How to Build Your Email List: The Ultimate Guide


Email marketing remains one of the most fundamental ways of growing a business.

Email technology has only been updated a few times, even in the wake of increasing technological advancements.

Hence, email marketing is fireproof to daily technological changes. Also, it has the best ROI.

The best way to harness the power of email marketing is by building an email list.

The famous marketing quote goes, “The money’s in the list.”

And our goal in business is making money.

Therefore, email marketing will depend on how vast and productive the email list is.

The goal is first to learn how to build a profitable email list.

This article will look at 30 strategies to help you build an email list from scratch, organically, and with an investment.

How To Build Your Email List: 30 Effective Strategies

1. Creating Several Landing Pages

A landing page is a prime opportunity to communicate with your audience.

It must be attractive enough to catch your audience's attention and start a business relationship.

The main goal of a landing page is to turn the visitor into a customer. How does this work?

The goal here is tweaking your audience's thoughts from "I have seen that brand somewhere" to "I cannot do without this brand."

Well, a landing page only does one thing to give an offer.

Having one landing page will only work for some customers. That is why having several will meet the need of diverse clients.

In the end, a productive landing page will: 

● Bring new traffic

● Build an email list from the new traffic

2. Improving Your Homepage

A homepage is the first channel customers will see when they visit your website.

The sad part is that most of them have a lot of juggled-up information.

It is an excellent way of getting your audience to read your blogs.

However, in the long run, it will eventually hurt your business.

A homepage needs to be attractive and easy to navigate. At the same time, it needs an actionable CTA.

An excellent way to do it is to recommend to the visitor where they should start.

In the process, as they scroll down, they will see more CTAs that are aiming to build your email list. For example:

● Free Subscription

● Paid Subscription

● Get the latest news

● Be the first to know about our promos

3. Changing the Call to Action Button

The words ‘submit’ and ‘sign up here’ have become too familiar. They no longer move masses to share their email addresses.

All people see when they see such words is that their emails will be filled with spam.

And that is where the power of persuasion comes in.

Creating a call to action (CTA) that is precise and enticing is necessary.

For example, you can use a question as a call to action.

“Want to learn how to grow an email list in 2022?”

Then in the sign box, use the phrase, “Absolutely!‘

Such an example is precise and fun. It will result in more users sharing their email addresses.

4. Using Opt-Ins on Your Blogs Footer

Most websites utilize one type of opt-in.

Having a number of them maximizes the chances of growing your email list.

You can place opt-ins on the:

● Headers

● Footers

● Sidebars

● Scroll Box

What needs to be considered is the succession in which they happen.

Having them simultaneously or quickly will show desperation, which can be a massive turn-off for customers.

The idea is to have them at such a simultaneous pace that will slowly woo the visitor until they 'surrender' their email willingly.

5. Using a Wide Pop-Up on Your Blog

A customer can either love it or despise it!

The bottom line is that they work.

The goal is to match the pop-up with your blog content. And with that, you will get more email subscribers.

Though, there are industries that allow for sharing of content. allows for a variety of content in the digital marketing space. For example

How I earned $16k On Legiit Selling Content Writing Services

Best Marketing Campaigns: A Guide to Creating Yours

Customers not interested in the pop-up offer can exit and continue navigating your site.

6. Using Blog Side Bars

Blog sidebars are aimed at grabbing attention.

At the same time, they are giving an irresistible offer.

It might give fewer conversions to your blog.

But it leaves a photographic impact for the offers will be remembered.

Fantastic pictures in your sidebar will make them seem part of the blog.

A better idea is to have different sidebars for every category in your blog.

For example, when the blog is about how to become a freelancer. Give a free pdf on the 5 top tips on how to become a freelancer on the sidebar.

I mean, who would not want a free guide? And just like that, you get an additional email on your email list.

7. Using an Email Subscription

It is a compelling method to grow an email list.

But, for this to work, your content needs to be top-notch.

Here, there is no shortcut.

It works because visitors only get to view the blog partially—utilizing a 'gated' email opt-in.

The only way to access the rest of the blog is by subscribing to the blog using an email.

It is straightforward to grow an email list using this method.

However, if the content does not have value, your email list will reduce at the same rate it grew.

8. Request for an Email To View Pricing

It is a straightforward strategy. Relatively easy to accomplish too.

It also uses a 'gate' email opt-in for the pricing page.

Such a strategy has two results in a business. It includes:

● It grows the email list, and the business can do follow-ups on price inquiries

● It acts as a sieve for jokers, for a certain level of commitment is needed to access the price list.

9. Guest Blogging

This is when you leverage another person's audience to grow your audience.

For it to be fruitful in building your email list, it needs to be implemented well.

Background research on the website you intend to guest post is critical. Thoroughly go through the requirements, and take your shot.

Also, the goal is to guest blog for a site that is way bigger than your own.

In so doing, the chances of growing your email list increase.

A good example of a place that offers guest posting is

They share some of the article topics and requirements that they accept for their guest posts in this article.

Refer to the article as an example of what to expect from other sites.

10. Referral Program

A referral program lets your audience recommend your business to people in their circle.

