How To Find Voice Over Jobs On Legiit


Have an amazing voice you are looking to monetize as a freelance voice-over artist on Legiit? Hang in right there…

In this article, you will learn exactly what you need to do to find voice-over jobs on Legiit. We’ll share with you practical tips to increase your chances of finding clients ready to pay for your amazing talent.

But before we get into the juicy details…

What Is A Voice Over?

How To Find Voice Over Jobs On Legiit

A voice-over (also known as voice work or voice acting) refers to a spoken word recording that is provided by a voice actor for a production. Voice overs are used to share information, inject life into stories and characters.

The demand for voice-overs is surging across different industries. Some of them include advertising, healthcare, gaming, education, blockchain, and financial services. The truth is, almost every industry needs the service of a voice-over actor at different stages of their content marketing efforts.

As a voice-over actor, there are boundless opportunities for you to work with great companies, especially via a freelance platform like Legiit.

Freelance Voice-Over Jobs

The freelance voice-over industry is a fast-growing niche. Companies and individuals are now opting for a more holistic approach to humanizing their brands and making their products or services memorable in their prospects’ minds. The priority of business owners is to voice their brands. As a result, they are constantly in search of affordable and quality voice-over actors.

Luckily, Legiit allows voice-over actors like yourself to put their voice-over service at the fingertips of the businesses that need it. As a freelance voice over actor, you will enjoy the freedom and flexibility that others crave. While this is true in many cases, what many people don’t know is that a lot of people who work on freelance projects tend to spend more time looking for jobs than those engaged in traditional 9 to 5 jobs.

It is important to note that although freelancing as a voice-over actor comes with some level of freedom and flexibility, it is similar to running a small business. Just like any entrepreneurial task, you will need to invest your talent, time, grit, passion, dedication, and ingenuity for long-lasting success.

Finding voice-over jobs on Legiit will require some time and effort. may take about some time since you need to combine sourcing for jobs with writing proposals, creating demo reels, and maintaining your profile to make it attractive to prospective clients.

These tips will help you land voice-over jobs on Legiit.

7 Tips For Finding Voice-Over Jobs On Legiit

Create an Impressive Profile

Your brand starts with your profile image. You can easily get your name in front of prospective clients, market your skills to a global audience, and have access to a wide range of voice-over jobs by creating a free account on Legiit.

Once you have an account, you need to create a professional and impressive representation of yourself. You can either get a professional headshot or logo for this. If you want to use your photo, then don’t use a selfie or a picture that doesn’t portray you as a professional.  

Instead, go for a professional headshot that shows that you are a likable, reliable, and competent individual. Your headshot should be asymmetrical; symmetrical images are boring.  

If you want to use a logo as your profile image, ensure it is professionally designed and sells your service as a voice-over artist. You can outsource it if you are not adept at graphics design.

Showcase Your Reels

Prospective clients will take a look at your demo reel before deciding if they should hire you or not. It is, therefore, important to create professional and high-quality reels that will create a strong first impression in your prospects’ minds. Although you might be able to create one by yourself, it’s not bad if you seek professional help for demo reels.

The commercial and narration demos that you post on Legiit need to be of the highest quality. A professional studio engineer can help you get the best standards. Ensure that you produce your reels to fit the current trend for the showreel.

Your reels play a crucial role in finding voice-over jobs. Put up something of great quality that will make prospective clients have confidence in your ability to deliver exactly what they are looking for.

Craft an Engaging Service Description

On Legiit, you will be asked to describe your voice-over service. This is another opportunity to sell yourself. This section is important because casting directors and other potential clients will go through it to see if you’re fit for their projects. Be specific when describing your service.

Pay attention to your unique selling point and highlight it in your description. What sets you apart from the other voice-over artists on Legiit? Let your prospects know what makes your voice unique. If you’re also good at doing amazing things with your voice (maybe mimicking celebrities or public figures), use it to your advantage while describing your service.

Let your unique selling point reflect in your title, description, and demo reel so that you can stand out from the crowd. Depending on how well you sell yourself in this section, you stand a great chance of converting visitors to clients when they land on your profile.

While describing your service, do not exaggerate. You can check the voice-over category on Legiit to see how your competitors describe and present themselves and draw inspiration from them.

Craft a Professional Profile Description

When you are writing your biography on Legiit, focus on highlighting your skills; such as theatre work, acting, and singing. Don’t mention skills that do not relate to the voice-over service that you’re offering.

