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71 Creative Marketing Ideas To Compete With The Big Boys


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Are you out of your depths trying to market your business? Can't OUTSPEND the big boys in your industry?

You don't have to "outspend" or "crash your finances" to increase traffic to your website and business. With creative marketing ideas, you can bridge the gap. And here's the best part: out-of-the-box marketing ideas are fun.

In other words, you will increase your revenue and have fun while you are at it. Sounds interesting, eh?

But before we delve into the details, check out the overview of what to expect:

Let's delve straight in!

Content Marketing Ideas

Content marketing is not only relevant to getting traffic to your website. It can be a tool to build authority too. And from experience, you'll need both to compete with the big shots.

So, how do you go about content marketing?

1. First, Conduct An Audit

Before you start pushing out content, conduct an audit of what your audience likes. What gets shares and reactions? But don't stop at the "whats," ask the "whys" too.

Should you write "101s" articles? Or do more product reviews and listicles? What are your competitors doing?

Should you follow the bandwagon?

The answer to those questions lies with a content audit. And luckily, you can get it done with Audiit.io.

What next?

Follow the reports of your content audit. Outside that, here are more specific ideas you can implement.

2. Write About Industry Trending Topics

Intrinsically, we like gossiping - we are social beings. Else, why do sites like Buzzfeed get tons of traffic and social shares?

So, key into that intrinsic nature of your audience. Write about hot topics in your industry. Let your audience know you're up-to-date and that your business can keep up.

More importantly, publish a post about news as soon as they break. Doing so will build your authority. For example, Google announced a "Helpful Content Update" some weeks ago. Superstar SEO created a post about it to allay her audience's fears.

That's a subtle but creative marketing strategy you can also adopt.

3. Talk About Industry Events

Like the trending topics in your industry, events are content marketing tools. The audience wants to know what the experts are saying. Are there futuristic trends to know about?

Such conversations are discussed in conferences that many people might not be able to access. Thankfully, you were there. Why not write about it?

Summarize the information you gathered in your events. Even better, tag the organizers. Often, they would even repost your post - FREE marketing and social proof!  

4. Partner With Similar Businesses

Did you meet and build rapport with a few businesses at an event? Or do you have a lasting relationship with related companies over the years?

Why don't you partner with them over a post? Or haven't you thought about it?

Co-authoring a post with a related business can extend your reach. And when you're doing such with a key figure, that's elevated reach (to x2 or x3 your audience). Doesn't that sound exciting?

Traffic aside, having a known and reputable partner with you is social proof. No one partners with a business or individual they don't trust.

5. Work With Industry Experts

If you want more traffic, partner with industry experts. Unlike your business buddies, industry experts have an enviable following online.

Prospects (whom you want to buy your products) listen to "industry experts." Some would even follow recommendations from influencers without batting an eye, regardless of the price. For example, we have Matt Diggity (an influencer in the digital marketing industry) on Legiit Influencers' page. And he recommended some services. Imagine the traffic such services will get from Matt's pull.

Such influence is what you need. So, partner with influencers. Ask them questions and write a somewhat interview post about it. However, ensure you do a good job. Why? The influencers will likely share your post on their blogs or social media platforms. Plus, doing a good job is what you owe to your customers.

6. Write Guest Posts

Guest posting is similar to having influencers and your business buddies repost your content on their websites. The only difference is that you can do outreach even to people you don't know.

What matters in guest posting is website relevance, traffic, and authority. In other words, find reputable websites with a large following. Then, contribute to their blog. Why?

Guest posting is a link-building strategy. Think of it as having several trusted sources pointing back to your business as the best in the industry.

In other words, you'll get to build your credibility. More importantly, guest posting helps improve your visibility on search engines (SEO).

7. Get Others To Write For You

Frankly, writing several articles can be draining. While you can outsource it all, how about generating some from your audience or customers?

You heard that right; engage your users. Let them write for you. You'd be surprised how interesting and helpful their content would be.

The help aside, user-generated content gives exposure to users.

At Legiit, we do something similar to this. We encourage writers to write on our blog to get live samples and FREE marketing. In turn, we get to promote their services and our platform.

