How I Earned $16k On Legiit Selling Content Writing Services


Well, 16k is nothing…🙄

Maybe to you!

To me, and where I'm from, $16K is currently #12.8M.

So $16k is a big deal and I'm a millionaire 9ja (Nigerian) guy.😅

Jokes aside, $16k is a HUGE milestone for me.

And to fully grasp the importance of that milestone to me, you need to understand how things were before Legit.

Where Was BlogCave Before Legiit?

4 years ago (2018), after a compulsory, year-long national service post-college, I was earning #20K ($25) monthly as an elementary school (year 4) teacher.

A year later (2019), I became a Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) trainer. There, I earned #70k ($87.5) monthly.

Truth be told, I loved both jobs since I mixed with and learned from different age groups.

But To Be Honest, I Wanted More!

So, fast forward to 2020, and my friend (Textthoughts) introduced Legiit. He was like:

"Guy, I just made $64 writing content on this site. I know you write too, try it out."

I did try - but not enough. Eventually, I received my first order after 4 months, quit the GAP trainer job, and started freelancing full-time.

And today, I've earned almost $17k.

See how happy I am! 😊

Without friends like Textthoughts, I'd probably not know about Legiit. I might still be stuck earning below my monthly Surfer subscription ($119)

Thanks again, man!

As my friend did, I'll love to help someone (especially Nigerians) too. That's the intent of this article.

In this article, I'll share all my marketing tactics. Here, you'll find how I scaled my earnings to $1k (average) monthly on Legiit - just writing content.

I hope you'll find the tips helpful.

So, shall we start?

A 9ja Guy's Secret To Earning $16k On Legiit - At Least $1k Monthly

Note: the tips here are not streamlined for freelancers yet to receive their first order. If that's your status, read this post instead:

Waltzing Your Way To Your First Sale On Legiit!

Sell In Bulk

There's nothing wrong with selling single units of your services. As long as you receive enough orders, meeting your monthly target income SHOULD be straightforward.

However, that is not always the case - especially if you sell low-ticket services.

For example, I sell my "500-word attention grabbers" for $20.

To meet a $1000 monthly target, I need 50 orders. I figured that was too much work and waiting. So, I started selling in bulk.

Instead of waiting for 50 orders, I created a service bundle (20x 500-word attention grabbers) - a 10,000words service.

At the same time, I understand that many of my clients might not need that much content. Also, I figured some buyers might not splash $400 at once.

So instead of selling the bundle service for $400, I did it for $250. That way, I can sell to client A (who doesn't need much content but wouldn't let a good deal slide) and client B (who can't afford the usual rate).

Either way, I only need 4 orders to reach my monthly goal. 🤗

Summary: sell in bulk and add discounts to sweeten the deal.

Sell To The Seller

Selling to sellers won't directly yield $1k per month. But it does something even better: You'll network with other sellers to solve a minute problem. In turn, they will recommend your services to their clients.

For example, I noticed I could help Legiiters with service descriptions and Legiit Monday copy. So, I sold the idea as a service but at an incredibly affordable price. Why?

I call those types of services "foot-in-the-door" services. They are like greetings and warm smiles; they open doors.

In other words, selling to sellers "cheaply" will open many doors.

For me, one of the doors was a $2500 writing gig opened by a $10 key (service description writing service). That's almost a 30x ROI that will likely increase. 

Summary: find a way to help other sellers. Then, sell it as a service - make it affordable if possible. In turn, the sellers will recommend your services to their clients. 

Pre-launch Your Services

Once you have a great idea and your research results are encouraging, announce it. Even better, give people a taste of it - for free or at a discounted price.

I used this technique on all my recently launched services (3). And for each of the services, I received no less than 2 orders!

What of review editions?

The idea of Legiit's review editions is almost similar to pre-launching your service. In both cases, you are wetting the ground for a new service.

So, if you would offer review editions, add that to your copy. Either way, announce your services before they are officially launched.

Lastly, as much as possible, be like a chef. Learn new and complementary skills. And dig deep to offer your clients new treats.

Then, pre-launch the treats!

Summary: pre-launch new services to build anticipation and get instant orders.

Target Old Clients With Discount

Offering discounts on your services and listing them on the promotion page is not enough. Do better!

Send the discount code directly to your previous clients. If possible, create the discount in their names.

Does it work?

Yes, it does!

Note: beyond sales, care. Check on your usual customers if you haven't heard from them in months.

Summary: increase the chances of your discount code fulfilling its intended purpose by sending them to old and returning clients.

Leverage Your Delivery Message

The few times I've purchased services on Legiit, I noticed the delivery message was not milked. Perhaps this case is limited to the freelancers I used!

Either way, delivery messages are another opportunity to get more orders. I use them to create awareness for my bundle and new services.

Marketing aside, I use delivery messages for holiday greetings (when applicable).

What if the client knows and uses all your services?

Well, add a short note that you'd appreciate their recommendations.🤭

Summary: don't leave your delivery message untapped; leverage it to market your old and new services.


Be it $1k or $10k monthly, you can reach any target if you take calculated steps. You can even exceed the "target" - I hope you do!

And if the steps discussed in this article helped - in any way - kindly share the piece with your friends. You might be helping someone too. 😉

Need more marketing ideas? 🙋🏾‍♂️

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