Best Services On Legiit For E-Commerce Store Owners


Are you an established e-commerce owner, a dropshipping guru, or a starter who’s just finding his feet around? Whichever of the categories you belong to, you will ultimately need help to drive your store to enviable heights and revenue. And fortunately, Legiit can help you all the way.

With us, you will get unlimited access to experts across all phases of e-commerce development. And, in this article, we’ve listed the services these professionals offer to help you launch or upgrade your store.

But before we delve into the details, know this:

Legiit is different from all other marketplaces; we take the services listed on our platform seriously. That is why we vet all services and see that they are up to our standard before listing them. So, rest assured that you’d get quality delivery – and nothing else!

That said, here is a quick breakdown of the categories you can expect our e-commerce services:

  • E-commerce software
  • Market research
  • Product research
  • Product descriptions
  • Product photo editing
  • Product upload
  • E-commerce SEO & Conversion optimization

Note: If you’d like to manage your entire e-commerce hands-off, read this post. But if you prefer a shortcut to know the specific services to use, keep reading this article!

The Top E-Commerce Services On Legiit You Can Trust

Best Services On Legiit For E-Commerce Store Owners

E-commerce Store Design Services

Understandably, choosing from the numerous e-commerce software can be hectic. But if you’d ask us for recommendations, we’ll say stick to Shopify and WooCommerce. The two platforms are popular and scalable for all types of business.

But you can always use your Wix, GoDaddy, or Squarespace e-commerce platforms. Whichever option you decide to use, these services can help:

Create a Mind Blowing Shopify Website Design Shopify Store

If you need a hands-off Shopify store, try Sana_573’s service. She can help you set up a fully automated Shopify website. And beautifully, she also does plugins and theme installation to help make your store responsive.

And, if you don’t have a logo for your Shopify store yet, Sana_573 can also help. But you might need to buy her standard or premium offer to enjoy such exclusives.

Create An E-commerce Store For Your Business

Legiit web design development

Developer’s e-commerce store design is more inclusive than Sana_573’s offer. Here, you can get help with setting up either a Shopify or WooCommerce store. Even better, this seller can help you create an amazon affiliate website for your dropshipping.

The best part: Developer’s service comes with SEO-optimized product pages. Also, this service lets you set up your payment gateway to accept any transaction – even cryptocurrency.

Setup Design And Redesign Your Ecwid

Outside Shopify and WooCommerce, you might want to try other e-commerce setups. If that’s you, then Jay_marketing’s service can help. With this service, you can get an all-encompassing Ecwid store for your small business.

With Jay, you can expect help with your Ecwid store design, SEO, promotion, marketing, and even product listing. About the store: it will come with a keyword-optimized landing and about page.

And the best part: Jay’s service will help you embed your store to your Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, or WordPress website.

Market Research Services

Note: don’t confuse market research for product research. While the two e-commerce research tools are complementary, market research lets you understand your audience. And overall, it helps you to serve your customers with a streamlined experience.

That said, here are the Legiit services that can help you conduct your e-commerce market research:

Do Profitable Niche Research For Amazon Affiliate

Quicksolution442’s service is somewhat streamlined for dropshipping via amazon products. Regardless, you can adapt the solutions to your e-commerce market research.

And because Quicksolution442 does micro-niche research (plus keyword research), rest assured that he covers the essential details of your audience. More importantly, this service will help you gain insight from your competitors – you’d see their loopholes and how you can use them to enhance your customer experience.

Get The Huge List Of 200+ High Ticket Niche Ideas

The core of e-commerce market research is to find highly profitable niches to sell your products. Fortunately, that is what Niche_backlink’s service offers. With this seller, rest assured of statistics-backed niche ideas (200 of such) that will skyrocket your revenue – and with fewer merchant processors issues.

The best part: Niche_backlink has a knack for high-ticket ideas – niches where products can sell for more than $200 per unit. Overall, you’ll get more sales and from high-paying clients who often won’t stress you out.

