How Much Does Guest Posting Pay


How Much Does Guest Posting Pay as an SEO Service?

This article is for people looking for paid guest bloggers or guest post services.

If you're one of them and are not comfortable with your writing career, keep reading.

By the end, you’ll learn everything you need about writing guest posts, guest blogging, or posting services.

This way, you can choose an ideal guest posting service provider.

How Much Does Guest Posting Pay?

Many high-quality sites that accept guest posts or sellers who offer guest blogging services can provide a guest blog post for around $15-$20.

Their services include keyword-optimized unique articles, 100% safe backlinks, publications in highly reputable and high-traffic websites, and more.

And the reason their services are high in demand? They offer reliability, consistency, and quick delivery!

Plus, if you order in bulk, you can get great deals.

For example, one seller can provide 10 guest posts for $110.

Another seller can provide 12 guest posts for $235.

Factors That Influence the Cost of Guest Posting Services

Do you ever wonder why some paid guest posting services are more expensive than others?  Or why do the other guest posters charge higher fees?

That's because every guest post is unique.

The factors below provide a general sense of a website's authority and quality related to its SEO metrics. You can also use them to identify a relevant blog to which to send your guest or sponsored posts.

Domain Rating

Domain Rating (DR) is a metric developed by Ahrefs.

You can calculate it based on the number and quality of backlinks pointing to a website.

The score is on a scale of 0-100 — with higher scores indicating a higher quality website.

Basically, you want to guest post published on a site with a relatively high DR (ideally at least DR 40).

Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) is a metric developed by Moz.

You can determine it using a combination of factors (like the number and quality of backlinks pointing to a website, and the overall strength and relevance of the website content).

The score is on a scale of 0-100 — with higher scores indicating a stronger search engine performance.

Flow Metrics - Trust and Citation Flows

These are metrics developed by Majestic.

Trust Flow (TF) measures the quality of links pointing to a website — with higher scores indicating that the website is a trustworthy and authoritative source.

Like the DR and DA, it's a score out of 100. You can calculate it using the quality and relevance of the backlinks pointing to a website, as well as the overall strength of the website's content.

Meanwhile, Citation Flow (CF) measures the number of links pointing to a website — with higher scores indicating a higher number of backlinks.

It's also a score out of 100. And you can use the number of links pointing to a website (regardless of the quality or relevance of those links) as the basis to calculate it.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic refers to the visitors who come to a website through unpaid, natural search engine results.

If a person searches for something on a search engine, the search engine algorithm shows a list of results that it thinks are most relevant and useful to the user.

Length and complexity of the article

The longer it takes to write guest posts, the more complex it becomes, and the harder it is for the seller to produce them for buyers.

They may also be more expensive because they require more time and effort to research and write.

Additionally, a freelance writer who writes guest posts with more expertise and experience may charge higher rates for their work. They can also offer more knowledge, research, and a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

How to Determine Which Backlink Service Provider to Buy From

Choosing a backlink or paid guest posting service provider, especially in the realm of technology guest posts, is a big decision. Obviously, you want to get the best ROI from your guest blogging campaign.

Knowing the quality and reliability of the backlinks you'll get from the guest posts, you ordered is half the battle. To get there, you must know how to determine a good seller from a bogus one.  

This way, you can order lots of guest posts to help improve your search rankings!

Below are tips that can help you.

Check Their Reviews

Look at the reviews about the service and the sellers. The higher the rating and its volume, the more trustworthy the seller is!

Below are things to look for in reviews.

* Quality of the links - Look for reviews that mention the quality of the paid guest posts. A good backlink service provider should provide high-quality, relevant links that will actually benefit your site.

* Delivery time - Find out how quickly they finished writing a paid guest post. A good backlink service provider should deliver the links in a timely manner.

* Results - Determine the results the reviewer achieved — improved search engine rankings, increased traffic, and higher visibility.

Browse Through Their Packages

Look at the available paid guest posting packages offered by the seller. The variety in their packages allows you to pick and choose the right guest blog based on your budget.

Below are things to look for when browsing packages.

* Link diversity - Look for packages that offer a diverse range of paid guest posts or link types (like natural editorial links, social media links, and links from authority sites).

* The number of links - Ensure the paid guest blogging services offer a reasonable deal. Be wary of very low-priced packages or packages that promise an unrealistic number (because they may use low-quality or unethical techniques to build links).  

* Ongoing support - Look for a package that offers to help with your concerns even after they published the post. Unfortunately, some providers may deliver the links and not be available for any further support.

Have a Consultation Call with Them

If you're unsure, reach out to them for a chat or call to get a better handle on who they are and how they can help you.

If call is not available, look for the chat option from their site.

Below are tips on what to do during your conversion with them:

* Be prepared - Before the call, be ready with information about your website (or specific requirements). Include information about your niche, target audience, and competitors.

* Clearly explain your needs - During the call, clearly explain your needs and goals for your website. Let the provider know what you hope to achieve with the backlinks, such as improved search engine rankings, increased traffic, or higher visibility.

* Ask questions and examples - Let the provider explain answers to any questions you have about their link building service. Also, request samples of their guest contributions on other websites. It will give you an idea of the quality of their work and what you can expect for your website.


A reason website owners offer guest posting as a service is to get backlinks.

Many guest posts include links back to the guest poster's website. By paying for guest posts, a website owner can acquire backlinks that can help boost their rankings on search engines.

Ready to work with a guest poster?

Check out Legiit’s guest posting services and refer to the discussions above to guide you.

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