Now that you've been getting tons of traffic, what will you do with them?

8. Write eBooks

Writing informational posts is good. But where is the sales angle? Are you selling your products? Or are you getting traffic without conversion?

You need conversion. And one way to get it is through eBooks. How so?

  • EBooks are lead generators that can help you to get prospects' email addresses.
  • EBooks are funnels that lead to landing pages.

And beautifully enough, you don't need to start writing new articles from scratch for your eBooks. You can repurpose some of the content on your website.  

9. Newsletters And Whitepapers

Don't know what to do with your prospects' email addresses? Send them whitepapers! Whitepapers won't only simplify the technical jargon of your business. They help create a unique and persuasive image for prospects. And often, that leads to sales.

Like whitepapers, newsletters are flexible marketing tools. You can use them to introduce new products or announce promotions.

10. Break Up Your Content

Regardless of how many posts you have lined up, don't overload your audience. Create and stick to a content calendar.

Think of content writing and planning as building an ant colony. You just don't throw nanitics into the wild. Instead, you easily guide them through feeding and exposure to new territories. You let the ants thirst for new experiences.

The same principle applies to content writing and planning. Guide your audience gently through awareness, interest, and action.

Pro tip: you don't have to stress writing content - outsource your articles and planning to Legiit writers.

Social Media Marketing Ideas

While people may seldom visit sites and blogs, everyone spends time on social media. So, don't stay waiting for your eBooks to work just sitting on your website.

Be like Mohammed, go and meet the mountain. The following ideas can help:

11. Follow Your Competitors

Like we did in content marketing, you need to see what works for others in social media marketing. One way to do this is to follow your competitors.

Which of your competitors' posts are getting reactions? What types of posts get the most likes and comments?

Replicate your findings!

In addition to your findings, implement the ideas below.

12. Launch Giveaways

A simple evaluation of your competitor's social pages will reveal that giveaway posts get the most engagement. And it's obvious to see why - we all love freebies.  

But won't launching giveaways be too "obvious"? Do you even have the budget for it?

  • First, giveaways don't have to be every time
  • Also, you don't have to give out expensive items
  • Your giveaways could be FREE membership to a premium group
  • You could also give out a FREE merchandise
  • Your giveaway could even be discounts

Either way, you don't have to go overboard. More importantly, only give out stuff that will promote your business. That way, the winners can come back to buy more of your products.

For example, I did a giveaway for 3 "service descriptions." Winners had since paid to get more stuff done using the same service.

13. Create A Meme

Humor is often a gravy topic for businesses and might not even be a fit for everyone. Perhaps that is why you've not been using it for yours.

Regardless, social media is littered with humor. You can tap into that for your business.

One way to go about humor is to use specific memes. Don't use general memes - create them with your images or videos. Why?

  • You'll get to show your audience your fun side
  • You get to lighten the mood for slow days
  • Plus, memes make for engaging thumbnail

Overall, know what your audience loves. And creates memes around such topics. Also, memes might be best for young folks.

14. Use Pinterest Too

There's more to social media than Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Are you using Pinterest?

If you're not using Pinterest, it's high time you started. And while you are at it, this is the time to post your repurposed content. How?

Break your blog posts into visual assets!

Then post the best visual content to your Pinterest. And remember to link the pictures to your website.

Pro tip: if you don't know how to design visual assets, get help from expert graphics designers.

15. Create Series

Social media features like reels and stories can be overwhelming. You might not even know what to post there.

Besides, there are still regular posts on the social feed. What can you do?

Start a mini-series. You can schedule it weekly, bi-weekly, monthly - or even daily if you have the time.

So, what should you include in the mini-series?

16. Adopt Andrew Davis' 4-1-1 strategy

Using The 4-1-1 Strategy can be likened to a dieting plan. It outlines how you should share content on social media. According to Andrew Davis' strategy, every 6 posts on social media must contain these ingredients (and in the correct proportion) for effectiveness:

  • 4 posts centered on ideas and quotes from industry experts or influencers - something streamlined to your industry.
  • 1 post must be informational but written from personal experience. Your idea exclusively!
  • 1 post should be about your promotions or news about product releases or updates.
Looking at Andrew's strategy, you can see the funnel of trust. Here is how it goes:
  • Draw prospects in with expert opinions
  • Create personal interaction with something unique to your business to build trust
  • After building trust, start selling

But don't stop there. Do this after:

17. Implore Followers To Tag-a-friend

You've given freebies and built trust. Task your audience to give back too. Implore your followers to tag their friends in the comment section.