Get A Massive List Of High Ticket USA Dropshipper Suppliers

This service is still another of Niche_backlink’s packages. And like his previous offerings, rest assured of high-ticket deals. And while the title of the service reads dropshipper, you can use it for all e-commerce functions.

Overall, if you need quality and high-yield products in your store, you equally need top-class suppliers. That is how you can stay ahead of your competition – and fortunately, this service can help.

Product Research Services

Product research, unlike market research, places more emphasis on what you are selling. Are your goods lucrative deals? More importantly, are your products even in line with your e-commerce store?

The answer to all those questions lies with thorough product research. That said, here are some services to help you along the line:

Trending Product Research For Dropshipping Stores

Legiit shopify

EcomHustler is our number one pick for product research – and that’s because he knows his onions. He doesn’t just string results together from AI tools; he analyzes the data to you in the language you’d understand.

And we know that much about this service because we have tested it. That said, here is what you can expect:

  • Trending product ideas from social media and Google
  • The ideas will come with analytics and search result data
  • Also, you’d get the product source and information (and even a link to a YouTube explanatory video)

Do Amazon Product Hunting For Your Store

Maryam’s service is just as detailed as EcomHustler’s – the only difference is that her offer is streamlined to Amazon’s products. So, if you’re particular about Amazon dropshipping, this service is the perfect fit.

About that, Maryam does her product hunting with the specific criteria as follows:

  • High-selling products with a minimum of 5000 search volume and at least 250 monthly sales – but with less competition (<500 reviews)
  • Fast-selling products with affordable range ($14-40)
  • Non-seasonal products with <300 CPR after 8days

With Maryam’s approach, rest assured that you’d have great products that will skyrocket your e-commerce dynasty.

Do Shopify Product Research Or Niche Research

If you own a Shopify store, this Backlinkmaster’s service can help you scale up. In just one service, this seller will do both market and product research for you. And rest assured that the findings here are solid.

That is because Backlinkmaster combines manual research and analysis reports to help you handpick the most lucrative products in your niche. Afterward, he will develop actionable strategies for marketing your e-commerce wares. Plus, there is free consultation!

Product Description Services

To make your e-commerce store stand out from its competition, you have to do more than the “label and list” product descriptions. Don’t just list the features and dimensions of your product; explain how they benefit your customers. More importantly, include social proof.

In essence, you should take the copywriting approach to develop your product descriptions. And fortunately, we have the services to help you.

Pro: Ask these questions before hiring any product description writer on Legiit!

Write Up Product Descriptions

Seoamber is not just a product description writer; she is one of the top-selling copywriters on Legiit. So, she understands the elements of writing persuasive copies that compels buyers to buy.

More importantly, Seoamber complements her copywriting skill with a deep-rooted knowledge of SEO – that’s even in her name. In essence, what you’d get from this seller is a compelling and keyword-optimized product review.

300-Word Product Descriptions

BillJ is another top-selling copywriter on Legiit with a knack for short and compelling articles. Unlike Seoamber, BillJ is specific about the word count for his product description service. Nevertheless, you can still expect a persuasive and keyword-optimized copy from this seller.

Pro tip: The more product you are describing with BillJ, the lesser you’d pay!

E-commerce Product Descriptions | SEO & Sales Optimized

If you want product descriptions from an expert who owns an e-commerce store, try another of EcomHustler’s services. Yes, the same guy with product research!

Beautifully enough, EcomHustler has owned his store since 2015 and even manages an e-commerce inquiry Facebook group with over 7k members. Summarily, this seller doesn’t just talk a great talk; he walks it. So, if you prefer an e-commerce guru handling your product descriptions, there is no better option than EcomHustler!

Note: If you’d like to explore more copywriters, check the top picks from industry leaders. Click writing on the filter tab for a quick overview!

Product Photo Editing Services

Just like your product description, a detailed photo can help improve your chances of sales. Besides, what is an incredible copy without a befitting image?

