Tiktok Campaign Examples: Iconic Inspiration For Your Business


TikTok has rapidly grown into the most popular platform for thriving businesses, and it isn’t slowing down!

From makeup brands and slime companies to fitness businesses and big-box corporations, organizations of all sizes are using TikTok to grow their following.

Although many brands on TikTok are finding great success, it’s no secret that getting started can be difficult.

Many businesses put off joining in on TikTok campaigns because short-form video creation can feel a bit uncomfortable at first.

However, the best brands on TikTok are the ones who leaned into video creation. They are the ones who are now reaping the benefits of a loyal following.

Becoming one of the trending brands on TikTok requires strategy. In addition, it is helpful to have an in-depth understanding of your audience.

This way, you can create content that effectively connects with their interests.

The last thing you want is to become another one of those irrelevant brands that refused to adapt to the times. We’ve compiled the most updated TikTok advice to help you get started!

9 Successful TikTok Campaign Examples

You’ll find that successful TikTok campaigns involve brands effectively connecting with their audience. Some of the funniest brands on TikTok choose to relate to their audience through skits and jokes.

Others find it more effective to give helpful advice or even demonstrate their product in use.

Whatever route you decide to take, we recommend you find a way to build a sense of community through your videos.

Notably, much of what you learn about TikTok can be applied to Instagram’s Reels feature.

Check out our article, Ways To Use Instagram Reels Marketing To Promote Your ECommerce Brand, for more advice.

Take inspiration from our selection of TikTok campaign examples from some of the most iconic brands on the app!

1. Gymshark

Gymshark serves as one of the most comprehensive TikTok campaign examples because they know how to do it all!

They successfully connect with their audience through humor as well as more serious content.

For example, they participate in some of TikTok’s more humorous trends.

At the same time, they entice audiences to purchase their products with their ads that demonstrate just how comfortable and attractive their clothing is.

You would think that a brand focused on body appearance may only reach a very niche audience.

However, Gymshark successfully connects with viewers of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life with their positive transformation clips!

2. SubtlBeauty

By now, every woman or lover of makeup has seen a SubtlBeauty makeup ad on TikTok. This brand was built on the foundation of providing easy-to-carry and use makeup.

The brand successfully solved a problem for women who sometimes spend the night away from home but don’t want to fuss with multiple makeup bottles and brushes.

Furthermore, the brand has an innate way of connecting with their viewers by normalizing lifestyles and actions that typically go unaddressed by businesses.

For example, SubtlBeauty doesn’t skirt around reality by marketing their product to women who often “go on vacations.”

Instead, the founder of the brand has been very upfront about giving makeup lovers a more convenient option when they choose to have “adult sleepovers.”

SubtleBeauty’s target audience seems to enjoy the open, honest, and raw nature of the brand.

3. LiquidIV

LiquidIV is another brand that adopted the marketing strategy of connecting with their audience by solving an age-old issue.

The brand has always been upfront about marketing their product to anyone who needs a hangover cure.

They have recently started branching out their brand to help anyone who may need additional hydration and energy.

So, whether you are hitting the downtown bars for a fun night out or taking a long hot walk on the beach, LiquidIV can help!

LiquidIV also adopted the campaign strategy of partnering with more popular TikTokers to promote their brand.

By doing this, they are able to reach an audience they may not have connected with otherwise.

4. My Conquering

My Conquering is a jewelry brand that sells eye-catching rings that double as fidgets.

That’s right! their rings can be snapped and clicked, creating satisfying sounds and alleviating anxiety or the need to be constantly moving.

Their TikTok tagline states that they are “Helping you feel EMPOWERED, calm, and focused with our inspiration fidget jewelry.”

To back up that claim, they show off their clickable rings in almost every TikTok video.

Their most popular video, to date, has almost 10 million views!

This particular clip relates to audience members who suffer from ADHD by showing how their product can be used to stay motivated and on task.

5. Chobani

Yes, you read that correctly. Chobani, the yogurt brand we all know and love, has found a unique way to connect with their audience.

Creating mouthwatering desserts, healthy snacks, and refreshing beverages with their products is, by far, one of the tastiest TikTok campaign examples of 2022!  

Their viewers tend to revisit their page over and over again for healthy recipe inspiration. In addition to the helpful content, Chobani is also mindful of creating videos their audience can interact with.

For example, their “what your favorite Chobani product says about you” video stirred up quite a few likes, positive comments, and clicks.

6. Peachy Slime

This slime company runs on two accounts, effectively promoting their fun products from different angles.

While it isn’t always recommended to separate your audience on multiple business accounts, this company has discovered the perfect balance to make it work in their favor.

The @peachyslimeshopp account is primarily used to show the audience the fascinating process of how their slimes are made. Viewers love watching all of the ingredients and colors mixing together.

In addition, the employees running this TikTok account incorporate quite a bit of funny commentary to make the audience feel a part of the “joke.”

This includes their videos about making fake foods out of multi-colored slimes.

With 4.7 million followers, the @PeachySlime is the original business account run by the company’s owner.

