Real Estate Investors SEO Case Study: Recovered Monthy Traffic and Increased Site Visitors by 80%


The real estate industry is very profitable, which means the competition is just as tough. Real estate investors spend a fortune to promote their businesses using various marketing tactics and attract potential customers.

One tactic most are using is search engine optimization (SEO). But ranking at the top of Google searches for their target keywords is no easy feat.

However, with the right strategy, it’s highly possible to appear in the first position of Google searches for real estate keywords. This real estate SEO case study will show you how.

Let’s begin!

SEO Case Studies of Real Estate Investor Websites That Improved Organic Search Traffic

We examine three real estate Investor websites that Legiit’s RankZenith, a.k.a. Amit Kumar, worked on. He has proven experience in growing website traffic as seen from this 80% organic traffic increase case study. His approaches to these sites should also help you understand the techniques that work in this niche and how you should develop your SEO strategy.

Site #1 - 6x Organic Traffic Increase

Amit started working on the site that buys Las Vegas houses in November 2022.

Before he took over, it generated less than a hundred organic visitors. Thanks to his expertise, the site slowly but surely grew its organic traffic and is now attracting below 600 users from Google.

Site #2 - Immediately Restored Website Traffic

A real estate Investor website in Austin ranked fairly well on search engines before bottoming out at 50-60 monthly visitors.

After taking over the site’s SEO in April 2023, Amit resolved issues that caused its drop in organic traffic. The site has recovered most of its traffic and is now back to attracting 300-400 visitors a month.

Site #3 - Recovered 80% Lost Traffic

Another Texas-based website peaked in September 2021 (approximately 500 monthly organic traffic) before losing almost 80%.

Amit again came to the rescue by undoing the site’s bad SEO practices and implementing the right ones based on his research. The website started trending up as early as July 2023 before reaching 500 again in January 2024.

What Amit Did to Increase the Search Visibility of These Sites

As the SEO Director for these projects, Amit took a very measured approach to increase their traffic from search engines.

He’s aware that each website requires specific tactics for Google to notice and rank them for the target keywords.

Upon doing his thorough research, below are tactics he implemented to restore the site’s lost traffic, if not help them reach even greater heights.

Local SEO

Rank on local search results is a must for real estate investors. It allows them to increase their search visibility by appearing on the local 3-pack, the section on SERPs showing the top three local businesses for the local query.

This occupies prime real estate investor (no pun intended) on search results because it appears before organic results. However, showing up here is a tall order. You have to be the best–if not one of the best–real estate investor company if you want to show up in the local 3-pack.

Amit knows this, so he went to work, starting with claiming and managing each site's Google Business Profile (GBP).

He then optimized their GBPs by featuring the latest and most accurate business information, such as the business name, address, and phone number (NAP). He also uploaded high-quality images of the real estate investors and offices to give the profile a human touch.

Just as important, Amit gathered positive reviews of the site’s previous and current clients to build social proof, which the sites can leverage to generate leads and customers for their services.

Finally, he created and optimized location pages for the sites to provide users with area-specific content that can engage them more and increase their chances of becoming leads or clients.

All these tactics helped the site’s GBP to show up on the local 3-pack, allowing them to rake in local traffic.

Organic Search

Of course, the benefits of ranking on organic search using the best on-page SEO practices can’t be ignored, which Amit observed across all his client sites.

First, he launched an SEO keyword research initiative for the niche to identify which search phrases to target and rank based on search volume and keyword difficulty (KD).

Amit then started writing and publishing content, as well as rewriting outdated articles, on the sites using the right keyword for each. He mentioned the keyword on the page’s H1 and URL and used words and phrases related to the keyword to make the content topically relevant.

Amit researched the competitors to help build his on-page SEO strategy for the sites. He identified tactics they used on their homepage and content that worked, like internal linking. Amit then used them on his client sites. He also capitalized on their weaknesses or areas their competitors could improve.

Link Building

As an off-page SEO ranking factor, his link building efforts were critical in the success of these sites.

Amit analyzed the client’s link profile and identified low-hanging fruit backlinks he could secure for each. He then ran a backlink gap audit by checking backlinks its competitors have, but the site doesn’t.

Using the gathered data, he determined which websites to prioritize and contact for a backlink.

He did this using the guest posting approach–he proposed high-quality content topics to link prospects relevant to their niche and audience. Once approved, Amit started working on the content and contextually included the client links so they would add more value to its readers.

This link building strategy enabled the sites to build authority in Google's eyes, allowing them to rank much higher for their target queries!

Brand Building

All of the SEO techniques above enable the sites to establish a brand that satisfies Google’s E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authority, and trust).

By building local citations, observing NAP consistency, creating great content, and acquiring backlinks from high-traffic sites, he elevated his client websites to the status of authorities in the real estate industry.

Not only are search engines ranking the sites on top of Google search for their keywords, but their audience actively seeks them out for all things real estate investors. That’s a true sign the sites positively impacted people in real estate.


Pulling out a successful SEO campaign for your real estate investor website is doable if you have the experience and knowledge to work and develop a foolproof strategy.

If you’re not confident with your SEO skills or are simply a real estate investor interested in the results that a result-driven SEO strategy delivers, you’re better off hiring someone who does.

Thankfully, RankZenith is available for your SEO needs. Whether you’re in the real estate investment business or have other sites in various industries, connect with him, and he’ll surely develop an SEO plan to help you!

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