However, use tag-a-friend wisely. It shouldn't be every time. Instead, try it for SPECIAL and emotional holidays.

For example, you could ask followers to tag their families during Thanksgiving. That way, they could appreciate each other.

Outside Thanksgiving, you could use tag-a-friend on other significant holidays like Mother's, Valentine's, or Father's day.

18. Show Off Your Customers

After tag-a-friend, show appreciation to customers that participated. Beyond that, create time to celebrate your long-time customers.

And while you're at it, go public about the celebration.

Post your customers on your social feeds. Specifically, create campaigns around your loyal clients. Tell short stories of how they started buying from you or any humor you could add.

But what would you gain?

  • The appreciated customers will preach your business
  • The appreciated customers will buy more from you
  • Your appreciation will convert prospects who are contemplating buying from you.
  • If your customers are known industry leaders, you'll get the support of their followers too.

Either way, you won't lose from appreciating your customers.

What next?

19. Conduct AMAs

Like we did in content marketing, getting the audience to write for you, you can do something similar for social media marketing. Launch an AMA (ask me anything).  

Beautifully enough, you can launch different types of AMAs. You could do a live stream or just posts. You can even build anticipation.

Either way, you will build more rapport with your customers and know what more they want. And most importantly, you'll re-orientate them about the features of your business.

20. Let Influencers Take Over Your Accounts

We don't want you to do the influencer Q&A on your social media platforms. You've done that already with content marketing. Try this instead:

Engage an influencer to take over your social accounts - for just a day.

But why?

  • Social media takeovers can expose your business to x3 your regular audience.
  • It's a much-needed breath of new air that your customers will appreciate.

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Video Marketing Ideas

While you can repurpose some of your social media posts for video marketing, we'll recommend that you add a new element to your game. Don't know what to do?  

The creative ideas below can help!

21. Show Off Your Products

Start your video marketing with your most purchased product or used service. Since the product has several reviews already, it'll be a lead magnet.

Besides your popular products, you can also launch video campaigns for the new ones. However, keep the videos specific to just a product. Now is not the time for top X.

22. Launch An Annual Countdown Video

Initially, we asked you to delay launching a top X video. Here is why:

Top X videos should include the best of your products. As such, the selections must be critically assessed. And such assessments are best delayed until the end of the year.

That said, gather your top products for each year. Then, launch a top X (as an example) video of your performing products.

While you are at it, the video could complement your Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions.

23. Conduct Webinars

Moving away from promotions, try giving back to your customers with video marketing. And the best way to go about that is through webinars.

The beauty of webinars is that you get to interact with your customers. It is also a chance to get live questions and solve them.

By doing so, you'll prove your mettle and credibility. Funnily enough, just your subject matter knowledge alone might convert prospects in the same webinar.

Pro tip: find ways to include stories in your webinars. Stories are easier to remember - plus, they are engaging.

24. Conduct Live Q&A Videos With Experts

Beyond self-hosted webinars, invite experts from related businesses to talk to your customers on a live video. Why should you do so

  • Your customers get to hear from a trusted voice in the industry
  • You get to be more of an audience and gauge interests and opinions
  • Your business gets to benefit from the experts' industry influence and audience

For example, we often host live Q&A videos with experts. It's an opportunity to interact with our customers and new prospects. Plus, it's also a window to recommend some of the sellers on our platform if the need arises.

25. Create Instructional Videos

For the Instructional videos, start with how-to content for your products. From there, proceed to general guides - albeit related to your business.

At Legiit, for example, we have Instructional videos (part of a FREE course) to teach business owners the basics of SEO. We gave content worth thousands of dollars out for free. Why?

Prospects will test what our sellers can offer firsthand. Then, they will appreciate our authenticity, recommend our platform, and even buy from us.

