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Many people on Legiit are probably not aware that there are many Facebook groups dedicated to helping people find remote work. The groups help by connecting buyers with those who can do the job or service providers.

We are not talking about so-called man-in-the-middle marketplaces, which quite frankly aren’t the best places if you want to go one-on-one with the client.

Facebook is home to several groups, some larger than others, where people post remote jobs. Members of the group, many of whom are freelancers, can respond to the job. It does not cost a dime to post or respond, but it, more importantly, helps expand your network to get more work.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best Facebook Groups to join for freelancers in no particular order.

The Legiit Facebook Group


The Legiit Facebook Group has 12k members and counting. While it certainly isn’t the largest group for freelancers, most people are either offering work or working.

While we are on the topic of Legiit, freelancers can take advantage of the group’s Legiit Monday round-up by posting links to their Legiit profiles and services. It is an excellent time to build a relationship with businesses and individuals looking for freelancers like you.

However, you’re not allowed to put links to your own website, you can only link to your service on Legiit.

As a bonus, freelancers and business owners alike get to connect and share ideas. Even if you’re not a freelancer but want to learn, Legiit offers numerous opportunities.

We strongly recommend that you join the group and signup for a Legiit account so that you can make the most of it.

Superstar SEO Facebook Group


While the Superstar SEO Facebook Group has “SEO” in it, you don’t need to be an SEO specialist to join. It is open to everyone who either wants to learn SEO, hire an SEO expert, or be hired to do SEO.

The group has over 76,000 members and counting. The majority of people in the group offer some type of SEO service like link building, content writing, on-page optimization, audits, etc.

SEOs regularly post questions for the group’s gurus or anyone who can help them, making it an excellent group to join even if you’re just getting into SEO.

The group has pretty strict anti-spamming rules, so if you join intending to spam members, you will be kicked out without warning. Other than that it is a welcoming community with a lot of opportunities for freelancers.

Cult of Copy Job Board Facebook Group


The group has over 42000 members, most of whom are writers. While the group is intended for ‘copywriters,’ you’ll find that there are SEO writers, article writers, web page writers…you get the idea.

It is one of the best groups for writers looking for writing jobs. Most writing jobs posted will require that you click on a link to fill out a Google Form with the details requested.

While it is still possible to directly communicate with the person posting the job via DM or comment on their listing, few will respond to that. In fact, many people posting jobs consider people sending unsolicited DMs to be spammers.

On average, you can expect to see half a dozen writing jobs posted each day. That said, the value for a freelance writer here is the discussion. The members are fairly knowledgeable, and the discussion for that reason can be particularly enlightening.

You are free to post a short summary about what you offer and a link to your website or blog posts which you think will get people’s attention.

6 Figure Freelancers: The Freedom Project


The group has 1500 members, which is by far the smallest group in our “Best” list. However, don’t let the figures fool you.

Setup and moderated by Barry Page, one of the world’s leading SEOs and internet marketers, the group is packed with useful information for freelancers.

Apart from being able to post your services every Friday, there is a lot you can pick up from members of the group.

If you are a seller on Legiit, you can use the group to contact Barry, who could be convinced to audit your service. Barry Page has years of experience as a freelancer selling on various platforms, so his input is invaluable. However, you can always cut to the case and buy his freelancing course(s).

You are free to ask questions and most entrepreneurs will answer. But you’ll want to refrain from spammy posts as that can get you kicked out of the group.

You will also want to join the group if you are already on the Legiit Facebook Group.

Remote Work & Jobs for Digital Nomads


The group has over 131.5k members and counting. It is one of the more popular groups for digital nomads.

Similar to a few others we’ve listed above, the group does not focus on a particular type of remote work. You’ll find it has dozens of job listings every day, ranging from data entry to transcriptions and writing.

While the group has grown tremendously over the past year, the number of jobs posted has seen a slight decline. That said, it does not hurt to join the group to market your service.

Remote Tech Jobs


The group currently has 13,800 members and mainly focuses on developers looking for remote jobs.

If you are a developer looking for some extra remote work, we’re pretty sure that you should be able to land a few on this group. However, as of late, the group’s activity seems to have died down a little.

We know that many people reading this offer development services on Legiit, which is why we’d recommend they join this group too.

Remote & Travel Jobs


The group currently has over 54,500 members and seems to be growing at a pretty rapid pace. It is a more general remote workgroup, but you’ll mostly see jobs for writers, link builders, and social media people.

The number of job posts we’ve seen here over the past year has certainly increased. That’s probably because of the growing number of people who have joined the job.

Many of those hiring run businesses, but there are also digital nomads asking for advice. Some entrepreneurs are outsourcing their affiliate site’s SEO too or various aspects of it. So, many opportunities in the group for anyone creative enough to get some attention.

The good thing about the group is that there are few off-topic posts. Almost everything here is in some way related to remote work, which is useful for so many of our digital nomad brethren on Legiit.

Digital Nomad Jobs: Remote Job Opportunities


The group has a hundred thousand members, many of whom are very active on the group.

Many of the job opportunities posted here are exclusive to the group. That tells us that many members are only active in this group and nowhere else.

You have a unique opportunity to work with people who may not be searching for people anywhere else. If anything, it increases your chances of getting hired.

The jobs posted here vary quite a bit. However, there is also a lot of non-nomad work-related stuff discussed here too.

We’ve found that it is an excellent place for digital nomads and freelancers to hang out, and joining is free, so why not?

Remote Jobs & Projects for Developers


It is one of the newer Facebook Groups, but the focus here is on remote jobs for developers.

While it has just over 4,000 members, the group is fairly active. It isn’t uncommon to see a dozen jobs posted each day. However, this group has made it to our list because it offers valuable information for freelance developers.

As a developer, you can learn from the experience of others in the group. That information can be applied when trying to land a job in the group as well as doing it on Legiit.

Jobs for Front-End Developers


The group has nearly40k members and is mainly geared towards Front End Developers looking for a freelance gig or a full-time job, for that matter.

Many of those posting here are recruiters working for major businesses, which makes it a group that’s perhaps best suited for developers looking for full-time employment.

In addition, there is a lot of useful information that freelance developers can use to improve the odds of getting hired. Many of the recruiters in the group happily answer questions which makes networking with the right people easier.

In our experience, the biggest drawback with this group is people posting jobs just to harvest data. That’s why you might never hear from the majority of those who post jobs in the group.

Final Word

The number of Facebook groups you can join to find remote or freelance work number in the several dozens. The biggest benefit of joining these groups to find work is that you don’t pay a commission or a referral fee.

However, there is a major drawback to solely relying on Facebook groups to find jobs, and that’s the prospect of being conned. You never know who is on the other side of the table, and even if you’re speaking to someone who is who they say they are. That’s why it is important to be cautious.

Your credibility is the other important factor, especially if you want to land a job in these groups. Your Facebook profile needs to stand out. In addition, your work profile or portfolio needs to stand up on its own.

Make sure that you take the time out to build a credible profile. Respond to jobs posts promptly, and we are pretty sure you can land a job in at least a few of these groups.

At Legiit, we work hard to make sure that freelancers can find the work they do best. The official group is home to information that anybody new to freelancing can soak up to start landing paid work.

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