State the Type of Projects You are Willing to Take

When describing your service, you need to know the types of projects that you will like to do voiceovers for. This will help you to clearly define the types of jobs you are good at.

Clients may be interested in finding voice over actors for certain services. For instance, they may need voice-over actors for video narration, podcasts, TV, audiobooks, eLearning, video games, radio, impersonation, and IVR phone systems. If you want buyers to find you for relevant projects, ensure you state the specific types of projects you can work on in your service description.

If you have a certain accent or within a particular age range that suits some types of projects, let your prospective buyers know. For instance, a client may be interested in hiring an adult female that can do English voice-overs in an American accent. You need to clarify your accent, gender, age-range, and language so that the right buyers can find and hire you.

Using keywords such as commercial, eLearning, explainer videos, radio, and TV will connect you to the buyers that are looking for voice-over actors offering such services. Include these types of services in your demo reel as well to reinforce your voice-over skills.

Being specific about your offer portrays you as a thorough professional. It will help you to find more voice-over jobs on Legiit.

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Price Your Service Competitively When You’re Just Starting

It can be a bit hard for a buyer to hire your brand new service when you are surrounded by well-established voice-over artists with many reviews. Why would anyone take that risk?

You can overcome this hurdle by reducing the financial risk that the client will have to bear. For instance, if the other voice actors are offering the same service for $30, you can reduce yours to $10 when you’re just starting.This will give buyers a reason to check out your service and give you a shot.

Please note that competing with others on price is not a good long-term strategy. You should only use this strategy as a means of getting your first few jobs and get some reviews. In addition, you should use it to understand your workflow and build a stream of repeat clients. Once your freelance voice over career starts picking up, don’t hesitate to increase your price to what you’re worth.

Legiit allows you to price your service in 3 packages. So, you can price the easiest task very cheap to attract buyers while you price the complicated and more important tasks higher. You should check to see how your competitors price their services and make yours competitive.

Additionally, you can increase your chance of being hired by offering additional services such as background music, script proofreading, and timing match at competitive prices.

Get Reviews

Reviews are very important in every industry. Positive reviews are a vote of confidence and trust from clients who have used your service, and are now telling prospective clients what they can expect working with you.

Focus on getting as many reviews as possible from your clients. Always give your clients the best experience: great job, excellent communication, on time delivery.

Factors to Consider Before taking a Voice-Over Project

When you see a voice-over job that you are interested in, you need to pay attention to some important specifications. These include:

Language, Accent, and Dialect

You need to know the language, accent, and dialect that the client wants. Be honest about these and ensure you can fluently deliver what the clients want. Many clients can easily differentiate between an authentic accent from an unpolished one. If you have language training or dialect coaching, let the client know. Also, let the client know your level of fluency or how comfortable you are with the language the client wants when you’re submitting your proposal.


Ensure the project’s requirements reflect the gender required and that you fit in. The requirements should also align with the roles that you are interested in.


You need to know the category of the job the client wants. This will help you to decide if it aligns with your field of expertise. The categories may be radio, television, audiobooks, animation, movie trailers, internet video, or podcasting.

Delivery Time

Consider when the client wants their project to be delivered. If you cannot audition in time, or if you won’t be able to meet up with the time, don’t take the job. Don’t give the impression that you are available when you are not; doing so will ruin your chances of a future job from the client or their friends.


Is the pay in line with the amount of work involved? You are free to quote whatever you want for any voice-over project, but don’t settle for rates that do not align with what you’re worth.  

Taking a job below your fee isn’t an excuse to deliver sub-par work. The honorable thing is still to go ahead and deliver top quality, you can ask the client to increase their budget when next they come.

How To Succeed On Legiit As A Voice-Over Artist

So far, we have talked about how you can find voice-over jobs on Legiit and factors that you need to consider when looking for voice over jobs. Here, you will learn effective tips that will help you excel on Legiit as a voice over actor.

Deliver Good Work

How successful you will be at finding consistent voice-over jobs on Legiit will be determined by the quality of jobs you deliver to customers.

Many freelancers are only interested in making some quick cash. They believe the freedom associated with freelancing also implies freedom from delivering high-quality service. Why should anyone continue paying you if they cannot get their money’s worth?

