SEO Case Study: 80% Organic Traffic Increase (1,923% MORE BLOG TRAFFIC)!


Building an SEO strategy to grow a site's organic search traffic is a tall order, considering the many Core Updates Google rolled out recently. However, Amit Kumar and the RankZenith team are more than equipped to develop and execute effective SEO strategies for their clients.

This case study shows how their SEO services improved traffic from search engines for one of their clients.

SEO Case Study Example: PDF Editor

RankZenith took over the site in May 2022, when it was generating 1 million organic visitors, according to Ahrefs. With Amit's guidance and SEO knowledge, RankZenith was able to increase organic traffic to 1.8 million visitors in 1.5 years.

An impressive thing about the site is that it didn't experience any dip in keyword rankings and organic traffic while RankZenith managed it. This shows that Amit and his team deployed SEO tactics that added value to the site, which search engines love.

Things that RankZenith Did

Below is an overview of what Amit did to get the site in the good graces of Google search results:

Quality Content Creation and Optimization

The most impressive thing about the site's growth is its blog section, which saw a 35,000 increase in organic visibility within this period!

RankZenith focused on creating better blog content on the site. But what's interesting here is that there are only 76 new pages on the site since Amit and the team took over.

Getting more traffic doesn't always mean creating new site pages; RankZenith is aware of this. The team conducted keyword research, optimized for these terms in the newly created blog content, and updated existing posts, which is crucial to the site's on-page SEO.

This approach allows search engine crawlers to index old content assets to their most appropriate target keywords, increasing website visibility in the process!

Of course, part of content optimization is producing helpful content for readers. RankZenith wrote how-to posts for readers with the PDF editor in mind. They featured steps and screenshots of the tool for completing tasks that answer user queries.

This product-led approach to content can also potentially increase the PDF editor's online sales, which helps in the site's conversion rate optimization efforts.


Out of the site's 29,044 referring domains, 1,886 are dofollow links and from sites with at least a 30 Domain Rating (DR) and a minimum of 500 monthly organic visitors.

Approximately 1,072 of these high-quality links were acquired when RankZenith managed the site (May 2022 onwards). That means Amit and the team account for 57% of the site's good links. Granted, not all of these links may be part of the agency's link building initiative. Nonetheless, the fact that the site acquired high-quality links under RankZenith is a good thing.


Your site's SEO success is a major driving force to your digital marketing strategy. And if you're looking to attract more organic traffic, Amit and the RankZenith team are your guys.

Aside from developing and launching a content marketing strategy that your target demographic and search engines love, they can also help with your other optimization needs, like on-page SEO, internal linking strategy, and website audit.

Check out RankZenith's profile on Legiit to see their services, or message them with your SEO inquiries.

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