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Waltzing Your Way To Your First Sale On Legiit


Today’s article is a guest post submitted by BlogCave who is a freelance content writer on Legiit. He specializes in writing affordable and attention-grabbing articles that will engage any audience. If you would like to learn more, you can check out his Legiit profile.

Waltzing Your Way To Your First Sale On Legiit

Hey, Legiit-er! Chris probably didn’t give a name. But, hecks, I’ll call you that. So, you’ve created your profile and an enticing service (at least to you). However, it has been weeks since then, and you’ve yet to make your first sale on Legiit?

Tiring doesn’t quite capture how you feel – does it? You see other Legiit-ers growing in rank and reviews – even those who joined after you. It’s not only tiring, but it’s also sickening!

Now, you’re wondering how this stranger knows how you feel. Well, I suffered the same thing. How so?

I joined Legiit in May and didn’t receive my first order till September.

Good news! You won’t wait for 4 months for your first sale as I did. Fortunately, this piece contains the hacks I used to waltz my way to my first order email notification.

Let’s get started then.

How To Make Your First Sale On Legiit in 3 Practical Steps

A quick note: these hacks are somewhat tuned to content writing services because that’s what I do. Nevertheless, you can apply them across other categories on Legiit.

Enough talk already, lets dance.

Step 1: Do Your Research

By research, I mean study the high-ranking services in your desired niche. Note the keyword: study. I didn’t say copy.

So, why should you study them? You should because of two reasons:

  1. It helps you know what people want, and
  2. You’ll know the details you should include in your offer.

About your offer, again, don’t copy! If you can’t craft your service copy, you can have others write for you for affordable rates. Check the copywriting segments!

Step 2: Re-craft Your Service

Once you’ve studied the high flyers, scrutinize your sales copy. Folks would say optimize, but I’ll say personalize. Why?

A personalized copy helps you convert and be in your best trustworthy front. Think about it: why craft some delightful copy when you can’t fulfill the high expectations you had set?

Again, I didn’t say you should write a crap copy because you’d like to be righteous Captain America. Nevertheless, ensure that your copy has these ingredients:

  1. A simple title and thumbnail
  2. A reflection of you
  3. The whys and the hows; why your prospects need the service? Why should they buy from you?

Yes, I remembered. On convincing prospects to buy from you, you should lower your price. However, you should not quote a price so low that it’d reduce your inspiration and happiness while delivering your work.

Step 3: Use Legiit Monday and Weekly Roundup

Here is the real deal! You’ve crafted and personalized your sales copy. Now, it is time to market yourself.

Lucky us, Chris made it possible to market our services on Legiit’s Official Facebook Page. So, use that incredible window!

The first marketing opening: Legiit Monday. What you’d do here is to state that you’re a newbie. Let people know you’re new and that you look forward to working with them.

Next: Weekly Roundup. Here, keep your sweet deals to a max of 10 words (most times) and add your link.


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