Which Social Media is Best for Freelancers?


More so now than ever, much of the world’s workforce is quitting their 9-5 jobs and heading online for freelance opportunities.

There is no doubt that freelancing full-time can offer a variety of benefits that most corporate jobs don’t provide.

Setting your own scheduling, answering to no one but yourself, and establishing your own prices are just a few perks of being a freelancer.

However, after leaving a brick-and-mortar job setting, many freelancers are unsure how to properly utilize accessible online resources to effectively market themselves.

And the end of the day, you won’t receive business if your target audience doesn’t even know that you exist. As such, social media has proven to be a great asset to freelancers hoping to market their expertise and build a client base.

According to DataReportal, “there are now 4.20 billion social media users around the world. This figure has grown by 490 million over the past 12 months, delivering year-on-year growth of more than 13 percent.”

This means that over half of our world’s population is actively using social media! Therefore, as a freelancer, it only makes sense for you to head where the masses are spending much of their day.

Whether you are a freelance content writer, freelance website developer, or any other type of freelancer, the proper use of social media can significantly improve your business.

We’ve compiled a list of today’s most popular social media sites along with the functions they offer that can benefit freelancers. Also, check out our insight into which social media platforms are the best for freelancers!


Although Instagram has expanded over the years, this app is primarily a photo editing and photo-sharing social media platform. It also happens to be one of the most downloaded social media apps on the market.

Not only can freelancers use hashtags to connect to their target audience, but they can also post images of themselves to show their potential clients that they are real industry experts.

Individuals and businesses are becoming more accustomed to hiring freelancers online. However, it is reported that many will pass up on hiring a freelancer if they can’t trust or determine if the freelancer is a professional or a scammer.

Regularly posting images of yourself, your daily life, your expertise, and client testimonials is a wonderful way to build credibility and trust with your future clients!

Learning how to increase your sales on Instagram is as easy as monitoring and watching what other freelancers are doing on Instagram.

Check out accounts of freelancers within your niche who are successfully connecting with their target audience, and ask yourself questions to brainstorm ways to improve your own social media account.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What have they written in their bio to attract potential clients?
  • What hashtags are they using that may be more effective than the hashtags I’m using?
  • How often do they post images of themselves working?
  • Are they utilizing all of Instagram’s features, such as the Reels options?

One of the downsides of Instagram is that it can be challenging to build your following without having to reciprocate and follow each person back.

Although it does require some forethought, it is possible to build your following! Check out our article about How to Get Followers On Instagram Without Following!


Considered one of the original social media platforms, Facebook is still popularly used amongst those wanting to keep in touch with their family, friends, and acquaintances.

Over the years, Facebook has expanded, and now the platform can be used as a valuable tool for freelancers wanting to market their business.

Freelancers can join other freelancers on Facebook groups serving as an outlet for advice and to also market their services.

Notably, the Legiit Official Facebook Group allows freelancers to connect with other freelancers and regularly advertise their services!

One of the known cons of using Facebook to market freelancing services is that the platform is slowly losing traction with younger audiences.

Despite this fact, it is known as one of the most valuable platforms for freelancers to connect and advertise their services.

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Speaking of social media platforms that target young audiences – TikTok entered the scene in 2016 and has been gaining popularity ever since!

Don’t get us wrong, TikTok attracts various age groups due to its ability to cater to a wide selection of niches. However, it just so happens that this platform is one of the most popular amongst users who fit in the “under 30” category.

Many online freelancers have chosen to use TikTok to market their expertise and position themselves as an authority within their field.

Creating fun videos to trending sounds is also a sure way to build rapport and help potential clients feel connected with you. Much like Instagram, TikTok is a great way to show that you are a real professional.

Freelancing TikTok Video Ideas

  • Create a day-in-the-life of a freelancer video,
  • Post a video giving other freelancers advice,
  • Provide polite video advice to potential buyers,
  • Demonstrate all of the places you can work as a freelancer

Marketing yourself as a freelancer on TikTok can come with many pros and only a couple of cons. Unfortunately, the most notable con of this platform also goes hand-in-hand with one of its most valuable pros.

TikTok is known for allowing people to build a following rather quickly. A video or even an entire account can go viral overnight. With that being said, TikTok is known for harsh audiences who do not always hesitate to leave unsavory comments.


twitter for freelancers

The art of using appropriate and targeted hashtags started with Twitter! This platform is known for its short character limits and for being an outlet for individuals to express themselves through mini bursts of information.

You came here for the truth, so we’re going to give it to you. Although Twitter does have the potential to help freelancers market their services, it isn’t the most effective or efficient use of your time.

Over the years, Twitter has implemented an algorithm requiring users to be consistently active before their tweets can gain traction. Therefore, Twitter can be of use to any freelancer if they are willing to stay active on the platform.

Twitter can be a reliable way to stay connected with other freelancers for advice and support. However, as many people do not head to Twitter first to seek freelancing services, it may not be the best use of your time to begin there with your marketing strategy.


YouTUbe for freelancers

It is becoming a trend for freelancers to head to YouTube to build a channel offering advice to other freelancers and even lifestyle vlogs.

Typically, these freelancers have already established themselves as capable freelancers and are expanding their expertise to grow their business further.

This doesn’t mean that new freelancers can’t build an audience of potential clients by documenting their journey in the world of freelancing, though!

Compared to other social media platforms, setting up a YouTube channel can definitely take some initial legwork. After all, for your YouTube channel to be effective, you have to make sure you have set it up for success to reach your intended audience.

Vlogging your life as a freelancer and even teaching other freelancers the tricks of the trade is a sure way to gain an audience and to market yourself as an expert in your field!


Over the years, Pinterest’s popularity has ebbed and flowed. But, still today, it continues to be a popularly visited website for those who wish to be entertained by scrolling, pinning, and organizing ideas into categories.

While many buyers do not initially think about Pinterest when they begin their search for the perfect freelancer, the platform can have some marketing perks for freelancers wishing to gain clients.

Freelancers can utilize the Pinterest platform by creating compelling pins that link back to their freelance platform or professional website. The trick is to design pins that are engaging and clickable!

Create Converting Pinterest Pins

  • Choose relevant, high-quality images
  • Utilize colors that are appealing and not too loud
  • Include limited but informative text on the actual pin
  • Fill in the pin description using keywords your audience would search
  • Consider Pinterest’s option to promote your pin for more views

For more information about marketing and advertising your services, read our free resource about How to Market Yourself as a Freelancer!

Final Social Media Advice

Social media platforms for freelancers

Although there are more social media platforms that exist outside of what is mentioned here, these are by far the most popular when it comes to marketing freelancing services.

It is essential to use these social media platforms in conjunction with each other. This method will broaden the audience you reach, and it will also allow you to appear as a familiar face across many social media platforms.

Furthermore, the use of social media to market your freelance services should be used alongside other proven strategies to increase your freelance income.

Our starting advice is to pick 2-3 of the social media platforms listed above that you are already using. Then, put in the effort to optimize those profiles and begin to further connect with your target audience!

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