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How to Guest Post on Legiit for Free as a Writer and Its Benefits


Today’s blog post is a guest post submission by Ombasa who is a content writer on Legiit. You can check out his content writing services here. 

Any savvy freelance writer just like you, understands the value of guest post writing, especially on reputable sites.

Well, while it may cost a couple of dollars to get your post published on a site with a Domain Authority of above 50, Legiit is giving you this opportunity for FREE!  

And the best part is, you will be working with a fantastic team during the entire process.  

Before we delve into the brass tacks of submitting your guest post, here are some of the said benefits of guest posting on Legiit.  

5 Benefits of Having Your Guest Post on Legiit as a Writer  

Free Marketing for Your Services

Let’s face it, as a seller on Legiit, marketing your service is not a walk in the park. And sometimes, you may not have the financial means to pay for the amazing promotion service that Legiit offers.  

But do not fret.  

With over 7000 members in the Legiit Facebook group and thousands of members in other groups affiliated with Legiit, there is an excellent opportunity for you to market your service with help from the Legiit team.  

How so?  

Every successful blog submission is promoted in several groups, including the Legiit official Facebook group, The Freelancer’s Templar, Superstar SEO group, just to mention but a few. The said groups have a combined membership of over 90,000 people.    

Yes! You read that right.  

Once your post is published, it is presented to over 90,000 eyeballs.  

Well, not everyone shall be interested in your writing service. But, you can rest assured that you will be able to close one or two clients.  

This is not an assumption.  

I made my first guest post submission to Legiit on the 18th of January 2021, and once the post was published, I closed my first client on the 23rd of the same month. The client required me to write and optimize content for them for $89. Check the screenshot below.

You can also attract such clients that will pay big money or even higher by submitting your guest post to Legiit today!  

Instant Exposure to Your Target Audience

One thing I love about the Legiit blog submission is that your work is fully credited to you, with a direct link to your service. This means that if someone is impressed by your writing, they can quickly check out your service and order from you.  

Establish Trust and Authority  

One of the core reasons for guest blogging in content marketing is establishing oneself as a thought leader in the industry. The same goes for those that want to guest post on Legiit.  

Think of it from the buyer’s point of view:

…a writer that’s trusted enough to publish on the Legiit blog has to be good. Their work has been vetted and scrutinized under the strict blog submission guidelines and found fit for the blog’s amazing readers.

Who wouldn’t want to work with such a writer?

Though not precisely how every reader will think, a good number of readers will have similar thoughts.    

Create a Shorter Sales Cycle  

A shorter sales cycle in marketing is beneficial. Sadly, being able to shorten the sales funnel has always been a challenge.

However, by submitting your guest post on Legiit and distributing it to thousands of readers, you immediately create awareness with your audience. This automatically shortens your sales cycle for your writing service.  

All you have to do is create unique content that resonates with your audience, and they will come knocking.  

Guide on How to Submit Your Blog to Legiit Successfully

Just like with any other guest blogging opportunity, some guidelines have to be followed when you want to submit your guest post to Legiit.  

Below is a detailed step-by-step guide on how you can guest post on Legiit

Identify the General Topic You Want to Cover  

The content marketing team at Legiit makes it easy for you to know what to write on. Currently, the following are the general topics that you can focus on:  

  • Freelancing
  • Business
  • Time management
  • Mindset

However, you are not limited to the options listed above. If you have an amazing idea that can fit in the Legiit blog, be sure to run it through the marketing team.  

Get Down to Work  

Research on the Best Keyword to Optimize For

Your guest post on Legiit allows you to attract organic traffic only if the work is optimized well.  

This you can achieve by first finding the perfect keyword for your post. If you do not have premium keyword tools like ahrefs, you can utilize the free Google Keyword Planner to come up with a keyword for your blog.  

Create a Specific Title Under the General Topic for Your Post

Once you have selected the broad topic to work on, it is time to narrow down your post title.  

For example, if you choose to write about mindset, you can go with the topic “How to cultivate a growth mindset as a freelance writer.”  

Whatever subject you choose to cover, make sure that it will provide value to the readers.  

It is advisable to spend more time creating a catchy headline that will attract readers to your blog. You can learn a thing or two about how to write a catchy blog title from HubSpot.  

Note: Before you settle on a title, research the Legiit blog to ensure that the same topic has not been covered before. It will be of no value if you cover a topic that has already been covered in the past.  

For SEO purposes, ensure that your keyword is included in the blog title.  

You Can Now Begin the Writing Process

As a writer, you already know what it takes to create an amazing blog post. Apply it here. You can go over and beyond to create a stellar blog post. The more impressive your writing is, the higher your chances of converting your readers into buyers.  

As you write your blog post, it is essential to keep the following article guidelines provided by Legiit in mind. It will go a long way in ensuring that your post is approved for publication.  

Submit Your Work

Once you are through your blog post’s writing and editing, you can now submit it for review. You can do so by sending an email to the support team at Legiit via [email protected].  

In your email, be sure to include the subject line “Legiit Blog Submission” and a link to your service on Legiit.  

You should expect to receive a response within 48 hours unless otherwise.  

Bonus Tips on How to Guest Post on Legiit

Personally Market the Work

As much as the team at legiit will market your blog post, you should also take the initiative to do some marketing yourself. Share the link with your social media networks, email list if you have one and friends or family. This will increase the shares and traffic to your post.  

DO NOT  Change Your Service Link Structure Ever

The most important thing I want you to take away from this post is this; never change your Legiit link structures.  

There is no rule against doing so, but it is harmful to your business marketing efforts.  

Let me illustrate.  

If my link structure is currently legiit.com/apluswriter/content-writing, that is how it will be used in the blog I submit.  

If tomorrow I wake up and decide to change my username from apluswriter to apluscopywriter, my link structure changes to legiit.com/apluscopywriter/content-writing  

But keep in mind that the link structure that was hyperlinked to the blog was the initial one (legiit.com/apluswriter/content-writing). Therefore, in the future, if a reader clicks on that link, they will be redirected to a 404 error page, which means the page no longer exists.

The consequence?  

The reader will lose interest in connecting with you, and you will have lost a potential client for yourself.  

Create Superb Copy and Thumbnails for Your Service  

Converting leads into buyers does not end with having your post published on the Legiit blog. Once they click on your link, the potential client is directed to your service page. If the copy on that page is of low quality, rest assured that you will be less likely to get their business.  

On the other hand, with quality copy and thumbnails on your services, your chances of getting them to buy from you are increased.  

One Blog Post Will Not Cut It

No one ever became a trusted authority by only publishing a single guest post, and you will not be the first one.  

To fully establish your brand in the Legiit community, you may have to submit more than one blog post. It is not mandatory to do so, but it significantly increases your chances of success with this strategy.  

Final Take  

According to Ann Landers:

“Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them.”

Publishing your guest post on Legiit may seem like hard work, and you may be discouraged not to, but best believe it is an amazing opportunity for you to scale your business as a freelance writer on Legiit.  

Do not be left behind; join other freelance writers that continue to make use of this opportunity to scale and network with amazing buyers on Legiit.  

Get started today!

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