Time is a precious commodity that many entrepreneurs and business owners can’t afford to waste.

Without even knowing it, many are unintentionally squandering the few waking hours of their day.  

There’s no doubt that business owners are quite busy! From the moment you wake up to the second you lay your head down at night, your mind is thinking about your business.  

In addition, there’s constantly someone or something that needs your attention.  

By slaving over tasks that could have been seamlessly delegated to other professionals, business owners are taking away from more important matters. Expert freelancers across the Internet are eager to take on those tasks that take away your time and energy. Check out these 9 tasks you are wasting your time on and how you can conserve more minutes and hours by delegating those duties!

Writing Website Content

Not everyone is a born writer. Furthermore, very few business owners have hours to spend each week writing website content and blog posts.  

Lanonyiego from the freelance platform, Legiit has built up many 5-star ratings for his website content! In addition, LizWinfrey is another freelancer who has ample experience in helping business owners by writing website content.

Designing Your Own Website

Quality web design can take a business owner days or even weeks to get right!  

You can hire talented freelancers for jobs as big as creating entire websites or as small as designing a landing page. With 700+ completed orders on Legiit, MonkeyBusiness has a variety of web design packages for you to choose from! Developer is also a skilled freelance web designer with notable experience in assisting business owners with their first websites!

Social Media Content

Creating a prominent social media presence is essential these days for businesses hoping to thrive online.  

In addition to frequently posting on social media, it is important for the content to be fully engaging and “click” worthy. Check out social media content freelancer Emily Susan for her affordable and high-quality social media packages!

Creating Graphics

Most entrepreneurs don’t enter the world of business as expert graphic designers. As such, the task of creating quality graphics for your business can leave you scratching your head.  

Why spend hours thinking of new ideas and designing your own graphics when you can hire a professional? Especially in the past couple of years, expert graphic designers have broken away from their corporate jobs to work as freelancers. For example, Art_King specializes in designing banners and covers for websites and social media accounts! Likewise, Creatrix is a Legiit expert in the niche of creating well-thought-out infographics to help businesses explain their product or process.

Writing and Pitching Press Releases

There’s an art to writing the perfect press release!

First, you have to nail down the message you want to send out to the public. Then, you have to figure out how to portray that message through the written word. Your message has to be well-written and in a way that really hits home with your audience. Save some time and mental energy by hiring a freelancer who already has these skills down-packed. SpinePR is a freelancer on Legiit who has mastered every aspect of writing and distributing press releases.

Writing Product Descriptions

Do you sell a product through your business?  

Does your business offer some sort of valuable service? If you are a business owner, it is likely that you have some sort of website advertising your products or services. While you know your business inside and out, it can be difficult to write perfect copy to attract new customers.

Quality Product Descriptions Include:

  • Descriptive yet concise wording,
  • Call-to-action for the customers/clients,
  • A clear view of why the product/service is needed,
  • Thorough explanation of how the product/service is used,
  • Complete image of how the product/service will improve lives,
SEOAmber has built quite a positive reputation on Legiit as a professional in product description writing!

Managing Social Media

Answering direct messages (DMs) and posting daily content are just two aspects of social media that business owners waste their time on. Leaning on a social media manager to complete those time-sucking tasks can help you focus on what is important— running your business! When choosing the perfect social media manager, it is essential that you ask to see their portfolio. These images and documents will give you a clear view of their social media talent and past experiences!

Main Duties of a Social Media Manager:

  • Video Ad Production
  • Content Creation
  • Audience Interaction
  • Strategic Hashtag Use
  • Platform Algorithm Advice
AshleyKelley235 has a beautiful collection of images and videos on her service page to show off her social media expertise. If you haven’t already, Sign Up on Legiit and send Ashley K. a message. She can help you free up some time while growing your social media accounts!

Producing Brand Videos

Whiteboard animation videos and even explainer videos have become a popular form of advertisement amongst businesses!  

After all, they are the perfect way to show off your product and service. In addition, video content is a great way to demonstrate any process your audience may need to follow. For engaging and impressive whiteboard animation videos, check out Hamid_Jan’s service page. Here, you can find immediate examples of his work. For customers and clients who don’t like to read, videos can be very helpful. Karthick121 can transform any written content into an explainer video!

Setting Up and Managing Email Marketing

Collecting email addresses and setting up a successful email marketing campaign are both tasks business owners waste their time trying to figure out.  

Sure, it’s possible for you to eventually learn effective email marketing techniques. But, do you have the time to do so? This is where professional email marketing freelancers can step in to save the day (and time)! Message Amitlrajdev to discuss your email marketing needs! As a versatile freelancer, he can help you with every aspect of reaching a broad audience through email.

Let’s Save Some Time

When the clock is constantly ticking, it is essential for us to focus our valuable time on the tasks that matter the most.  

From writing website content to managing your social media accounts, freelancers can help you reserve your time for more pressing matters. In fact, many are well-versed in specifically assisting business owners with everyday tasks that can be easily delegated. For more entrepreneur and business owner productivity tips and advice, visit our article about Habit Hacking for Entrepreneurs !

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