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Vetted Freelancers: The Ultimate Guide (+List)


One of the easiest ways to grow your business easier and quicker is by working with the right talent. But how do you know which talent is right? And is there a way to find vetted freelancers? That and much more, including how to vet freelancers yourself, is what we’ll look at in this article.  

Are All Freelancers on Legiit Vetted?

Legiit is a freelance marketplace that’s open to everyone and enables anyone with the determination to work on their craft to succeed. It works because a new freelancer can create a service and use one of the opportunities to get traffic to their benefit.  

Then, if they do a good job, they’ll have repeat customers and build up reviews like many of our top-selling freelancers have.

But are there other ways to find vetted freelancers besides seeing the glowing reviews? Yes. There are two options: Vetting the freelancers yourself Using the services of our pre-vetted freelancers by the Legiit team.  

Vetted Freelancers: How Do We Vet Them?  

One of the cool things about Legiit is that the entire team uses it. Our CEO, Chris, has spent around $200k on services from Legiit and hired the whole Legiit team from the platform. And similar to Chris, our entire team uses the platform to buy and sell services. At the moment, Chris adds hand-picked services to the list, which he uses each week, but in the future, we will also be opening up spots where sellers can apply to join the list of Vetted Freelancers.  

Vetted Freelancers (Pre-Vetted By The CEO)

Here’s a list of services from freelancers that have been tried and tested by us at Legiit and that we regularly use.  

BlogCave (Blog Writing) 

User BlogCave has a variety of blog writing services ranging from short-form to long-form content. We’ve used BlogCave’s services for the Legiit blog, SuperstarSEO, the clients of Jlouis, ContentPress, and more.

What makes BlogCaves writing special compared to a lot of writing is that he has a talent for writing conversational and can make any topic sound exciting, making the reader want to read the following line. He’s also received glowing reviews since writing on Legiit and has built an excellent reputation for his articles on the Legiit platform.  

We’ve linked some of his most popular services below.


Another highly talented writer is Design_Bright.  

His expertise lies in Technology, Business, and Health, so if you’re in one of those industries, he’s someone you want to check out.  

We’ve been using Design_Bright’s service for the Legiit and Superstar SEO blog, as his content is in-depth, authoritative, and engaging.  

His services:  

Premium SEO Articles 

Become a Thought Leader on LinkedIn 

Awesome Powerful WordPress Website Design Services  

Another service that Chris has personally tested is GTheWebMonster’s web design service.

Since then, GTheWebMonster has built up over 60+ reviews for his service, and he’s got a strong portfolio which you can find in the image service of his service.   What’s great about this service is that the sites are fully optimized to load as quickly as possible, which is good for conversions and SEO.  

SEO Services  

Niche Edits - SERPWolf  

Niche edits are links placed on an existing page that’s already ranked, indexed, and has built authority.

These links are powerful for your SEO because the page is aged and has already built up some authority.

Plus, as the name suggests, the page will also be relevant to your page, which means you score points in the relevancy department.  

SERPWOLF has been providing one of the best-selling niche edit services on the platform for years. 

The service has a whopping 684 reviews with an average of 4.9 out of 5 ratings.  

Keyword Gap Analysis by an SEO Professional  

StraightUpSearch is an SEO agency in the UK, and its Keyword Gap Analysis service will help you spot untapped opportunities that you might miss.  

StraightUpSearch spends $3,000 on SEO tools per month, so when they search for the keyword gaps you missed, they’ll use the best tools.

Check out the service.

The Jerusalem Post  

The Jerusalem Post is an official verified news outlet of Isreal, has over 500,000 followers, and SEO metrics are as good as they get: DR 91, TF 75, and it will index instantly.  

What’s cool about this service is that it can also help you get verified on social media, as it’s a verified publication.  

The article will also rank independently since the domain is so powerful.  

Check out the service here. 

HARO Link-Building 

One of the best possible links you can get is HARO links because they usually come from prominent or verified reporters and news outlets.  

