How Legiit Promotions Can Become Your Competitive Advantage


Today’s post is a guest post submission by Sam Poyan who is a new freelancer on Legiit. Sam specializes in content marketing and
provides article writing & social media management services on Legiit.

The other day I was hanging out on Chris’ (Legiit Co-Founder Chris M. Walker) Livestream and someone asked why the promotions/ads aren’t 2-3 USD. Yep, that’s right 2-3 USD.

Clearly, the person who asked that question just isn’t quite sure of how to use the promotions effectively. That then sparked the content idea for this guest post, as I thought I could share some ideas & strategies that can help make Legiit ads more effective for that person and everyone reading this.

How To Advertise On Legiit Effectively

When it comes to using Legiit promotions or any advertising platforms, you need to do 3 things:

  1. Have a good offer that offers tremendous benefits to the person seeing it
  2. Make the person seeing it trust you
  3. Keep your customer once they purchase

If you do these three things on any advertising platform, you should find great success. Legiit’s promotions are no different.

Step 1: Have a Good Offer (+ Trust)

The first step to making Legiit promotions work is having a good offer.

How will your target audience benefit from purchasing your service?

If your service offers huge benefits for someone, it’s going to be much harder for them to decline it.  You may also have to ask some people for their opinions first, as the offer you may feel great about, might not be perceived in the same way by others.

Or, you can just test advertising different services that you offer. Also, consider using the best-selling service you offer, as it has already proven that others see the benefit in it.

If you don’t have a service that sells well yet, you can also ask others for their opinion on your sales page. One way, you can do this is by turning up to the live streams on Chris’ YouTube channel, as you can ask for feedback there.

One thing that will also help your service sell better is differentiating yourself from competitors, as it gives your customers a reason to buy from you and not your competitors.

Offering a Service That People Would Buy Frequently

If you offer a service that people are more likely to purchase frequently, you’re going to make a lot more sales.

For this example, let’s say you’re a graphic designer. While everyone needs a logo, it’s not something that your customers will purchase frequently.

They will probably buy it once and then they won’t need one for a long time. Instead, you need to think of a service you can offer which people will purchase more frequently.

For the graphic design example, this could be social media posts, blog graphics, or another graphic design service that fulfills a frequent graphic design need of your target audience.

People post social media posts frequently, if they need your graphics to do so, they will purchase them frequently.

Having an offer that people are more likely to purchase frequently is extremely important and we’ll talk about that in more detail later on. Think about what you can offer that people need frequently.

If people need the service you offer frequently, there is also an increased likelihood of them needing it when they see your ad. 

Social Proof 

One thing that will help your offer convert a lot better is social proof.

If you have reviews, then that’s going to be extremely beneficial. In case you don’t have any reviews yet, you can use testimonials, results, or something similar from previous work.

Reviews Make For Great Social Proof
Reviews Make For Great Social Proof

Not got anything at all? Maybe try to message some people you know in the and offer them your service at a huge discount to help you get some first reviews.

You can do this with your first three or four customers and you will have some reviews, as well as customers who will probably return if you do a good job. We will speak about how to make customers return in more detail a little later on.

Writing Copy That Converts

One part of your offer that also plays a big role in how well it converts is the copy of the sales page.

If you’re unsure about this part, don’t worry just do what I explain below.

You don’t need to have years of copywriting experience, nor do you have to re-invent the wheel. Instead, you can just mimic what’s already working best on Legiit.

Check out some of the top-rated services and use their copy as a template. If you can find some that are somewhat similar to what you offer, that’s great.

But, if you can’t that’s not a problem either, just switch out the problems or benefits they talk about with yours.

This is a simple trick, but it’s one that many ignore as many people still use practically empty descriptions which is hurting their conversions.

Step 2: Understand The Lifetime Value

Once you have a killer offer with shiny and attractive copy, you need to understand the lifetime value of a customer and also build a strategy around increasing the lifetime value of your customers.

Let’s say that you advertise in the  ‘New & Trending’ section on the home page which will normally cost you around $50. You make one $50 sale and you earn a 5-star review.

Your customer is so impressed with your service that he comes back and purchases it four or five times this month and he even tells some of his friends about how good of a job you did. Now, that one sale is multiplying.

