The Freelancers Guide to Getting Clients on Facebook


So you want to get some clients from Facebook but don’t know where to start? Well, you will have to finally remove that cat profile pic you thought was funny 10 years ago, and get professional now!

You might not think you need a professional Facebook profile if you’re a freelancer and don’t do any marketing. But that’s like saying you can get by without email because no one sends you messages anymore.

The truth is, getting clients on Facebook is easier than it seems – and this guide will show you how to do it!

So you are a great freelancer, and want to start getting clients on Facebook, but don’t know where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

You also don’t want to be ‘that person’ who randomly messages strangers with an offer? Nobody likes that, and that is bad for business.

But, you can take advantage of the pure social nature of Facebook itself to be seen!

Follow this simple guide to get started, and you will find success in finding clients on Facebook. Let’s get started!

Setting Up Your Facebook Profile

Getting Clients on Facebook: Adrian Gana, SEO Magician

Profile credit: Adrian Gana, owner of SEO Magician on Legiit

Your profile is your main marketing billboard. People will be curious and always click to see your profile when you are engaging socially, that’s just human nature.

Why not make it a sales page to explain what you do?

Add a nice, clean, and simple description of what you do. People need to understand immediately that you can help them with their issues or solve a problem.

People will also want to know who you are as a person, so consider uploading a great profile photo as well as some other photos. This helps build trust as people feel they have met you when looking at your profile.

So yeah, bye-bye to the cat picture… finally.

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People Do Business with People!

You can also add a profile banner. If you are not a graphic artist, I suggest checking out a freelancer on to help you make a professional banner to portray your services.

People like working with those who take themselves seriously, so prioritize this!

Also, be sure your posts do not turn away potential clients. You want to be sure anything you share or post is professional, not rude or divisive.

It’s important to be careful and thoughtful with what you post.

People respond to posts that are thought-provoking, positive, and relevant.

Finding Facebook Groups for Your Target Audience

Next, you need to find some groups on Facebook that share your target audience. It may take a few minutes of browsing the search results or just joining a few dozen groups before you find any that seem right for you.

You will need to be creative with this part. For example, if you are a graphic designer, think of groups who would need your services.

Try to match something they may need based on what they do for work or play. Here is an example:

  • Local Service Providers – They need someone who can maybe design business cards or flyers for their business.
  • Writers – If they are great writers, they may not be graphic artists. So someone who could help them design book covers, or even illustrate stories may be a great fit.
  • Web Designers – Web designers sometimes would need additional graphics help, and you could be that freelancer that can assist.

Just that example shows how to view groups to look for. There won’t be a group that just sticks out. You have to think a little bit outside the box.

When you join, be sure to read their rules about being in the group. They will usually mention what is allowed and not allowed in posts, topics, or even interactions with other members.

Become ‘friends’ with some of the members of these groups to get on their radar. Then, you can start posting related content on your profile about yourself as a freelancer to see if it catches.

Be sure to interact in the group naturally. Be helpful! Answer questions if you can and reply if anyone comments.

Also, do not be afraid to let people know in the comments that they can private message you for help.

This will bring messages from members that may not want to comment publicly and increases your opportunities to help – and maybe get a client!

Members of the group will often notice you and be impressed by your helpfulness.

Posting Content That Attracts Potential Clients and Builds Trust

Chris M walker, Facebook memes

Credit: Chris M Walker, owner of Superstar SEO

When you post content on your Facebook profile, think of the purpose of what you want to accomplish.

You can always make a separate business page for this as well, but it is smart to have a more personal profile where people know who you are and can see your work firsthand.

Your posts should start with some very basic information, such as what your freelancing services are.

You can write posts about how your services can help someone or has helped someone if you have client examples.

Another thing to consider with your content is answering questions your target audience may have. You can answer questions by posting status updates or commenting on other posts.

When you do this occasionally, it shows that you are using Facebook for more than personal reasons and helps your social graph (Facebook friends) appreciate your content. Your future clientele may take notice as well.

Where to Look for Content?

Finding ideas for content to post can be another challenge in itself. But you can easily find places to gather this information.

One of the first places to start is Facebook groups that have your target audience. They may share information you can use for content, or provide ideas for new content.