As a freelancer, your ultimate goal is to attract repeat service. There are lots of clients on Legiit that need voice over services regularly. So, delivering good work will help you attract customers that will keep coming back for your service. Delivering outstanding work helps you increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Be Unique & Authentic

If you are offering the same service as everyone else, then there’s very little incentive for clients to work with you.

This is one of the biggest freelancers on Legiit struggle with. They are inauthentic and create generic offers. The successful freelancers on Legiit have simply mastered the art of creating unique and compelling offers. A combo offer, discounts, extras, bulk packages? You need to be truly unique to stand out of the pack as a freelance voice-over actor on Legiit. Clearly state your unique selling point, and you won’t struggle to attract high paying clients.

Prompt Delivery

Want to keep attracting clients? Beyond doing a top quality service, deliver on time. Clients hate it when their order is taking longer than the agreed timeline, and won’t stick around if you continue to miss deadlines. They will find someone else with a similar quality that delivers on time. Delivering on time will place you ahead of many freelance voice-over artists on Legiit.

Add Value

You can add value by offering bonuses that are valuable to your customer. For instance, as a voice-over actor offering podcasting-related service, you can stand out by offering a free ebook about Podcasting Secrets to Grow Your Online Brand.  

There’s no specific approach to this, you simply need to be creative and find something that will truly help your clients achieve better results or get things done faster.

sit down with a blank sheet of paper and put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes. Then write down all that you think the customer will need. Within a short period, you should be able to come up with a long list of ideas that you can use to make your voice over service more valuable.

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Customer Service

If you want to find consistent voice-over jobs on Legiit, you need to pay attention to customer service.

Always be respectful and treat your clients the way you want to be treated. As a freelancer, ensure you maintain a good relationship with your clients; it is an effective way to build repeat business and earn great referrals and reviews.  

Great customer service does not happen overnight. Focus on being professional in your service, be a good person, communicate with your prospects well, and be diplomatic when you come across dissatisfied customers, and make genuine effort to resolve their concerns.

Customer Service Tips:

  • Communicate very early once you get an order. Get in touch with the customer to inform them that you’re starting right away. If the buyer sends you questions while working on the project, ensure you reply as quickly as possible. Also, if for any reason you won’t be able to deliver on time, let the customer know.
  • Don’t communicate like a programmed machine when chatting with buyers. Let your clients feel your personality. Let them know you can be trusted by showing that you’re a real human being and not a robot. A good way through which you can add personality is by including a quick message while delivering your order about what you loved about their project.
  • If you don’t understand anything about the client’s requirements, ask questions. It’s awful spending weeks working on a project only to find out you did the wrong thing. So, manage your client’s expectations effectively so that you can deliver the right job.

Promote Your Service

You need a strong reputation in the voice-over industry so that you can easily land consistent jobs on Legiit. Be on the lookout for strategies that you can use to market yourself as a professional voice over actor.

You can do this by being active on forums, Facebook groups, and other social media platforms where your potential clients can be found. Don’t spam the platforms with links to your services. Instead, add value to the ongoing discussions so that you can be perceived as the go-to expert in your niche.

For instance, to establish yourself as a voice-over expert for small local businesses, you can go to discussion boards where you will find lawyers, plumbers, landscapers, and other businesses that need voice overs for their video marketing campaigns. Answer the questions asked on the boards, share your experiences with them, and offer value in a way that doesn’t suggest that you’re selling. You can add your Legiit profile to your social media accounts so that when people eventually check you, they might click through to your Legiit service page.

Legiit Monday & Roundup

Take advantage of the weekly Legiit Monday & Roundup to promote your service. The Legiit Facebook group has close to 9000 members. Imagine the difference it could make in your business if you could get a handful of these people to see your service for FREE. Okay, stop imagining, the Legiit Facebook has actually transformed the businesses of many freelancers. It can give you the headstart you need in your freelance journey.

Launch Your Voice-Over Business On Legiit

Now that you are equipped with the basic knowledge to get started with offering voice over service and finding voice over jobs on Legiit, the next line of action is to sign up for an account, start submitting proposals, and you can start landing some voice-over jobs on Legiit in no time.

Be ready to invest a good amount of time and effort into delivering outstanding services to your customers. As you work on building your credibility on Legiit, be willing to accept lower fees since you’re just starting and increase your fees gradually as you build more credibility.

Finally, don’t get discouraged if you find it hard to find jobs at the beginning. It’s all part of running a business. One thing you should do while waiting for your first job is to continue developing your skills and promoting your service in an ethical way.

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