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Is Guest Posting Worth It


Is Guest Posting Worth It? The Real Answer!

Guest posting has been a popular method of gaining exposure and improving SEO rankings.

But with the ever-changing algorithms, you might wonder: "Is guest posting worth it even now?"

The answer is YES!

Guest blogging can still benefit your overall SEO strategy.

Not only does guest posting bring your website to higher rankings, but it also helps you establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

To prove that guest blogging is still effective, here are four case studies from experts who have applied guest posts to their client's SEO campaigns and seen incredible results.

Guest Post Case Study #1: Page 1 Ranking Position in Just a Few Days

Savvy SEO offers a service called White-Hat Savvy Links to site owners. It aims to help them rank their keywords on the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

To make this possible, they create ten unique 500-word guest articles and publish them on high domain authority (DA) websites.

All websites where they write guest posts have a DA of 40-93, a total of 160k monthly traffic, and at least 1200 referring domains.

They also use Moz and Ahrefs to verify these metrics and then apply white-hat SEO to guarantee their clients a safe, long-lasting, high-position ranking.

The results have been impressive! Two of their clients had a massive rank jump in just a few days!

One website went from the #20 to the #9 spot, as shown below.

While the other one jumped from #65 to #4.

This case study shows that your SEO rankings can improve drastically when you get guest posting opportunities from authoritative sites and produce keyword-optimized and high-quality content.

It also proves that you don't need to wait months to see results.

Freddy, an SEO expert with eight years of experience in the industry, leads the team behind Savvy SEO.

He offers guest posting services at an affordable price while ensuring that the guest posts are of the highest quality, relevant to the client's keywords, and published on DA-rich websites.

Savvy SEO is an excellent choice for site owners because it always uses updated methods, provides satisfying results, and shows you what the team does in detail.

Check his profile here https://legiit.com/SavvySEO

Guest Post Case Study #2: One Guest Article Resulted in 42-45% Increase in Organic Traffic

The second case study we have is from Superstar SEO.

Chris M. Walker, the person behind this agency, is also the founder of Legiit, a leading digital-service marketplace.

His guest posting service works differently than Savvy SEO. Instead of providing ten guest posts, Superstar SEO focuses on one high-quality guest article per client and publishes it on a specific high-authority site.

The standard metrics of the domains are 1,000 to 15,000 monthly traffic, 50+ referring domains, and a domain authority of 10-30.

In addition, he only uses Ahrefs as a basis for the website's metrics for occasional guest posting.

With the guest posting strategy he built, he could replace his old SEO tactics with a more solid and effective one.

He has helped many clients and has seen excellent results! One of them showed on his profile was this.

If you notice where the arrow is, the traffic was below 10,000.

But after he provided his service, the organic traffic increased to 42-45%.

This proves that when your guest articles are properly crafted and placed on the perfect website, they can greatly increase your organic traffic.

He also proves that one premium-quality guest post can make a difference.

But what makes Superstar SEO a true champion is connections!

For almost two years, Chris strengthened his network of high-quality and genuine websites in various niches. He did this so his clients could benefit from his guest posting services and get the best possible results.

Among guest blogging services I saw, Chris' has one of the broadest blog networks.

He knows real blogs that accept guest posts on cooking, web design, games, travel, sports, and more.

And besides writing guest posts, the team offers more digital marketing services. You can check them all at https://legiit.com/superstarseo/.

Guest Post Case Study #3: Business Affiliate Site Grows From 2K to 60K Visitors/Month

This third guest post case study came from an expert affiliate marketer, Angelo Sorbello. He's the founder of LinkDelta - an SEO agency specializing in eCommerce SEO.

His primary focus is helping agency owners increase their monthly recurring revenue by providing substantial and qualified traffic.

To do this, he provides premium guest blogs and receives backlinks from websites with over 1000 organic visitors.

What pushed Angelo to provide this service is that he noticed a disturbing pattern with guest post providers.

They were always offering links from the same sites, with no assurance of quality or efficacy.

He knows that this has to change to provide excellent results.

So Angelo created LinkDelta and built an awesome team to help him and his clients.

Besides writing superb guest articles, his team also built great connections with highly authoritative sites like Techradar, Sumo.com, and JeffBullas.

With their strategy, he effectively increased the traffic of one of his sites.

His business affiliate site called Astrogrowth started only with 2,100 visitors. But through outreach and guest posting, they could increase it to 60,000 organic and unique traffic per month.

That's a 2700% increase in just a year, and it's honestly incredible!

What's more, Angelo could sell it for $23,000 because of how good the traffic and rankings were.

Now, LinkDelta has been helping more people rank better in search engines and increase their monthly revenue through a smarter guest blogging approach.

What makes this agency stands out is they are one of the few that offers a one-time revision. Most of the guest post provider companies don't offer that.

One more reason to hire Angelo is his experience. He's been doing this since 2008. He also got the passion and what it takes to get the job done.

You can see all the reviews and products that LinkDelta offers here  https://legiit.com/linkdelta.

Guest Post Case Study #4: 37.1% Traffic Growth in 30 Days

The last one on our list, which by no means is the least, came from Ahmed of Foxmedia.

Ahmed has been helping clients since 2011. So he knows precisely how to help websites gain more visibility on Google and other search engines.

Like the two experts above, he takes a holistic approach to guest blogging.

Every guest post he provides is premium, and he only applies the best practices.

Foxmedia offers 12 top-quality guest posts with unique content. Each one is written manually and is safe from potential Panda or Penguin penalties.

He also provides contextual backlinks and only does link building with sites that have a domain authority of 30-90.

The results speak for themselves; Ahmed's guest blog posts have helped many local clients and affiliate websites rank higher on Google.

One website was able to gain a 37.1% boost in traffic growth in one month!

This is already good. But there's another one that you should know of.

Foxmedia was able to rank a website from #300 to #35 in just 30 days. That's a massive leap! And although it didn't go to the first page immediately, it was still a good boost.

It's safe to say that the guest posting and link-building services of Foxmedia are reliable.

This case study proves that guest blogging is still worth it, as it can generate amazing results.

Ahmed is one of the most experienced guest post service providers on Legiit.

With over seven years of SEO experience and 500+ clients, he can help you rank better on search engines.

Besides offering a detailed explanation of what he'll do and providing a complete report, Foxmedia also offers freebies and discounts.

For a limited time, clients can get a free on-page optimization report and a 30% discount. Not everyone provides these, so that's one thing that makes it stand out from others.

You can learn more about Ahmed and his team at https://legiit.com/foxmedia.


That wraps up our guest post case studies!

Doing guest blogging while writing on your own blog can help improve your content marketing strategy.

Each case study above proves that submitting guest posts is still powerful. But only if you do it the right way.

Guest blogging is different than spamming, so make sure to put in the effort and do it right.

Also, remember that the fundamentals of a good strategy include writing a unique and relevant guest post and choosing sites with high domain authority.

Now it's time for you to find guest post opportunities!

Bonus: Using a Guest Blogging Service

If you need help with guest posting and link building, you can hire an expert to do it for you!

Despite the costs of guest posting, you'll get it back tenfold—if not more—especially if you buy from trusted service providers that you can find in Legiit.

This is a great way to ensure that your guest posts are high quality and adhere to Google's best practices. Plus, it will save you tons of time.

By working with people like the ones above, you get to work with someone dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

Check out our Guest Posts service page for a list of excellent guest post services.

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