So, what next?

Record videos for your social proof. The specific ideas can help:

26. Interview Your Customers For Testimonial Videos

Reviews are always great tools for marketing. Mind you, that's just written reviews. Now, imagine what a video review can do for your business. Imagine a customer using your product and recommending it to others over a video.

The resulting traffic will be immense!

However, there's a "little" concern. Many customers won't accept your interview request. It's okay. Attend to the few ones that accepted to be interviewed. Keep the questions brief and straightforward. More importantly, seek their consent to record and publish the recordings as testimonial videos.

27. Interview Your Employees Too

Outside your customers, your team members or employees are best placed to talk about your business. Getting video testimonials here is easy.

However, remember to keep the process simple too. Prepare questions to ask and the products to highlight.

Pro tip: to further showcase your humanity, interview previous employees too. If previous team members speak highly of your business, that will boost your reputation management.

28. Do A Video Tour Of Your Office And Employees At Work

Launching product videos is excellent. But what about the humans behind the innovations? What's the working environment like?

More importantly, what's the work culture?

Customers and prospects want answers to such questions. Thankfully, a video tour of your employees or team members at work can help.

And while you are at it, ensure members across all levels in your company are featured.

Note: the video doesn't need to be lengthy - highlights would suffice.

So, what next?

29. A Thank You Video

In addition to show-off-your-customer posts, you can record short thank you videos. Your customers will appreciate it.

At Legiit, for example, we currently run an ad for a "thank you" video. Our customers welcomed the idea. In fact, it made some absentee customers return to doing business with us.

Note: there is no perfect way to shoot thank you videos. You could do it individually, as a group, holding cards, or not. Either way, wear a bright smile.

30. Make Holidays Special With Greetings Videos

Do you remember the tag-a-friend posts from earlier?

The idea for holiday videos is similar. The only difference is that now there is no tagging.

Also, greetings videos mean more than recording a video wishing your customers a happy holiday. It improves work morale among your employees.

Pro tip: to make your greetings videos stand out, try a group video and use holiday-related color themes.

Don't know how to create and edit videos?

Let video marketing experts help!

Email Marketing Ideas

Already have some email marketing ideas working for you? Or don't know how to get started? The following ideas can help:

Note: email marketing strategies bring more results when combined with ideas.

31. Encourage Email Opt-In On Your Website

Beyond your blog and social media ads, use opt-in forms on your website. However, don't litter it everywhere.

Also, place the forms at strategic points on your sites - especially your landing page. Else, you’ll bug out your prospects.

32. Make Your Resources Downloadable Only Via Email

If your opt-in forms are not working, try gated downloadable resources. How?

Make your eBooks or reports available only when people subscribe to your email list.

However, you must fulfill your promise and send the download link or attach the resource. Lastly, ensure that the "resource" was worth the subscription. Don't package shabby work as bait.

So, what next after prospects subscribe to your email list?

Send a thank you message with the promised resource. Then, follow up with the ideas below.

33. Send Contests & Giveaways Updates

Before sending company or product updates, warm your new email subscribers with giveaway info. If a new subscriber adds an item to the cart, you could inform them that the purchase will activate their entry into a contest.

Even without purchase, send emails to subscribers about your online event where you'll share giveaways. That will stir their interest.

At Legiit, we use this marketing strategy for our live Q&A videos. And it works.

34. Send Coupons To Subscribers

Once you notice the involvement of your email subscribers, reward them with coupons. This strategy also works for subscribers who won't click your links.

Send your coupons directly within the email and a direct link to purchase. Doing so will move the needle.

Now, the honeymoon should be over. Start sending your product updates to subscribers.

35. Send Regular Newsletter

Don't just send random, organized newsletters to your subscribers. Instead, create a schedule - weekly is better.

Furthermore, make this newsletter strictly about your company and products.

Do you have a new product? Would you like to share a sneak peek? Will there be changes to your core team members? Who are the folk joining?

Such information is what you should be on your newsletters for now. Why?

Let your subscribers get soaked in your information. Let them get to know you through and through.

