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New Feature Announcement


Premium Seller Tools!


After months of development we are finally prepared to announce the launch of a toolset that will help our freelancers better serve their customers, and give them the ability to grow their freelance business and income.


Being a premium seller will give a freelancer the freedom to offer advanced marketing options that will give their customers better value and an improved experience.


The Initial Round Of Tools Provided Includes:


?? Selling Analytics:
  • Get deeper insights into views, add to carts, and more.
  • Find services that are working and scale them, or find ones that aren’t and make adjustments until they are.
  • This will give you insight into what customers are looking for and give you the opportunity to give it to them.


?? Volume Discounts:
  • Encourage customers to buy services in bulk by offering them a volume discount.
  • This gives a customer more of what they need at a reasonable price, and gives the freelancer a chance to increase their sales and reputation.


?? Bundled Services:
  • Bundled services allow a freelancer to create a package of their services to sell together, at a discount.
  • Saving the customer time and money and making the freelancer sales they wouldn’t have otherwise gotten.


?? Recurring Services:
This is perfect for customers that want to outsource a particular portion of their business every month, and allows a freelancer to have a source of predictable income and provide broader services.


?? Sub User Accounts:
This will allow freelancers to improve their customer service by giving access to their Legiit account to members of their team, but not having them see sensitive data and tools they don’t need access to.


?? Canned Replies:
This will allow freelancers to improve response time by saving a template of common messages so they don’t have to by typed repeatedly.


?? Premium Seller Check Mark:
Premium sellers will have a check mark on their profile indicating that they are a premium seller and have access to all the tools and trust that comes along with that.




This is just the initial round of tools.


This isn’t going to be some one time feature we put out then forget about.


This is just the first wave, we have some amazing new cutting edge tools planned for our premium sellers over the next 18 months that will give them the ability to offer our customers the best freelance experience available anywhere on the internet.


So if you are a freelancer and you want to take your business to the next level this is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something amazing.


If you are a customer and you have a seller that you’d like to have access to these tools, then please encourage them to jump in.


And don’t worry, if you aren’t quite ready to become a Premium Seller yet the full range of Legiit features is still available to you as always, and we will be rolling out new stuff for you soon as well.


To everyone in the Legiit community from all of us here at Legiit we thank you for your continued support, we can’t thoroughly express what it means to us, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


And most importantly, everyone, thanks for being Legiit. ??


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