It might be to family, close friends, colleagues, and social media friends.

The key is building a good reputation with your current audience.

Be blameless in the eyes of your audience.

Then, enjoy the fruits of customer royalty.

Advantages of using a referral system:

● Hard-to-reach buyers will come to you

● Prospects will respond

If you deliver quality, the word will spread fast, and your email subscribers will increase significantly. And vice versa.

11. Networking With Influencers

This strategy might be a pricey affair.

Many influencers will want some payment in return for advertising your business.

There is a way you can forego the expense. Coming up with a joint venture with an influencer.

It can be merging the two brands to give customers an irresistible deal.

Alternatively, connecting with influencers passionate about helping businesses grow will come in handy.

The aim is to get that one extra visitor you can convince to be on your email list.

And eventually, they will end up promoting your business.

12. Using Podcast Interviews

Podcasts are untapped strategies for getting traffic to a site.

It allows persuading your audience in real-time.

It can generate massive traffic to your site.

And massive traffic equals an enormous email list.

Let me fill you in on how this works!

Usually, after a guest answers all the questions in the podcast, they will be asked to share where they can be found with the listener.

Boom! That is a one-lifetime opportunity to get email subscribers.

Be simple, sweet, and specific in your CTA.

Your landing page or website URL needs to be easy to remember.

13. Interact With Your Audience

Trust is vital to any business.

When your audience trusts you, they will not hesitate to do business with you.

When planning your day as a business owner, schedule 15-20 minutes to respond to your audience on your social media platforms.

You can answer your audience's queries or get their ideas or comments on your business.

For example, a customer may ask, "Am having difficulties sleeping ever since I started freelancing; what helpful insights can you share?”

The appropriate answer would be, “Thank you for reaching out. Am sharing a link below of an article that I wrote recently that will help you improve your sleep.”

The customer will likely read the blog, and that single interaction might build trust.

Immediately, they can be a new email subscriber.

14. Live Stream With Your Audience

Live streaming is the creme de la creme!

There is also no indication that it will die down anytime soon.

The upside of live streaming is that you get instant results.

Live streaming lets your audience know you better and understand your business while promoting it.

While at it, you can persuade your audience to subscribe to your email list.

How many email subscribers can you get if you go live daily, using different social media platforms simultaneously?

Avenues to live stream:

● Tiktok Live

● Facebook Live

● Instagram Live

● Youtube Live

● LinkedIn Live

● Twitter Live

● Twitch

15. Host Free Giveaways and Discounts

Who would miss a chance to get a free giveaway or discount by just submitting an email address?

The catch is here, deliver what you have promised.

Also, targeting the right audience will make all the difference.

For example, if you offer a 70-dollar gift card from Amazon, you will grow your email list in a heartbeat.

Who would not want such an offer?

However, only a tiny percentage of these people will boost your business.

To avoid such bother, offer something valuable in your niche.

In return, you will build a beneficial email list.

Chris M. Walker, the founder of, offers countless discounts for his customers.

For example, he gives a discount of 33% to business owners who buy five 1-hour 1-on-1 consultations.

You can be sure that this gives him more customers.

You can check out his profile here.

16. Run a Challenge

Organizing a challenge can provide successful results to businesses when email marketing.

It has two main advantages:

● Boosting an email list

● Building trust between customers and the business owner

The only way to run a successful challenge is to get a universal issue faced by your audience.

The universal issue will be the driving force of the challenge.

Providing an email will be the requirement to enter the challenge.

And just like that, your email list grows.

17. Using Email Signatures

It is optimal for businesses that use emails as their primary communication tool.

An email signature has the logo and contacts of representatives of a business.

It can build an email list it appeals to clients, for they know they can easily communicate with the business representatives.

The business representatives will need to be well-trained in customer care.

If not, the customers will feel neglected and leave.

The goal is to ensure the customers remain loyal and refrain from unsubscribing from the email list.

18. Promotion Exchanges

It can be about something other than competing all the time.

The cake is big enough for all of us.

Promotional exchanges usually do not rub well with many business owners.

Although, if done, it can push your landing page to be seen by many people.

It best works if you connect with someone with almost the same audience size as you.

Not necessarily from the same industry, but they can be closely related.

For example, a nutritionist can do a promotional exchange with a fitness expert.

This is how it works:

● Marketing each other on social media

● Sending bulk emails to your list to market the other person’s landing page

19. Host a Webinar

Webinars can convert well.

They give value to your audience.

Also, they are time-sensitive. Therefore, it gives people the opportunity to plan for themselves. Some people attending the webinar might not be on your email list. 

But once they see what you offer, they will automatically be moved to sign up to your email list.

They would not want to miss anything you will have lined up.

Another way of leveraging webinars is allowing for registration using email.

20. Host a Webinar With a Guest

Inviting a guest to a webinar adds more value.

You and the guest will run a promotion for the webinar.

You will invite people to your email list.

And the guest will also invite their audience to the webinar.

After the webinar, your email list will grow from your guest's audience.

You can host three influential people back to back and then analyze the growth in your email list.

