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Email Marketing Freelancer

Email marketing is a great way to generate more sales and land more clients for pretty much any business. And it’s the same with freelancing.

As a freelancer, your main goals are to generate more sales and satisfy your existing customers and clients. Email marketing helps you do exactly that.

That’s this article, we’re going to take a look at how you can use email marketing as a freelancer to grow your business.

Why Is Email Marketing Important For Freelancers?

Email marketing allows you to send a message to your customers & clients at any given moment. This can help you make more sales and stay connected with your audience.

For example, on a day where you don’t have any work, you could simply send out an email with a promotion and get some in no time. This is a big advantage.

Plus, it can also help future proof your business if you are relying on another platform.

For example, if you would only be using a freelance marketplace to generate sales and that platform would go out of business, so would you.

However, if you were to build your email list, this wouldn’t be the case as you can just email all your customers. This is priceless, as it means your business is not relying on another.

Email Marketing For Freelancers: Building Your List

One of the main ways you can use email marketing as a freelancer is by building your list. This is one of the most effective post-purchase marketing strategies for freelancers.

To build your list, you’ll need a piece of email marketing software. There are many out there, and they all do a similar thing. If you’re just starting, you can even find a couple of free options online.

1. Offering Incentives To Collect Emails

The first thing that you’ll want to do is offer incentives to collect emails. This can be a discount or even just a newsletter.

The more valuable your customers perceive this incentive, the more emails you will collect. It can even be something like a newsletter, where you occasionally offer discounts too. You can choose the incentive to be whatever you’d like.

Now, you can build a landing page for it. , most pieces of email marketing software will have some type of landing page builder built-in. You can use this, and simply explain what you’re offering in exchange for their email.

From here, you can promote it to your customers when they buy from you and start building your list.

2. Using Automation Sequences

Automation sequences are a sequence of automated emails.

For example, you could have a welcome sequence that welcomes your customer with tips or tutorials on how to use your service to gain a certain benefit. This could help your customers see more value in your service and could make them purchase again.

You can use automation sequences in whatever way you like. If you just want to make sure you’re customer is receiving emails, you can also build out a sequence that’s months long. The choice is yours.

Behavior-Based Sequences

You can also use behavior-based email sequences and emails to help you generate more sales.

For example, you may send out an email, and set the autoresponder to automatically resend it to customers who don’t open it. This is a very basic example, but you can go into much more detail with this, and send extremely targeted emails based on the behavior of your leads.

All or most pieces of email marketing software have this, the question is just how many triggers it has.

3. Sending Out Newsletters/Promotions

Once you have collected your emails and set up your automation sequences, you can also send out newsletters & promotions regularly.

This can be weekly, or every couple of days, or even daily the choice is yours. You can test out and see what works best.

Usually speaking, you’ll probably want to combine your promotional content with informational emails, otherwise, your leads might get annoyed. This can be a great way to get additional sales from your existing customers, as you have more chances to sell to them.

What Other Type of Content Can You Send In Newsletters?

The main types of content that you can send out in these newsletters would informational. This could be anything from, tutorials & guides to explaining common misconceptions about something to do with your expertise.

Anything that your audience perceives valuable would make great content. And no, it doesn’t always have to have something to do with your offer, as long as it’s related to your expertise.

If your audience likes your newsletters, who are they going to go to next time they do need your service?

A) The person who sends them awesome newsletters

B) Some random person they don’t know

The first option is significantly more likely.

How Else Can Email Marketing Be Used For Freelancers?

You can also get new customers from email marketing through cold outreach. There is various software out there to help you send out lots of emails, but the key is personalization. The more personalized an email is, the likelier you are to get a response.

The goal here is to email businesses and get them interested in your service. But, usually, this will not be through a link in the first email. Instead, it’s more about getting a response, and nurturing the lead until they make a purchase later down the line.

If you’re struggling to make sales or get clients as a freelancer, this is something that you can consider trying.

Final Thoughts

As you have seen throughout this article, email marketing has many benefits for freelancers. Its value is undeniable, and there is no reason not to use it.

To recap the benefits:

  • It helps you generate traffic/sales
  • It helps you stay connected with customers
  • It helps you keep your business safe

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