Look to the group for things being asked or pain points they have problems with, that your freelancing service may help solve.

Take that information, and make a personal post about it on your Facebook profile. From there, you can always reference your posts within the group.

This approach will build interest in your services and you will also be seen as a helpful person. So, people may start to talk about how awesome you are!

To stay on top of any changes within the group, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for conversations that can help give you new ideas or opportunities.

The next best place to find content ideas is Google.

Search the topic, such as “hiring a web designer” and Google will show you results. But you don’t want to use the main results, you want to look for the section called “People also ask”.

In this section, Google shows what they perceive as common questions or problems related to your search result. If you see it here, it’s probably a good topic to talk about.

Use the information in these to create a post that helps answer questions your target audience may have, or be asking.

These posts can help you show credibility and authority in your niche when done right. Be helpful!

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Join the Legiit Facebook Group

If there is any golden nugget to get from this guide, this section is it! The Legiit Facebook Group is a great place for freelancers to gather to share information as well as promote their services!

If you have not done so, create a seller account on right now!

Once you have done that, be sure to go through the process of setting up your seller account. There is plenty to find about this on the Legiit Blog!

Once you are in the Legiit Facebook group, start to interact with other freelancers. You will want to be recognized, just like in other groups.

However, this group has a very active freelancing community and tends to do business with each other.

Try to contribute in some way.

  • Comment on posts
  • Answer questions
  • Share information with each other through status updates

Being helpful is the best way for this community to notice you and want to do business with you!

One of the easiest ways that sellers can promote their services within the group, is by posting about it on Legiit Monday.

This is a 24-hour period starting at noon EST every Monday where you can promote the services you offer on to the group. Typically, you will want to offer a great promotion so the community can try out your services.

As you become more known within the group, people will recognize you and start doing more business with you, especially if you provide top-notch service.

You will also want to participate in the Weekly Round-Up on Fridays as well. This is another opportunity to showcase your freelancing service by offering a special that is enticing enough to get a new client to try out your services.

Cross-Promote Other’s Within the Legiit Facebook Group

Credit: BlogCave 

Another way to gain a natural audience on Facebook is to help other freelancers get business.

If you have worked with another freelancer, it never hurts to recommend them within the Legiit Facebook group to others.

This shows that you care that others succeed as well, and will be looked upon in a very positive manner.

Don’t forget, other freelancers will see this and they may also return the favor!

The Legiit Facebook group is a great place for sellers to get business. While it may take some time to build an audience, it will be worth it!

There are groups just like this all over the internet, so using this approach should help you become known in other places as well.

Create a Network of Other Businesses

Another way to keep people watching your posts – and ultimately checking your profile – is to build a network of other business owners.

This is similar to cross-promoting on the Legiit Facebook group. You want to have other business owners and freelancers engaging on your page.

An example of this would be to make a post asking your friends to share what they do and post their link – either to their website or Facebook page or profile.

This helps you grow a network of people who will share their business, and hopefully yours as well!

By getting this type of engagement not only shows that you can be a resource for others looking for services but also shows you care about the success of others.

You can take this strategy to the groups you have joined with your target audience as well. For example, you can post the same question in the group, asking what everyone does or what services they provide.

This ultimately will get engagement for you, and it will be organic.

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Getting Clients from Facebook Is Much Easier Than You Thought

Getting clients on Facebook is easier than you think. By following some tips outlined in this article, you can start to create your client base using the power of social media.

From getting known by other freelancers and business owners to cross-promoting with others who share their target audience, there are plenty of strategies for leveraging the power of human behavior when it comes to digital marketing strategy.

Keep your posts simple and be helpful. The more helpful you are in the group, the more people will want to work with you and recommend your business!

Remember that Facebook is a social media platform: the only way to get your name out there is by working within it. Participating in groups and sharing posts helps grow your network of both potential clients and other freelancers.

Please, do not forget the Legiit Facebook Group. This will be one of the best places to get your feet wet with your groups as well as posting strategies.

As you can see, becoming known on Facebook is not that difficult. By following some tips outlined in this article, you will be able to start building your client base using the power of social media.

Remember, being helpful and participating in groups shows potential clients that you are interested in their success as well!

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