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My name's Ish--college English professor by day, interstellar copywriter by night.

The written word is my one true love (don't tell my wife!). I've been a writer at heart since as early as I can remember, I've been teaching writing for nearly a decade, and I've been content manager of a blog for the college that I teach at for about five years. What's more, I was the lead writer and editor for a table top roleplaying game that raised more than $100,000 on Kickstarter (just Google "Open Legend RPG" and you'll see what I'm talking about).

I've also launched my own e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and local lead gen sites, and I'm a happy member of Superstar Academy. So I don't just know how to write. I know SEO. Whether you need blog posts, sales copy, website content, or more--I can take care of you. So take a look at what I have to offer, and don't hesitate to touch base if you've got any questions at all.
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5.0 January 22, 2024

Looks great! Will order again, thanks!


5.0 September 27, 2021

Awesome service! Thank you!


5.0 August 17, 2021

Great value for your content investment!


5.0 August 17, 2021

A few days late but it is hard to find another service that provides this value for your money. Good job!


5.0 August 11, 2021

Thank you!


5.0 August 11, 2021

great job as always Ish!


5.0 August 07, 2021

Another great job!


5.0 August 03, 2021

Excellent aftersales service. I ordered 3500 words but there was a misunderstanding which led to the content being unusable. Ish then fixed it by rewriting it all without asking questions. Will definitely use again.


5.0 August 02, 2021

Great work as always, my 7th order in the past 60 days.


5.0 August 01, 2021

Excellent article. Very well researched :)