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The problem I had a few years ago, and maybe you can relate to this, is that I knew I wanted to make more money, and quit my job.

Like you I tried a few different things and had some success but I wasn’t making the kind of money I needed or wanted and I was always just nibbling at the edges.

I made a little money doing eCommerce, a bit more doing affiliate marketing, and I even picked up some SEO clients.

But I wasn’t where I wanted to be and it was getting frustrating.

The last thing on my mind was freelancing.

Then one day a new digital services marketplace opened and on a whim I decided to list something on there for $10.

I promptly forgot about it.

Things had gotten pretty bad for me at this point and I had less than $100 to my name.

The next day I was at the gym, on the elliptical when I got an alert on my phone.

It was form the PayPal app. I seriously didn’t even know that it sent alerts at that point, so I was shocked… and also puzzled as to where the money I just received came from.

It was the service I listed on that freelancing marketplace.

I was stunned.

Over the next few days I got about a dozen orders and I realized I was on to something.

So I listed another service, and another service. Some of them took off and some of them didn’t… but the revenue started to grow.

Then I was lucky enough to get a shout out from a couple of big names in the SEO industry about my service...

And the orders came FLOODING in.

My business on this marketplace skyrocketed and quickly became an important part of my business and income.

It even allowed me to scale into other areas… more SEO clients, JVs, and countless other opportunities…

…all thanks to randomly listing that $10 service one day.

I was on top of the world…

…but it didn’t last.

The platform I was selling on started having all kinds of tech issues.

It would crash.
It got hacked
It had fake users showing up etc…

My income plummeted.

But I have always understood that problems don’t fix themselves.

So I setup a store on my SEO Agency website and it started doing pretty well thanks to the great relationship I developed with my AWESOME customers.

Some of the other people that sold on the platform I had been using started asking me if they could sell their services through my website.

That’s when the idea came to me that people needed a new platform to sell on… a Legiit platform.

Fast forward another 18 months and in just the first year of coming online Legiit has become the fastest growing marketplace for digital services.

Thanks in large part to the amazing community that has come together around it literally thousands of people have benefited from both buying and selling on it.

Hopefully it has been able to help change some people’s lives the way they, and freelancing have changed mine.

Now that I have gotten myself out of the financial and mental trouble I was in that is my big goal… to impact and improve as many people’s lives as I possibly can, just like others did for me.

Just like freelancing did for me.

To that end I have decided to offer free to anyone that wants it the exact blueprint of how I created my Freelancing business and turned it into its own platform and launched 2 global brands.

My Course: Legiit Freelancing Mastery: does just that.

It tells you how to get started as a freelancer

How to make your first sales (even if you don’t have any skills)

How to grow your business to 10k per month or more, even while you have a full time job.

And how to scale it past 10k a month into other businesses and opportunities beyond your wildest dreams.

Just visit  to grab your 100% free course right now.

This is literally everything I have done to get myself to this point, nothing held back.

I hope you enjoy it and benefit from my experiences.

Thank you for indulging me this walk down memory lane and most of all…

Thanks for being Legiit.  

Chris M. Walker
Founder & CEO Of Legiit

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