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Guide To The Best Backlinks For Local SEO


If you ever started a new business you probably knew exactly what it would take to make it successful. The same goes for purchasing a car. If it is going to drive well and serve you as best as it can, looking flashy won't cut it. It needs the best parts to be functioning properly. You need to put in the gas, change the oil and maintain the engine.

You will need all those things in order for the car to run smoothly.  

When you are thinking about local businesses you are considering things such as location, local events, local audience, etc. Local businesses are the bread and butter in almost every neighborhood. After all, who doesn't like the convenience of going for a walk and getting a quick snack from 7-11? Today, we need to show them some love. Most local businesses do not get the attention they should be getting. Especially when it comes to search engines.  

Have you ever asked yourself if it is actually easy for your customer to find your business listing via Google? Did you set up Google My Business properly? How about local business directories? Did you add your web property there? Did you analyze your local search results and find out where you stand among your competitors? And most importantly, did you start a local link building campaign to improve your backlink profile? No? Well, don't worry! We will go over all those things and more in this article.

What Is The Idea Behind Local  SEO For Local Businesses?

If you ever found yourself going on Google and searching for "best pizza near me" this is what we call local search in the SEO world. Found the best pizza place?  

Great! That means the SEO is properly optimized to show results near your location. What do people typically search for when looking for local businesses?

  • opening hours
  • address and location
  • phone number

How are the users able to find local businesses? Behold the power of local SEO. Local businesses are businesses with a physical location but also have a business website that shows up local search results. If your website is optimized properly, you've done keyword research, wrote helpful articles and built local links you should be visible to your potential customers.  

That being said, your competitors are at play and they are also working to get to the top of the SERPs. They are building links too.  

There are many local SEO ranking factors that contribute to your online visibility such as local citations, local news sites talking about your business, and finally, local link building, etc. It is a good idea to spend some time on each of those areas of your business to get the best results for local search. Today, we will talk about link building for your local business.

Your Business Needs A Local SEO  Landing Page

First and foremost, a local business needs a local site. Next, you will need to build a local landing page. This page needs to showcase your products and services.

It needs to be relevant and local to your area. Keep in mind that a local landing page is nothing but a standard web page optimized for local keywords.

How To Do Keyword Research

Before you create your landing page you need to decide what your target keyword is. Start by picking out the keyword you think best suits your local page.  

This step is crucial for a successful local SEO campaign. Go to Google Keyword Planner and pick the keyword suggestions. Sort them by search volume.  

Found keywords with high search volume? Boom! You are in business!

Keep in mind that Keywords with high search volume will be hard to rank for(but not impossible) if you have a brand new website.

If you want to rank fast pick keywords with low search volume (aka low hanging fruit). Along with that, try to find a few long tail keywords that will support your main keyword. Once you have your keywords, it's time to build your page.

Meta Data

Meta information serves as a name tag for the web page itself. Simply put, it is the text displayed when you hover your mouse over your browser tab.  

This step is often overlooked by beginner SEOs. Make sure it is optimized for local searches and relevant to the page itself. Next, fill out the meta description so that it makes the users want to click on your link.

Optimize Your URL

To get the best results when optimizing your page you will also need to make sure your URL is set up properly. As a good SEO practice, your URL should contain your target keyword. For example:
  • abc.com/keyword
But when it comes to local SEO there is one additional component - location. For local businesses to bring in local traffic they need to focus on their target audience in their respective location. Hence you need to include your location in the URL as well:
  • abc.com/keyword-in-city
There you go! Your local SEO visibility is now optimized. Using this strategy you are well on your way to succeed in local SEO and set the stage for your local link building campaign.

On-page SEO

In order to get your page ready to get local backlinks, you need to make it as local as possible. What does that mean?

It means your page needs a layout with headings in a chronological order. A well-designed local landing page makes it easy for the user to find you. In turn, you need to feature important details such as:

  • office location
  • social media
  • address
  • product or services
Once that's finished, toss in a few internal links to relevant pages on your site. After you add all the necessary information your page is now ready to get some local rankings with quality backlinks. Below we outline key strategies for building links from local blogs as well as other local websites.

6 Best Ways To Get Backlinks For Local SEO

Since your page is already optimized for local SEO you need some extra push. You will need something to justify your amazing content and services. That, my friend, is link building. But why is building local backlinks so important? If your site is getting links from other local businesses that is a signal for Google that your website is valuable and people are trusting it.