Further reading: 11 Newsletter Best Practices to Follow (2022)

36. Retune Your Newsletter Strategy

The introduction so far should be enough. But don't stop. Instead, restructure your newsletter - add more content.

For example, add a roundup of your recently published posts. And while you're at it, prioritize the posts with the most engagements on your social media feeds.  

Overall: make your newsletters 80-90% informational and 10-20% salesy.

37. Ask For Feedback

Outside your weekly newsletter, do something engaging with your email. Engage your subscribers in conversations. Ask them what they think about your content, product updates, and industry.

More importantly, get insights into what customers want. And while you're at it, make the process easy using survey tools.

38. Backup Your Holiday Promotions

Remember when we said email marketing works best as a combo with other strategies. This is one such combo!

Your holiday greeting videos and promotions need assistance. Send in the backup - email. Start announcing the sales weeks ahead. And make the reminders even more spontaneous as the promotion time draws near.

39. Don't Stop Reminding Customers About Your Promotions

Cart abandonment is still a thing. And chances are your subscribers are suffering from the syndrome. But thankfully, you have the tool to cure them.

Set up an intense reminder campaign for your promotions. And here is the beauty of it all: Your reminders don't need to be lengthy - keep them short and simple.

40. Get Subscribers To Sell For You

Note: if you don't have a referral program, this idea won't work for you. BTW, you should launch one if you don't already.

After building a bond with your subscribers, let them make money off your business. Let them get a fair percentage from their recommendations.

Don't know how to build an email list for your business?

Get ideas here!

Contest Marketing Ideas

Want more specific ideas to conduct engaging contests to get traffic to your business?

This section can help!

41. Check-in To Win Contests

Do you have a physical store or just opened a new one you'd like customers to visit? Run a contest for it!

You could even sweeten the contest by asking customers to take a selfie in the location - showing the logo.

However, you might need to pick up to 5 winners.

42. Photo Contests

If you run a clothing business, photo contests are perfect for getting viral traffic to your website. How?

Task your customers to wear your products, snap and upload the photos to their social media accounts.

The photos will go viral, and you'd get a gallery full of free pics for your next customer appreciation post.

Outside clothing businesses, you could simply ask customers to get a picture of themselves using your products.

43. Video Contests

Video contests are similar to photo contests. The only difference is that the former takes more effort to make. Hence, the quality is better.

Marketing aside, some of the videos will crack you up. The ingenuity of your customers will amaze you.

44. Caption Contests

Caption contests can be virtually about anything. You can ask customers to suggest names for a feature, photo, or group.

At Legiit, we once asked users to caption our post on the Legiit social. Afterward, we credited the winner some Legiit bucks.

45. Giveaway Contests

Giveaways are one of the widely used contests. From experience, they attract the best attention when done publicly- like at live events.

Fortunately, you can use giveaway contests for just about anything.

At Legiit, for example, we ask our users to guess the same number (or word) for our giveaway.

Afterward, we use StreamYard's Giveaway Tool to select a random winner.

46. Refer-a-friend Contests

Refer-a-friend contests are brilliant but subtle ways to get more reach for your events. They involve the simple task of asking customers to refer their friends to attend your events.

Then, the customers with the most referred attendants win. To sweeten the contest, award the invitees that graced your event too.

47. Vote Contests

Voting contests are arguably the easiest to participate in for customers. They only need to click the buttons.

Unfortunately, this type of contest can be a headache for you. How can you know the customer will vote the most?

The solution: use voting contests to settle "other contests." The photos, videos, or captions with the most votes win the giveaway.

48. Trivia Contests

Trivia contests are arguably the most engaging of the lot. You can use them for several purposes. But we'll recommend that you use trivia contests to make users guess a new product or feature.

At Legiit, for example, we use trivia contests to announce new features or changes to our website UI. We ask our users to guess. Then, we award the first correct answer.

49. Product Suggestion Contests

Another widely used contest is the "product suggestion." You can use this idea to get an insight into what customers want to grow your product line.

The best part: since several customers will participate, you'll have more ideas that you can handle. You can even combine most of them into a mega product.

