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<!— Like your existing link builder…. But better!—>

This post will tell you why most link providers are a waste of money and then I’ll try to get you to buy some from me….

Lets doooo this!

Now if you’ve ever bought links from a provider before, you know that a lot of them are well… awful, I can only guess at 2 reasons for this:
1. Incompetence
2. Laziness

They either don’t know what makes a good link, mainly in the prospecting phase

Or they are too lazy to put the effort in to find and check if they’re good.

Now I’ll guarantee you that I am neither of these things!

Let me tell you how we do things..

The process
We don’t keep or use pre existing lists No pre existing lists all of our links are built using bespoke outreach especially for your campaign
Each time we find a site that qualifies (more on that below) we send them 2 emails from 2 different email addresses for different purposes:
Guest post - we ask in a quirky way if they accept guest posts and if they have any articles planned that we can take off their hand and write for them
Then link insertions - each site that we have already prospected then gets a second email, asking in a very direct way if they accept payment for links on their site, either as a link insertion or as a sponsored post

This process gives us 4 lists:
1. A list of sites that accept guest posts
2. A list of sites that accept link insertions
3. A list of sites that accept sponsored posts
4. A list of sites that accept guest posts but not paid links

Then depending on the preference the client has told us, we move forward with the relevant lists.

The philosophy
We work with a fairly simple philosophy, relevant, healthy and authorities sites above all else.

This means that even in the unlikely event that these links don’t improve your rankings, they won’t have a negative impact.

What makes a good link?
We perform some checks on every prospect before we do any outreach:
No gambling/finance and other naughty content or outbound links (unless relevant and natural looking)
No recent drops in traffic
Majority traffic from your country if relevant
Not orphan pages, they should have inbound links from other pages and easily accessible 
Real sites that don’t exist just to sell links
No general magazine and content sites, niche related and relevant only
Metrics with a minimum of DR30 and organic traffic 500 but average DR 50+ Traffic 7000+
At most 1 other outgoing link on page at time of publication

How to do it
Whether you want 2 links or 200 (we have clients with as few as 1 link)
Message me on fb at
Come and talk to me, tell me what you need and see what we can figure out

£150 per link (usually this will be a link insert but let me know your preferences)
£200 with guaranteed DR over 40
£200 guaranteed guest post that doesn’t also accept paid links (will take longer if you want sites that don’t accept payment)

Because we try so hard, don’t force relevance and we don’t accept link farms, then we may take a little longer than some in the first month, but as the months go on the delivery time will shorten as link opportunities accumulate.

Steal this process or come and buy some links, your rankings will thank you


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Decent for the price.


5.0 (4 Reviews)


5.0 April 10, 2024

Decent for the price.


5.0 April 05, 2024

I've known of Dan since 2018, but have never gotten to used his service. These posts were all on high DR sites, with two of them on sites with a DR greater than 70. Fast turn-around, he beat his 30 day target by over a week. I was able to report to the client and show them some killer placements!


5.0 March 25, 2024



5.0 March 08, 2024

Metrics - DR 62, Inbound links 12.2k, keywords 10.9k, traffic 5.9k and an extremely relevant site! Couldn't be more pleased!