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How To Make $10k Per Month On Legiit


Today's post is from one of the talented freelancers on Legiit, SerpAbove, real name Rushabh Shah

How I Earned Over $150K On Legiit - Earning $10K Monthly

You read the title right. It's not clickbait!

I ACTUALLY made $150k on Legiit (at least $10K monthly) selling SEO services😱.

Some months, I realized $20k.

Funnily enough, that ($10-20k sales monthly) has not always been the case for me. When I started on Legiit in 2019, I hardly realized $500 per month😅.

My WOW moment in 2019 came in September - when I withdrew $560. But in reality, the $560 was more like the combination of August and September sales 😂

Now, that's all in the past. Because lately, my monthly sales are a little shy of $30k!

You might wonder, what changed?

What steps did I take to scale my business from $560 in two months to $10-30k monthly?

More importantly, can the steps work for your business too?


But before we delve into the "steps," let me walk you through a bit of my journey - who I am and the services I offer.

Meet SerpAbove - A Premier, Top-Seller On Legiit🚀


I'm Rushabh Shah (or you can call me Aaron). I own SerpAbove - a white-label SEO agency that helps businesses grow online.

And thanks to Legiit, I scaled the agency to 6 figures.

More importantly, I've improved the lives of my friends, families, and team members.

About my journey on Legiit, I joined in January 2019. Unfortunately, I didn't take Legiit seriously.

The first six months after I joined Legiit, I didn't even check the Legiit Official Facebook Group. Let alone promote my services.

PLEASE, don't do that!!!

It took a full year after registering before I became SERIOUS🙈. If only I had known.🤭

Starting in 2020, I invested at least 2hours per weekday to work on Legiit - improving my services, unique selling point, and SOP generally.

And then, the orders started coming.

BUT, it (the orders) still wasn't enough!

After seeing the testimonies of other freelancers on the Legiit Official Facebook Group, I knew I could do better. I was determined to grow my income and business.

That determination led me to implement the CALCULATED steps below.

A Foolproof Guide To Earn $10k Monthly On Legiit (Or More) - The Exact Steps I Took

Service Optimization

Remember I said I spent 2 hours on weekdays working on Legiit. Well, most of the "work" was inspecting my competitors.

I checked the top sellers in my categories. What are they doing? Can I do something better? What are their loopholes?

More importantly, can I deliver a better result than my competitors but in a shorter time?

I used the research to optimize my services. In short, I revitalized my services - and made them unique and compelling.

Pro tip: invest in writing well-written, comprehensive service descriptions and professional thumbnails. Those features hook sellers.

Extra tip: I regularly read the tips posted on Legiit Blog. You should check them out - particularly the ones about freelancing and business.

Market Your Services x3 - And Do It Again

I've learned that in digital marketing, to make money, you need traffic. And you'd need tons of it because you obviously can't convert all.

So, how do you get traffic?

I got mine from marketing - free and paid. Let me explain!

I start my marketing on the Legiit Official Facebook Group. I regularly post on Legiit Monday and include my promotional offers on Legiit Roundup Post.

The best part: the two marketing opportunities will cost you $0. Just make an effort to write a short and engaging copy!

But I didn't stop at the freemium. I use Legiit paid promotions. Recently, I booked the ads slot for my service categories till 2025🤪.

I'm sorry if you can't use those right now😅.

(Editors  Note: There will be more advertising options soon)

Jokes apart, you have to spend the dough to make the dough!!!

Lastly, I continuously run email marketing campaigns for my services.

Pro tip: upgrade your account to Legiit Premium. That way, you can monitor your traffic and conversions.

Come Up With Irresistible Offers

NOTE: irresistible offers shouldn't result in you short-selling your services. You'll eventually hit a snag that way.

Instead, I do these:

  • I offer the BIGGEST discount on my SIMPLEST service. Since the work wouldn't take much of my time, it is a win-win. How so?  I got numerous orders and quality reviews. The low-priced service became my lead gen to build trust and credibility. Then, I launched other high-ticket services.
  • I offer discounts on bulk orders. I tie clients down with heavy discounts when they buy in bulk. But isn't that short-selling?  Producing anything in bulk is cheaper. Plus, bulk sales help me to meet my monthly goals.
  • I offer discounts to returning customers. I continually appreciate my loyal clients. And trust me, this strategy works.  90% of my sales are from returning customers.

Pro tip: add a discount on delivery for new customers. It seduces the client to buy again.

Prompt Communication

The "bulk" of the work I did on my SOP was perfecting my communication. I dedicated a number of my team members to ensuring prompt communication with clients on work progress.

At all times, I let clients know how their orders are progressing. Even before that, I always acknowledge orders as soon as clients start them.

In the acknowledgment, I let clients know what to expect and how soon I could deliver. This helps to establish trust. And if I need an extension, I communicate it to buyers ASAP. I always keep my clients abridged on the development with detailed reporting.

Pro tip: while you might have a dedicated team for handling communications, personally oversee the process. No one will understand your business like you.

Aftercare Services

Even after the order is delivered, I don't stop tracking the results. Did my services work for the client? Has there been any increase in rankings?

Why do I do all that?

Monitoring how my clients are faring is what businesses should do - care. Do more than just the "transaction;" offer aftercare Services.

Besides, monitoring results is a reputation management strategy. I know if my inputs didn't work and suggest solutions even before clients' backlash.

Additional Tips To Scale Your Freelance Business

> Focus on what you know. Outsource the ones you don't. For example, I am not an expert graphic designer or a copywriter. I outsource those and focus on what I do best.

BTW, check out the services below.

  • Service description writing: I recommend this guy
  • Thumbnail design: I recommend this guy
  1. Build a team. You can't do it all - especially when the orders start trooping in.
  2. Deliver what was promised - over-deliver if possible.
  3. Treat all your customers (regardless of what they buy) with love and respect.
  4. Network with other freelancers. They might recommend your services to one of their clients.


Overall: making $10k or even $100K monthly (I'll get here, too😅) is possible.  

You have to put in the work. Market your services, and offer enticers.

If I make $10K (minimum) monthly on Legiit, you can too. You can even do better.💪🏾

So, go do it. All the best!!!

LASTLY, I'll market myself 🤭. Kindly hit me up if you need white-label SEO services.

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