And it makes perfect sense. Who would want to click on a fishy link? No one. You need to establish trust and authority for the search engines. Here are 6 ways to improve your local SEO with different link building strategies.

1. Google  My Business Listing

When you search for "New York attorney" your search results will include three local businesses that Google considers relevant to your local area.  

We call this the "Google 3-pack". When performing any local search this is what you will most likely see. In order to be featured in the 3-pack you will need to create a Google My Business listing. The good news is it is free to set up. What is also great about this is that you can get a valuable backlink to your local landing page on your own website.  

And let me tell you, a free backlink from Google is no joke. A properly set up GMB listing will show in local searches. If you want to get more things done, you might want to consider hiring a specialist for this job.

Boost Your Domain Authority With Your GMB Listing

An experienced professional will help you build local links the right way.

GMB Snack Pack - RizkAD.com

This seller is a true veteran when it comes to GMB listings.  

RizkAD will manually optimize your GMB listing to get that extra kick for your business in local searches and greatly improve your backlink profile.

This is the ultimate map pack booster for your link building strategy. If you are serious about improving your local SEO, you can't go wrong with RizkAD.

What you get with RizkAD.com:

  • Help BOOST Map Pack Listings / Also will improve your site rankings!  
  • 100% Manual WHITEHAT Link Building
  • ALL MANUAL WORK - NO BOTS OR BS ✓ Takes 4-5 hours to do by hand  
  • Google LOVES THIS -  

Because it is using its own entity! What we love about this service is the 30-day money back guarantee as well as a stellar track record. You simply can't go wrong with this exceptional service for your local landing pages. Google will love your local business with RizkAD's white hat link building strategy.

2. Press Release

Nothing helps your business stand out like your local community talking about you. Local influencers spreading good word about your services or products might prove invaluable. A press release is a powerful link building strategy that complements your local SEO strategy. And we've got just the right solution to attract local communities -  

SpinePR   SpinePR has been around for quite a while. Nixx is a very knowledgeable and trusted PR wizard. With his service you can get published on major news sites in just 24-48 hours. Now that's fast link building! Here is the breakdown of the service:

  • 500-600  Words PR written for you    (Yes, we actually write it for you and come out with a news angle)
  • Syndication Service  (We will send this PR to our entire network of news sites)
  • Full reporting  ( A professional report with all the links and pick up points that are presentable and excel/text version upon request)
  • Indexing    (Indexing is done naturally- Big Bad Google don't like force stuff)
  • White-labelled Reporting Service  - (If you need to present this to a client, don't worry we can add your logo to the report)
  • A Mix of backlinks  - (Do and No-follow backlinks. We need to keep it real)
  • Embeds  -(We can also embed maps for GMB and Youtube for your videos)
  • Newsroom  (We will include your PR in our newsroom where you can pack it up with some good stuff to get a bigger boost)
The prices are very affordable compared to other big media publishing houses. A well-written press release will result in a powerful backlink to your site as well as raise your brand awareness and domain authority. This is crucial for local SEO. SpinePR will also help you with anchor text selection,

3. Niche Edits

Another powerful link building method for your local SEO strategy are niche edits. A niche edit is using an existing guest and inserting an anchor text link to your website.

The idea behind this strategy is that it uses high authority websites to boost your backlink profile.

Your business can gain instant trust in the eyes of a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.  

Our top choice for the niche edit link building strategy is SERPABOVE.

What you get with this service:

  • Highly relevant link placements – to perfectly match your industry/niche
  • Minimum 2000+ RDs of Blog
  • Minimum 10k+ Organic Traffics of Site
  • Minimum DA 51+ of Blog
  • One-time payment, no more repeat payments
  • Automatic elimination of dupes in subsequent orders
  • You get to track keywords

Why Insert A Link Into An Existing Blog Post?

Niche edits can be valuable links because search engines favor established sites and trust their signals. SERPABOVE offers quality backlinks from active blogs. With millions of small businesses in existence in the USA alone, it is crucial you start local link building today. Getting a backlink from a high-authority website will strengthen your backlink profile immensely and bring in more referral traffic.

4. Local Citations

Your SEO efforts cannot be complete without getting a high authority link from Google. Citations tell Google that your business exists. There are several types of citations:
  • Google My Business
  • Bing Maps
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • local newspapers

In essence it is a trust signal to Google. The more local sites link back to your website the more local searchers find your business.