This means you don’t only get a ton of SEO authority but also often get traffic and branding benefits.  

Hetserlinks has been providing HARO link-building services that we’ve used for Legiit, and they’re some of the best links you can get on the internet.

Check out the service here.

GMB Map Pack Ranking -  LazyLocalSEO 

For those of you that run a local SEO agency, or a local business, we’d recommend checking out the complete GMB Map Pack & Organic Ranking Booster. This is a complete all-in-one Google maps package designed to improve your local SEO ranking factors and get you rankings.  

Here’s what it’s included:
  1.  High-Quality and Live Citations
  2.  Create & Upload Engaging Geo-Tagged Video & Images  
  3. High-Quality Google My Business (GMB) Posts [Content + Design Included]  
  4. Google My Map with Geo Co-ordinates and 100 Google NAP Citations  
  5. High-Quality Web 2.0 Embeds  
  6. Premium Indexification to Index your Citations, Maps, and Web 2.0  

 LazyLocalSEO already has over 300+ raving reviews and tons of results you can see in his description. Check it out here.

How To Vet Freelancers on Legiit Yourself  

Legiit is a massive platform that serves more buyer personas than the ones on our team.

That’s why we also wanted to walk you through how to vet freelancers yourself on Legiit so that you can don’t have to wait for our lists to find the right talent.  

Below we walk you through some steps you can take pre and post-purchase to vet freelancers.  


One of the first things you want to check out before you hire a freelancer is their portfolio. You can do this by clicking on their profile and then looking at the portfolio section.

Sometimes, a freelancer might have this in their service description which may result in what they have gotten.

When looking through their portfolio or past client results, you also want to ask these questions: Are the results in a similar industry to mine?  

  1. Can I expect the same results with the package I am interested in? (And if not, be aware or ask if unsure)  
  2. If I control some of the factors needed to get those results, have I optimized them as well as possible?  
  3. We say this because often, to get a result (such as increased SEO rankings), many factors play a role.

And often, purchasing a service (such as backlinks) is just one part of the equation.  

if you are looking for a complete service, it may be worth bundling a few of the best services from freelancers you vet.  

Extra Legiit tip: On Legiit, you can save services you often use as a bundle, enabling you to get quick access to them and get the result without finding the service.  


Another significant factor that can help you determine the quality of services is the reviews.  

No star rating system is perfect, so it’s best just to use them as quick guidance to filter the services you like the look of.  

When looking at the reviews, it’s worth looking into them to see in a little more detail what the buyers like/don’t like.  

Here are some tips:  

  •  Check if the reviews are over the moon, satisfied, or if they have any complaints  
  • Check if the service has repeat customers (This is usually a good sign)  

Legiit Tip: Check out the review editions in the dashboard, as you can often get some incredible deals from freelancers.  

I’ve found deals like website/landing page design for $10, which helps the freelancer get some reviews.

Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Freelancer  

Another great way to vet freelancers pre-purchase is by asking them questions. If you have any questions, such as:  

Whether the service would work for your industry/niche

  • How the service works
  • Questions regarding the quality of the sites/accounts/promos/etc.  
  • Ask to see samples.  

Vetting Freelancers Through Purchases

One of the ways you can vet freelancers during a purchase is by purchasing a smaller quantity or service first. Most services that you find on Legiit have big and small packages.  


  • Before buying a $500 press release, start with a $100 one.
  • Before spending $1,000 on SEO Guest Posts, start with a $100 one.

This can help you identify which services have the quality you’re looking for before spending the big buck.  

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed this article on vetted freelancers and have found value in it.  

Remember: Chris adds freelancers to the list of vetted freelancers weekly in the official Legiit Facebook group. So it’s worth joining and keeping an eye out for new vetted freelancers that can grow your business. Community members often share services that have gotten outstanding results, so that’s another reason to join – besides the special deals you can snatch there.

NEW: Chris M. Walker Live Stream on the Legiit Premier Services (With even more freelancers on the list)

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