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Brian Killeen is a marketing entrepreneur based in Hervey Bay Qld Australia.
Operating from Gold Coast, Brisbane right through to Cairns on th...
Brian Killeen is a marketing entrepreneur based in Hervey Bay Qld Australia.
Operating from Gold Coast, Brisbane right through to Cairns on the Barrier Reef.

2011 in South East Queensland marked the starting time for this successful business.
Website Marketing First developed over the years by using videos that sell.
Video has played a large part in Brian's life, having started in the VHS- Beta days. (some may remember). He is a full time animator/video maker and copywriter.
Brian's wife Leonie heads our IT dept., specialising in Wordpress installations.
Brian & Leonie agree, companies regardless of size should include Video in their marketing. By focussing on professional videographers they can't go wrong.

Over the years they've been selling many different types of video marketing packages.
With our current situation and the CoronaVirus, things needed to change and change for all.
If you Stop Advertising it’ll be harder to get back up there and beat your competition when this is all over.
Video Content is so HOT right now especially within Social Media platforms.
We make Sales Videos for all Social Media, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
These include Explainer, Instructional, Whiteboard, Spokesperson, Intros & Animated Logos and Live action Videos.
Heck we can even do up one or two for your website.
Stop Advertising to save money is like Stopping your Watch to Save Time – Henry Ford

Sales Videos for Social Media Platforms - That Ran...

Facebook Instagram YouTube - Length - 10 sec to 180 secs o...

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Car Detailing Explainer Videos - How We Do It

Check the Sample Video from the link below

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Pest Control Explainer Whiteboard videos – How w...

Check the sample from the link below

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COVID- 19 Retail Stores Opening Up - Nearing End...

Now matter what your Trade or Service -Let people know You A...

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Creative Eye Catching Spokesperson Videos

If You re concerned about Your Presence online We Solve T...

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Increase coverage by 300% - Convert your Blog or A...

Articles and Blogs are more appealing to Audience if in Vide...

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Convert you Blog post to Powerful Traffic Driving Video Bl...

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Take advantage of this Halloween to Sell Stuff

Dress up your store and let people know you re have a fun pl...

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Plan ahead for Black Friday Sales 26th Nov 2021

Include eye catching video in your Black Friday campaign 26 ...

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[AWESOME] VIDEO 🎥 Thank your CLIENTS show GRAD...

New Years Greeting Message to valued clients

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Get your Profile out there on Social Media

Why LinkedIn can help you get Leads

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The Secrets Behind Getting 300% More Message Reads...

Here are 4 quick ground breaking tips that will set you on t...

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Sales Approach for new video script.

Can I help you by the sales assistant What was your ...

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