Get More Clients From Legit: 11 Solid Tips


Today’s post is a guest post by raazbd96, an SEO freelancer on Legiit. Today, he will share some of his best tips to get more clients from Legiit. Let’s dive in.  

Last week I got a new client. I got him from Reddit. After a lot of conversations, the guy asked me, hey man, how you generating lots of clients? Are you running any ads or maybe cold calling or emailing? I said no.

I never called or emailed even I never spent a penny to get clients, but still, I have a ton of clients lol.

The guy was so curious. Again he asked so how do you get clients?

I answered: So, now you came to me and going to buy my service right? He said “yes”, then I said, exactly, this is how I’m generating clients, lol. I’m just sharing knowledge with my community and we started with a few clients, then we got a lot of referring clients, and many of our clients working with us for years.

So I’m not going to clients but clients coming to me. And the guy is our client now. It was last week.

Get More Clients From Legiit

Get More Clients From Legit: 11 Solid Tips

Anyway, I m going to share some solid tips to get SEO/digital marketing clients from Legiit. The industry is big, so you have to be strict with targeted industry and super focused.

Let’s say, roofing contractors, are your target clients. Nowadays, it’s important to be an industry expert. Because there is a lot of competition, so only the way you could break or challenge the competition with your master skill.

You cant survive with an average skill neither you can’t be good at everything. So choose the perfect industry and be the brand. Now do these things every day:

1. Set up your Legiit profile and optimize the social profiles that you’re going to use to make your connections. A profile is very important in front of your target clients because a well-optimized profile represents your business to your clients professionally. Don t forget to link your legit profile the social profile that you’re using to make connections.

2. Compare the competitor pricing with yours and keep it affordable

Get More Clients From Legit: 11 Solid Tips

3. Research their marketing problems, their needs, their complaints, and their goals.

4. Start with 1 or 2 projects and try to make them work

5. Join those platforms where already your clients spending time. Like Reddit, Facebook groups, Quora, YouTube, Instagram (not all the time). Pro Tip: Don’t use all the social channels, just being with one or two major ones that most of your clients use. It could be Facebook and Reddit or maybe Facebook and Instagram or any way you feel good.

6. Don’t waste your time by sending spammy messages to everyone’s inbox (lol)

7. Just scroll your feed and you will see a lot of problems they are complaining about, try to solve them. So just join with them and help.

8. Provide valuable information to save their time. Sometimes offer them to audit their website for free and show them that the website has lots of errors and you can fix them. Show them how their competitors make $$ by doing SEO, you can either help them to dominate the market though.

9. So, when you are strict with a specific industry, you can learn deeply about the industry and it shows you as a master of it. So, keep learning every day and make more connections in your industry.

10. Again add value and help the community, you will never be disappointed.

11. Your valuable content makes your face positive, build your brand, so this is the power of content marketing.

If I ask you a question!

“You see a man you know the man closely, he’s selling something vs another man selling the same product, now if you would buy the product, who the man you’re going to buy from?”

I’m 1000% sure, that you will buy from that well-known person. Because people don t want to buy things from the unknown face. This is what content marketing is better than any other method such as email marketing.

So, when you email random people, they just don’t care what you selling, but if you share knowledge and help the target audience, they care, they might be interested in you. Because content marketing makes you popular, creates your own face and own brand that no one can compete with.

This is how you can generate lots of clients and without spending any $$.

Final Words:

When you don’t have a marketing budget there’s no need to be afraid. Because knowledge, time, information, connection, and networks are valuable materials that can be combined to generate lots of money. I believe you have all these materials in you. So believe yourself.

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