On this account, the founder keeps her audience on the edge of their seats with exciting company announcements, giveaways, and inside intel about the business.  

Peachy Slime is a prime example of a business that has taken on the campaign strategy of creating viewer buy-in by making their audience feel a part of the company.

7. Ntrgld

Specializing in “body care and body care accessories”, Ntrgld has built a platform on near silence.

That’s right! There is very little speaking in the owner’s ASMR-style videos. While watching Ntrgld’s videos, you can tell that most of the clips are created from the owner’s perspective.

Many of the videos are quite satisfying as they show him completing daily tasks for the business.

Stirring the beard oil bombs, brushing his long beard, and sealing packages are just a few examples of content he creates.

While it seems simple, people seem to absolutely love the satisfying sounds created from the videos.

He also has an entertaining way of addressing both negative and positive viewer questions.

Instead of verbally answering questions, he stitches their comment into an ASMR video that somehow manages to answer their inquiry.

8. Redbull

As one of the most prominent brands on TikTok in 2022, Redbull is an example of why so many age grounds enjoy the app.

Even adults born in the 90s can’t remember a time when Redbull wasn’t creating hilarious commercials on TV. Mostly everyone remembers the “Redbull gives you wings” campaign!

Redbull has shifted their campaign strategy to now show off just how powerful their energy drink is.

From skiing on snowing mountaintops to waterboarding through caves, Redbull has gained TikTok followers by building an appealing lifestyle around their brand.

Rather than telling viewers how their product is amazing, they impress them with video clips of athletes and adventurers performing impressive feats in the name of their brand.

Redbull has come a long way since their commercials of goofy cartoons sprouting wings.

With almost 40 years under their belt, the brand is still adapting to growing and shifting demands and going strong!

Although Redbull is now a large brand, every business has to start somewhere. Here are more tips about Why Small Businesses Need Social Media.

9. ScrubDaddy

Originally making an appearance on the hit show Shark Tank, ScrubDaddy has navigated their way to TikTok.

They have built an audience there by participating in popular TikTok trends with their fun smiley-face cleaning products.

ScrubDaddy inspiringly sets an example for a brand that doesn’t shy away from what is popular. For example, they don’t shy away from including cussing and mild adult content in their clips.

They have truly leaned into the culture of TikTok and do not seem to be afraid of playing on their audience’s sense of humor.

Their content is a testament that brands don’t have to water down their personality to appeal to a wider audience.

TikTok Campaign Examples Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a business that is new to TikTok? Are you feeling intimidated by the thought of creating your first TikTok campaign strategy?

First of all, it’s important to remember that you are already ahead of all of the other brands who refuse to even consider TikTok can be an intimidating app at first.  

This is especially true for businesses who may feel pressured to do everything correctly the first time.

However, it is important to get started, so you can pinpoint what attracts your target audience. Review these top frequently asked questions about TikTok campaigns before you make your first videos!

What is a campaign on TikTok?

A TikTok “campaign” can be defined as the overall strategy a brand takes to connect with and build an audience.

However, there is an official section on TikTok where businesses can build a campaign through the app.

This section of TikTok allows individuals and businesses to pay for and run brand-specific ads on the app.

How do I plan a TikTok campaign?

Before you consider paying for a TikTok ad campaign, it is important to first get to know your target audience.

What age group does your brand cater to? Does your ideal customer have a certain lifestyle? Do they like funny content, or do they prefer advice videos?

Your TikTok campaign will only be as successful as your general content.

As such, it is crucial for businesses to have a solid foundation on how to make compelling content before paying for ads.

How do I run an ad campaign on TikTok?

You can set up an official TikTok Campaign by navigating to the Ads Manager part of your profile and clicking the Campaign section.

Here, you will find where you can target a certain audience, set up how much you want to spend on the ads, and select where you want your ads to run on the app.  

If the thought of running a TikTok ad campaign is a bit overwhelming, consider outsourcing the work! Freelance experts are at your service and available to hire on Legiit.

How do you do marketing on TikTok?

As mentioned above, it’s a great idea to first become well-versed in who your target customer is before you begin developing a marketing strategy.

Focus on the parts of running your business that you are comfortable with. Then, hire a freelancer professional for the rest.

Freelancers such as AshleyKelly on Legiit possess the unique expertise to bring any brand TikTok account to life!

Hashtag use, how to recreate video trends, and even how to navigate a growing audience are all tasks a freelance pro can help you with.

Best TikTok Examples: Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that TikTok can be a tough app for businesses to break into. However, the ones who put in the effort are seeing rapid growth in sales.

Developing an excellent TikTok campaign requires you to know who your audience is. Before you pay for TikTok campaign ads, it’s important to know what type of content for your business performs well.

Use the TikTok campaign examples above as inspiration for your own business videos!

Does your niche lend well to humorous content? Or, would it be better for you to create advice videos for your audience?

TikTok is, by far, one of the best apps for growing a business. However, it is important not to ignore the other social media platforms!

Review How to Blow Up on Instagram when you’re ready to branch out and begin advertising on other apps. Regularly check back to the Legiit Blog for ongoing advice on growing your business!

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