50. Most Active Member Contests

Your products and traffic aside, you should award the most active members of your business groups. Ordinarily, that might not be a contest. Here is how to turn it into one:

Give monthly presents to the "most active member"!

So, what next?

Promote your contests!

Ideas For Contest Promotion

Your contest marketing ideas are only as efficient as their reach. In other words, actively promote your contests. Target audience beyond your immediate reach.

The following ideas can help:

51. Sharable Contests

Regardless of your popularity, no one will promote your contests if there's no way to share them. Is there even any share button?

Where can customers find the entries for the contests?

Answer those basic questions. Afterward, implement other contest promotion strategies.

52. Make Your Contests SEO-friendly

Don't just settle for any title and description for your contests. Ensure that they are also keyword-optimized.

Start with the "title of your contest;" include common words your ideal audience longs to see. Then, apply the same structure to the description of your contests.  

53. Research The Right Hashtags For Your Contest

Similar to SEO, hashtags can increase the visibility of your contests. However, don't just pile hashtags for the sake of it.

Take time to research and handpick the most engaging and trending hashtags.

54. Offer Multiple Prizes and A Grand Prize

Ideally, many people won't compete in a contest involving thousands competing for a single prize. It's just a waste of time.

So, be fair; have multiple prizes. You can start with:

  • Merchs
  • Free tickets to join your paid membership class
  • Cash prizes etc.

After announcing several minor prizes, set aside a grand award.

55. Start Promotion On Your Social Networks

Your hashtags and prizes are ready. Now is the time to start preaching your contest. Start from your personal and business accounts.

Announce your contests on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube. Publish the awareness on as many channels as you have - and where you are active.

56. Promote Your Contest On Deal Sites

Look outside your pages; reach out to websites and forums that deal basically with promotional deals. Get your contest posted there.

And while you're at it, don't just dump and leave. Stay around to answer questions about your contests to curious minds.

57. Reach Out To Influencers

Deal sites can only do so much. Even they have limited reach. Plus, your desired prospects might not even be on such sites. So, what next?

Use influencer marketing!

Reach out to trusted influencers in your industry. Sell them the idea of your contest. In fact, you can let the influencers take a round at social media takeovers on your accounts.

58. Get Customers To Promote Contests

Don't only encourage customers to tag and refer a friend; add incentives to the action. Now, you don't have to dash out another round of prizes if you're not capable.  

Instead, increase the odds of referrals in the upcoming contests. For example, you can allow them to have multiple guesses or entries.

59. Remind Your Email Subscribers

Hope you've forgotten your email subscribers. Don't leave them out of your contest notifications. In fact, notify your email subscribers ahead of other people. That is their incentive for subscribing when others neglect your opt-in forms.

60. Run Ads

Want more people to participate in your contests than ideas shared so far?

You need to run ads!

And while you're at it, don’t limit your target audience to only your ideal customer. Include related audiences and even secondary users. Only then will you be able to reach as many prospects as possible.

Don't know which ad to run? Read this post:

Facebook Ads Vs. Google Ads: Which is better?

Guerrilla/unconventional Marketing Ideas

If you want a blend of online and offline marketing strategies, check out these ideas:

61. Workshops

Workshops are similar to webinars - they are strictly educational. The only difference is that they are offline.

So, how do you use workshops as a guerrilla marketing tactic?

Host an in-person event in a warm location where attendants can relax afterward. Then, teach the attendants a simple DIY with your products.

62. Pop-up Events

Pop-up events are similar to workshops - but with an element of surprise. However, they require more planning. How?

For starters, pop events need high-traffic areas to make the most waves. But that's not all.

The said traffic should mainly be from your ideal customers. In other words, find where your target audience frequents and at what time. Then, host your pop-ups at that time.

63. Free Samples

Another simple guerrilla marketing tactic is giving out free samples of your product to passersby. However, you should be strategic; find a mall frequented by "big-spenders."

So, what's the aim?

If your sample was great, people will come and pay for more.

Pro tip: you can also offer free samples at your workshops and pop-up events.

64. Stickers

Stickers can be standalone guerilla aids or used with workshops. Either way, they are inexpensive and subtle ways to get business much-desired visibility.

