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Hey guys and gals you might have seen me on Facebook, the one with the potty mouth that talks about willies and boners. Apart from talking about that I’ve been weaving my own path within the SEO scene – something that has brought me my freedom and and the main thing Choice.

In 2012 my good friend introduced me to the world of SEO via Matt Woodward’s blog. Ever since then I’ve been like a crack addict for SEO and link building as I realised this suited my personality – free to work wherever I like, not tied down to one place. Like every one should be able to live by

Helping people who are willing to rip up the rule book !!!

2018 !!!

I decided to bring my head above water and start to show my face ( try not to be sick ) and come out the wood works and offer the more genral public what i have to offer at a fordable price
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