You will see the difference!

21. Allow Your Audience To Share Your Content

The more your content reaches more people, the more the likelihood of growing your email list.

The goal of allowing your audience to share your content is to get as much reach as possible.

Also, permitting your followers to comment on your posts allows them to mention their friends.

I am an example of content being shared in another group.

I was in a Facebook group, and a member complained about freelancing platforms no longer providing value.

Chris M. Walker, the founder of, was in the same group.

He immediately shared about Legiit, which is how I signed up on the platform.

Moreover, I signed up for his email list to be among the first to receive tips he will share in the freelancing industry.

How To Grow Your Email List Using Social Media

Social media platforms are great for promoting your email list by encouraging your audience to sign up.

22. Facebook Ads

One of the best ways to reach your intended target is by running ads.

Facebook Ads remains a great tool for running advertisements since it has a huge social media outlet.

The Facebook Ads Program allows business owners to customize their ads to fit their target audience.

It allows for custom pictures, headlines, and copy.

The audience insight tabs allow for customization regarding your targeted audience's gender, age, location, and interests.

Once you connect with the right audience, the return is that your email list grows.

Facebook Ads prices vary depending on several factors.

23. Google Ads

Running ads on Google is a gold mine in conversions and giving leads.

It does that by retargeting.

Retargeting works by:

● Aiming a campaign to people who have visited your website before

● It can also focus on people who took a practical action, like leaving a comment on your blog

Using the right keywords will allow people to click on your Ads.

The keywords will need to be specific to your target audience.

The Google Ad needs to be linked to a landing page.

And the landing page needs to be related to the Google Ad.

It will take time for the Google Ads to show results on your email list.

The trick here is being consistent.

24. Facebook Groups

It is powerful in growing your email list.

Facebook allows group owners to collect email addresses for prospective members.

It is done when group administrators ask potential members questions before they join their group.

Facebook allows for a maximum of three questions.

As the group administrator, you can ask for an email as a requirement to be accepted into the group.

Or providing lead magnets will attract users to share their email.

For example, the SuperStar SEO group requests new members to share their email on Facebook.

The lead magnet for the group reads, “Kindly share your best email to receive special invitations to attend LIVE training classes and other special events.”

25. Twitter

The secret of getting followers on Twitter and email subscribers is by providing value using your tweets.

Tweets can be short and to the point while teaching something new to your audience.

Consistency in writing threads shows that your business knows what they are doing.

At the end of your thread, you can put a CTA that will encourage your followers to subscribe to your email list.

Also, use pinned messages that will appear on the top of your account.

Lastly, you can use an opt-in page with an irresistible offer to your followers to join your email list.

26. LinkedIn

First impressions mean everything.

People can either be impressed or ignore you.

When making connections ensure your profile is flawless, attractive, and charming.

With this, you will grow your audience.

The next thing would be to publish quality content often.

You need to be seen.

The primary purpose of having valuable content is to get conversions from it.

Therefore, place CTAs strategically on your blog.

It can be as simple as, “enter your email to get notifications of my next publish.”

LinkedIn has an extractor tool that can help you gather emails instead of inmails.

27. Instagram

Your Bio is the first thing a visitor will see when visiting your Instagram account.

Your Bio is an opportunity to share about yourself and your business.

In the shortest words possible, invite your followers to sign up for your email list.

For example, “Sign up to our email list and be the first to enjoy our discounts.”

Alternatively, you can put a backlink to your lead generation landing page.

Also, your captions should be compelling and end with a CTA to build your email list.

28. YouTube Ads

Optimized Youtube Ads will attract your target audience to your business.

When people use keywords that match your ad might appear directly under the search.

In addition, your ad will run when people are watching videos.

For any ad to be successful, it must have an excellent picture and valuable ad copy.

Since you aim to grow your email list, you can offer something for free.

The offer is aimed at driving traffic to your site. After visiting your site, people will have to submit their emails to access the offer.

29. Snapchat

You can leverage Snapchat followers to become your email subscribers.

Snapchat lead forms allow Snapchatters to fill their information into a form that will include their email.

You can download the filled forms using an ad manager.

You can achieve this by customizing the questions asked to your business.

Another way to build your email list using Snapchat is the attachment feature.

You can request your followers to sign up for your email list, thus turning your followers into subscribers.

30. Reddit

Reddit allows people and businesses to create subreddits.

Every subreddit has its rules depending on what has been set by the administrators.

You can search for subreddits that are in your industry.

Go through the rules, and talk to the administrator.

The goal is to be permitted to market.

People in the subreddit can either ‘upvote’ or ‘downvote’ your post.

For you to grow your email list on Reddit, your content and CTA have to be superb!

Final Thoughts

Building your email is the greatest gift you can give your business because that's where the banknotes are!

The 30 strategies shared will help you grow your email list from scratch.

A combination of several methods will significantly boost your email list.

You will need to do much innovative work to see the results.

However, you can outsource the service too.

I recommend using to get the best services in the market.

On the platform, there are a variety of freelancers that you can work for you.

Also, the platform has the best and most effective support compared to other freelancing platforms.

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