So, while you may feel like you only break even on the initial $50, you actually made quite a big profit. Not only that, but you have also got several good reviews which pushes you up in the category pages and also helps increase social proof of your service.

These two benefits will also help you sell more.

The point is, you shouldn’t just aim to make a couple of sales from the advertisement, you should look to increase the lifetime value of the customers who purchase from you after they see your ad.

However, for this to be the case and that customer to come back, you need to offer a service that they are likely to purchase frequently, otherwise, you’re not going to make those additional sales.

We did cover these types of services earlier on when we discussed what type of offer to advertise. You also have to do a good job for your customers to come back, but I can’t help you with that. 

Step 3: Keep Your Customer

Once you understand that the goal is not just to make a couple of sales off the ad, but instead to get a customer through the door who will purchase your services many times, you need to put things in place that will make keeping that customer easy.

To do this, there are some great features inside of Legiit, as well as some tools outside of Legiit which you can combine for the best results.

Features Inside of Legiit

There are some truly fantastic features inside of Legiit available for premium members.

These features will help us do exactly what we’re trying to do, sell multiple times to the same customer.

Here are just some of the features I am talking about:

  • Sell recurring services
  • Offer discounts for returning customers

There are many more, but for today’s purpose, these are the ones that will help us the most. 

Sell Recurring Services

If you are a premium seller, you can sell recurring services on Legiit.

For our topic of increasing the customer value, this is kind of a no-brainer, as you can sell your normal service, do a good job, and then offer the recurring service to that customer. If you have a service that the customer will frequently need, often they will want to purchase a recurring version of it as it saves them from having to always remember to purchase.

And, once you have a recurring customer, that’s monthly sales for you. 

Offer Discounts For Returning Customers

Legiit lets you offer all kinds of discounts, but the main type of discount for this purpose is offering discounts for returning customers.

As you would expect, this will make your customers more likely to return. If you do a good job, the customer frequently needs your service and you offer them a discount for returning, why wouldn’t they come back and purchase again?

Tools Outside of Legiit

Legiit gives you great features to help you make your customers return.

However, you can also use some external tools to make it even more likely that your customers return.

While you can do this in many different ways, here are some ideas:

Using these as part of a freelancing strategy is something I learned in Chris’ free freelancing course. In fact, I haven’t even yet figured out how to use them as part of my strategy, but not mentioning these would make this guest post incomplete.

If you’re like me and you’re a freelancer who is only just starting, I highly recommend checking out that free freelancing course as it’s full of great value and will teach you this in much more detail. 

Anyways, let’s take a look at how you can use these three things as part of your strategy. The main benefit of doing this is that you are marketing to your customers outside of Legiit, so you’re not dependant on Legiit and also give them reminders about your service which will increase your sales.

Facebook Groups

The first external tool is creating a Facebook group around your service and what you offer.

Many sellers on Legiit do this and it works well for them, so there is no reason why it shouldn’t for you. 

Facebook groups have many benefits, but here are a few of them:

  • You can speak to your customers as a group
  • During discussions, they are reminded of your service
  • Customers can ask any questions they may have

Having an additional external platform like in a Facebook group will help you remind your customers of your service and also provide more value to them.

Email Marketing

Another great tool to market your services is your autoresponder.

Collect emails, build a list and your sales will skyrocket. Why?

Because you can send out promotional emails and land directly into the inbox of your customers. If you build a list and one day you don’t have any orders, you can send out a promotional email with a discount and get orders.

Email marketing is so effective and it should be part of your strategy. 

Blog or YouTube Channel

Lastly, you can also use either a blog or a YouTube channel to provide your customers with additional value. Both works great too, but one is completely fine.

Here you can create content around your service, demonstrate your knowledge, and just aim to provide additional value to your customers.

Think of it like this… If your customers have a choice between you and other vendors who are they going to choose?

  1. A) The vendor who creates awesome content demonstrates their knowledge and helps their customers
  2. B) The other vendors who they know nothing about

I think we’d both agree they will choose Vendor A.

Final Thoughts

That’s it! I hope this article has sparked some ideas on how you can advertise your service on Legiit.

Make sure to also test advertising different versions of your service and see what works. It may take you a couple of tries to get it right, but if you pick up a couple of loyal customers afterward it will have been more than worth it.

Other than that, just make sure to keep it Legiit.

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