Outside workshops, you can paste stickers in public areas and even in elevators. However, such action is permitted to avoid fines.

65. Flash Mobs

Flash mobs are not as simple as workshops and pop-up events. They require more planning and a larger budget because they often tend to gain viral traffic. Here is why:

Flash mobs involve a diverse group of people coming together at a spot to perform a routine at a given time. The group could be actors or friends.

Either way, the aim of flash mobs is to surprise passersby and gain their attention to market your product.

66. Skywriting

If flash mobs are too "pedestrian" for you, why not take your marketing to your sky?

Skywriting can grant you that wish!

Like the name, skywriting gets your brand name in the sky. It is often employed to woo large gatherings in an outdoor space.

Note: skywriting doesn't last for a long time. So, only use where your target audience can see them - outside.

67. Projections

Projections are almost similar to skywriting. However, they are not always projected to the sky and are more digitally inclined.

Like skywriting, projections are best used for outdoor gatherings where the target audience can see them. But there is a twist:

Projections often include QR codes just beneath the illustrations. Onlookers can EASILY scan the code to buy the projected item.

68. Geofilters

Geofilters are just as digital as protection - perhaps even more. They are attached to pictures on social media networks like Instagram and Snapchat.

Ideally, geofilters are created for cities and cultural events. However, you can do one for your business for about $10.

So, anytime anyone uses your geofilters, they would be subtly marketing your business.

69. Graffiti

Graffiti isn't EXACTLY an unconventional marketing strategy. Cities have long been painted to promote businesses and events.

Nonetheless, graffiti is still relevant and gets attention. But you can try a different mix - reverse or sticker. Just be creative!

More importantly, seek permission from owners before designing their walls or roads.

70. City Wide Marathon

If you can sponsor a local marathon, do it. You won't only get traffic to your business but be seen generally as a company that supports wellness for the community.

The best part: talents might spring up from your sponsored marathon. Either way, you'll get viral attention.

Note: outside marathons, you can also support a local football or basketball team.

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71. Build Communities

After your email, contest, and guerilla marketing, don't leave your customers hanging. Build a community around them. Sustain the relationship with constant interactions.

That is the ultimate way to get continuous streams of traffic and conversion for your business.

Creative Marketing Ideas: Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Creative Marketing Ideas?

While all the listed ideas in this article are ingenious, some are more creative. Here are the top 3 to wow your audience:

  • Trivia contests: you can use them to create awareness for your new products or features. At the same time, you'll stir engagement among customers.
  • Interview your employees: your employees know your values in and out. Interviewing them can further quell the doubts of prospects. Besides, happy employees are a sign of good human relations.
  • Show off your customers: by thanking your customers publicly, you are showing prospects that you are appreciative. More importantly, you're converting the followers and friends of such customers - especially if they are influential figures.

What Are The Top Marketing Ideas?

Frankly, all marketing ideas are top-notch. The results often depend on the execution.

So, we can't say you should focus only on social media and neglect email or contests.

Summarily, the best and top marketing ideas are the ones that combine different types of strategies.

What Are The 5 Of Most Powerful Marketing Tips?

Regardless of the marketing strategy you use, the following tips can increase the chances of success:

  • Start at marketing at your customers' level. Don't go all out without adequate research.
  • Always get the basics right. Your business must be flexible and well-oiled. Don't attract attention to mishaps.
  • Any online event should be well-planned. For specifics, your lighting, videos, and audio facilities should be in top condition.
  • Expensive doesn't always mean effective. In short, find a middle ground between simple and land-breaking marketing campaigns.
  • Don't neglect help from experts.

How Do You Get Creative In Marketing?

Your creativity depends on your target audience and your budget really. For example, if you want Gen Z customers, the projection and city marathon idea will be a hit.

For the much older generation, get creative around ideas that position you as trustworthy and as a business that values relationships.

Final Thoughts

Summarily, creative marketing ideas are what your audience loves, understands, and remembers. So, consider that when designing your campaigns. Our list is only a starting point. Actively brainstorm with your team to get more ideas.

Are you looking for marketing ideas specifically for startups? Check this out:

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