strategies:
Building a client base requires a multi-pronged approach. Network, offer promotional packages, and encourage referrals.

Retaining Talent:
A successful agency is built on its team. Offer competitive salaries, foster a positive work culture, and invest in training.

Keeping Up with Trends:
The digital world is fast-paced. Regular training sessions and industry seminars can keep your strategies relevant.

Tips for Success

Continuing Education:
The digital sphere is ever-evolving. Online courses, workshops, and certifications keep you and your team at the forefront.

Networking in the Digital Space:
Connect with other agency owners, attend webinars, and participate in online forums to stay updated and foster collaborations.

Adapting to Change:
Agility is an asset. Being open to new tools, strategies, and trends can set your agency apart in a saturated market.


Starting a successful digital marketing agency requires passion, dedication, and adaptability. While challenges are inevitable, with the right approach and mindset, your agency can soar to great heights.

7 Essential Traits of Successful Digital Marketing Agency Owners

  1. Visionary outlook
  2. Adaptability
  3. Continuous learner
  4. Strong networking skills
  5. Decisiveness
  6. Client-centric approach
  7. Resilience

Embarking on the journey to start your own agency is both exhilarating and demanding. However, with the right tools, strategies, and mindset, your dream of leading a successful digital marketing agency is entirely achievable.



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Here, Legiit® provides you free training on numerous skills and topics. Our goal is to give you all the skills you need to get more stuff done™!

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