Why not make your local business more trustworthy?  

This can be done with the help of SuperstarSEO.

Chris Walker is an SEO legend, and an expert in local SEO. What you get:

  • maps created from a local IP address
  • 125 Custom Google Map links
A citation from a high domain authority site might help improve your local business ranking. Local business’ sites usually to have a lower domain rating that is why it is a good idea to take advantage of an authoritative website in your local link building campaign.

5. Business Directories

If you want to be recognized in your local community, you will need to get featured in a business directory. As they say, "don't put all your eggs in one basket". And so it is true for link building and local SEO. Some of the big directories include:
  • Yex
  • Whitespark
  • Moz
  • Brightlocal

How To Get Featured In Niche Directories?

You will need help from a local SEO expert. Seorazz is your top choice for this link building job.

When it comes to ranking local businesses Razz provides an exceptional service. With hundreds of positive reviews you know you are well taken care of. Here is what you get with this his local SEO service:

  • High quality Local Listings in local directories
  • 100/250 Unique links
  • Geotag Images
  • 100% Top Quality Links
  • 100% Manual Work
  • 100% White Hat SEO
  • Social links inside Listing
  • full report
The links you will get from Razz come from listings such as yext, brightlocal, whitespark. All links are permanent and properly indexed in the shortest time possible.

6. PBNs

PBNs (private blog networks) is a network of sites where you can build links from.

Supplementing your local SEO link building campaign with PBNs has been a tried and tested method for a long time.

Many SEOs choose this link building tactic as it gives them more control. In general, Google as a search engine does not favor the use of PBNs. You might even get penalized if you do it incorrectly. For this reason it is good to leave this task to the professionals to cover your footprints and do local SEO the right way.  

Seobooster is your top choice for PBNs.

This service provider stands out from the crowd because his client have survived numerous Google updates.  

This means that his methods can withstand those dreadful algorithm changes. This is what you get with this service:

  • DA 55+ links
  • covered footprints from different IP addresses
  • High-Quality Content Relevant to your Niche
  • all links are permanent
  • all links are dofollow
  • low OBL
  • unique content that is actually fun to read
  • original images
  • all links indexed by Google

How To Track Map Pack Rankings?

When you start a local SEO campaign it can be helpful to measure your progress Google displays a lot of different data in the search results.  

For example, ads, map packs, and then organic results. To get a deeper insight into all those metrics it's good to get a holistic overview with comprehensive SEO tools such as Ahrefs.  

Why do we like Ahrefs? Because it shows all the SERP features such as featured snippets, maps, people also ask, stories, ranking, etc. Of course there are other products on the market offering similar features. This is why we point to the essential metrics we like to take into account when analyzing data.

Why is Local SEO Important?

We don't know the exact numbers but what we do know is the fact that a lot of the search queries executed on Google have a local intent.  

This means that Internet users are looking to find something close to them. It is largely location based and it is connected to the navigation features on Google maps.  

One such example of why you should do local SEO: Say, someone lives in a small town and is looking for a nutritionist. It happens to be that the nearest qualified nutritionist is located in a city 1 hour away. In this situation you might be catering to a client seeking help outside their area of residence. This is a great example of local SEO that is highly targeted to a very specific niche.

What Is The Difference Between Link Building and Link Attraction?

Link building involves manual strategic processes for creating links. It could also involve researching competitors' sites to understand backlink profiles and researching websites that fit into their niches. Other techniques can be used to write guest blogs and to search for broken links. This can sometimes mean link prospecting.

If you can find a broken link on a site that is relevant to yours you can ask them to simply fill in the gap with your content that solves a particular problem. Links are an alternative method for generating high-value content for people to connect with. Alternatively a comprehensive guide to local SEO or guide to your specific business area. Please note that links work in tandem with content. It is good to think about link as a justification to high quality content that people want to share.


As you can probably imagine, increasing your visibility in local SERPs can get quite complicated.  

That being said, if you take the time to plan out your local SEO campaign along with a well-designed local link building strategy you will most likely see increases across the board. Now that we have gone through all of the available options of getting the best backlinks as well as covering the best local link building tactics for your business, you are well equipped to make the right decisions in order for your business moving forward. We hope this guide was helpful in your link building efforts.

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