5 Easy Steps To Jump Start Your Freelancer Career in 2024


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5 Easy Steps To Jump Start Your Freelancer Career in 2024

Freelancing can be daunting but with Legiit.com you can overcome many obstacles almost effortlessly. No matter what freelancing services you offer you’re not going be successful unless you can be easily found on the web. In order to be found you’re going to need a solid plan for success. In this article we’re going to give you a simple surefire plan to jump start your freelancer career in 5 easy steps and without spending on a website or any advertisements!

Step 1: Decide what freelancing services you will offer.

There are several factors you need to think about before you begin your new career as a freelancer. The most important factor to consider is to know what you enjoy doing. With a bit of luck and dedication to your craft you are going to be repeating the same service time and again, so be sure that you enjoy providing the service that you want to offer. If you’re successful in creating a buzz around your services then you will be providing them to clients day in and day out. Next, you’re going to want to get an idea of what other freelancers are offering so you can stand out. Scan the gig economy websites like Legiit.com for similar services that you can offer. Look for opportunities to put your own unique twist on a service that you know well. If you have a service to offer that is 100% unique then you are more likely to stand out from the crowd. If your freelancer service isn’t an original service don’t over think it, sometimes a good service just needs to be a proven earner with a high demand in the marketplace. Add upon a service with extra services to make it your own and to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Step 2: Create your service.

Another way to stand out is to write a one-of-a-kind service description. Study what other freelancers write in their service descriptions and what you will find is that they write short and direct sentences that describe their services in the simplest of terms. When you’re writing your service descriptions make sure to manage expectations by leaving nothing to chance by risking being misunderstood. Your client should know exactly what they’re getting when they purchase your freelancer job.

Step 3: Send an email to everyone you know.

Now it is the time to tell everyone you know that you’re a freelancer ready to take on new clients. Gather a list of all of your Email contacts. Every person you ever Emailed should be included even if you know that person doesn’t have an immediate need for your services. Your goal is not only to gain clients for your freelancing business but also to ask for referrals to potential clients your Email contacts may be able to provide. Keep your Email short and to the point. Tell them what you can offer, how to purchase your services, and what they can expect when working with with you. Also ask them to forward the Email to their friends and colleagues that may be interested in your freelancer offerings.

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Step 4: Setup a free blog or online resume (Your freelancer landing page).

For every instant sale there are going to be ten other potential clients that are going to want to do due diligence on you so they can learn more about you. Your blog or online resume is also going to be useful for step 5. You can setup a free blog using wordpress.com  or create a simple landing page on a website like about.me  to inform potential clients more about yourself and why they may want to utilize you for their next project. On your freelancer blog you can create an email form to collect emails of possible clients and on your about.me page you can link directly to your services on Legiit.com. Use the email leads to send emails with links to your Legiit.com services and to request even more referrals.

Step 5: Use free classified websites to attract clients.

There are hundreds of free classified websites on the web where you can post your services for free. Create an advertisement of your freelancer services and dedicate yourself to posting ads everyday until you have built up a client list. Always link to your online resume blog, about.me landing page, and a link to your Legiit.com services in the ad if you can. Some classified websites are going to have different restrictions on what links can be used in the ads. If you are only able to receive emails then put links to your freelancer services in reply’s to the emails you receive. Click this link to a list of over 500 classified websites  to post your freelancer services for free.


It’s a new year, use your time wisely. Don’t get distracted with complicated marketing solutions and expensive advertising. By following these 5 easy steps and repeating the steps as necessary, you will have clients buying your freelancer services in no time. All you need for this plan to work is dedication. Complete your services on time and exactly within your clients expectations and before you know it, you will have a successful freelancer career.

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