In essence, invest in your product images just as much as you did its description. And you don’t have to do it all by yourself – these services can help:

Product Visualization 3D Rendering

Best services for Legiit ecommerce owners: Product Visualization 3D Rendering

Do you know that you can do better than bland and conventional images for your product? Have you thought of adapting a 3D visualization to your product imagery?

If yes, Blenderstuffy’s is the service you need. With this service, you can recreate your product images into explorable 3D photos.

And, if you like, the idea can all be yours – or you can let Blenderstuffy take the autonomy. Either way, rest assured of high-quality and attractive 3D rendering for your products.

Product Image Design For Amazon, eBay, Walmart

If you prefer simple photo design over 3D rendering, try Anamul255’s service. And the best part: this service covers a range of different product images and designs (top examples are infographics and lifestyle formats).

Another thing we love about this service is the research detail. Before working on any design, Anamul255 first checks your competitors listing. Afterward, he designs a better product image that would make your e-commerce store attractive.

Product Photo Background Removal And Change

Indeed, you could use tools to remove the background images of your product pictures. However, the task would be hectic if you are replicating the same process for over 1000 products. Luckily, you don’t have to go through the stress; Nishyank can help with background removal, retouching, and color correction.

Suggested reading: 7 Product Photography Tips For E-Commerce

Product Upload Services

Product uploading can be quite tasking, especially when you have lots of products. And it doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with simple or variable listings; the time requirement is worrisome. That is why we’d advise you to outsource the work to these Legiit services:

WooCommerce Product Upload – Fast & Accurate!

Weboffings offers the most affordable product upload service on Legiit. Despite that, she has a fast delivery too.

The only sideline is that the service is streamlined to only WooCommerce stores. But you can always ask if the seller does other e-commerce platforms.

Upload 100 Products To Your Woo-Commerce And Shopify Store

Mahamodul’s service covers much more e-commerce platforms than Weboffings. And although the title of the service reads 100 products, this seller can list up to 500 products for you.

Create Cross Listings On Poshmark, eBay, Shopify, Tradsey, Etsy Etc.

Shilpi0’s service is similar to Mahamodul’s but even more encompassing. More importantly, this product listing service also comes with title optimization and image editing.

E-commerce SEO & Conversion Optimization Services

Ultimately, you will need more eyeballs on your e-commerce store. That is the only way you’d indeed upscale your revenue. But for that to happen, you must do more than listing your product.

Everything about your store should be optimized – from speed, copy to even the product image. In essence, develop a funnel-like e-commerce store that can assure you of sales. These services can help:

E-Commerce Video Audit Report | Store Optimization

The first step to optimizing your e-commerce store for SEO and more sales is to analyze it. In that case, no other service does it better than EcomHustler – yes, still the same guy!

And now to the fun part: unlike other e-commerce audit services on Legiit, EcomHustler’s includes a video report. That way, you can see and hear the lapses of your store. More importantly, he will tell you what changes you can make to steady your ship.

That said, here are the specific details you can expect from EcomHustler’s audit report:

  • Speed test
  • Product page and description analysis
  • Store design and sales funnels report
  • SEO and branding awareness report

Shopify Speed Optimization And Improve Store Speed

If the only issue with your e-commerce store is just the incessant lagging, Zubi_works’ service can help. And although the title reads Shopify, this seller can replicate his speed optimization technique across various e-commerce platforms.

Check Zubi_works’ service page to see the steps he’d take to optimize the speed of our e-commerce website!

Advanced Shopify SEO To Rank Your Online Store Higher On Google

Mehedee’s service is the only complete e-commerce SEO and conversion deal on Legiit. With this service, you’d get a store audit. More importantly, the seller will manually optimize your e-commerce website in the lapses identified in the audit reports.

That marks the end of the best Legiit services for e-commerce development. Outside our list, there are several other services you can try in the e-commerce category. And if you are not a product-selling person, Legiit services can help still. Check this post for inspiration:

4 Business Ideas You Can Outsource on Legiit

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