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Hey Brian Killeen.

I love making videos.

One thing that I have found over the years is seeing all those sponsored video editing programs,
you know the ones, where you could make a marketing video without any coding skills in minutes.
They always looked very amateurish to me and far from the marketing tools that I expected.

If you're like me it can be very frustrating, when it comes to marketing my business.
You know, not being able to complete the things that you set out to do.

What I found that was helpful for me, was the combination of what I know and with the latest technology.
When I combined many of the things I've learnt in video production over the the last 30 years, I found it helped me.
I'm certain it'll help you as well

This is why I decided to put together a done for you video marketing agency that’s affordable.

I’m based in Australia with English being my native language

Are you are sick and tired of paying for underrated marketing videos that don’t come up to scratch?
You know the ones that look like every other $5 dollar production that is flooding the market.
If that's the case you need to look at my services page.
I found my marketing videos weren’t earning their keep and didn't give me an endless stream of customers.
If you are getting the same results as I was, you need to change what you are doing.

Video marketing on social media is hot at present.
It has an appeal that interrupts prospects attention span.
It stops the scrollers, drawing them to your product.

Check out my services there are many video orientated marketing ideas
Videos I can make for you include 1:1 for all Social Media, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube etc.
They include Explainer, Instructional, Whiteboard, Spokesperson, Intros & Animated Logos and Live action Videos.
Heck I can even make one or two awesome sales videos for your website.

Stop Advertising to save money is like Stopping your Watch to Save Time – Henry Ford

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This is Amazing. Thank You! :)


5.0 (15 Reviews)


5.0 April 10, 2024

OUTSTANDING!!!! High quality video, on time delivery, great communication from seller, exceptional work. Highly recommend trying this service out.

BrianKilleen’s Reply

Hey Platinum 555: Anthony, Thank you so much for your glowing review! 🌟 We're thrilled to hear that you found our video service outstanding, timely, and of high quality. Communication is key, and we're glad to know it was up to par. 👍 We're committed to delivering exceptional work, so it's fantastic to hear that it resonated with you. Your recommendation means the world to us! 💥 We're excited to continue providing top-notch service and exceeding expectations. If there's anything else we can do for you, just give us a shout.📢 Cheers, Brian Killeen at Website Marketing First


5.0 August 29, 2023

Seller was great with communicating. Nice work, I am very much interested to work again.

BrianKilleen’s Reply

Hey Brandon, I'm happy that you found my communication to be great. I hope that all those important dates around the globe will be of value, and you'll find it a good reminder for you to have this checklist for those important current dates from time to time. All that's needed for you and your agency is to have a reasonable excuse to contact prospects. Being able to keep your brand in front of old and new prospects without selling stuff all the time could be a godsend.


5.0 August 16, 2023

helpful reminders to follow up

BrianKilleen’s Reply

Hey Brawny Marketing, I'm happy that you found the check list for all those important dates around the globe of value. I'm glad that you find it could be a good reminder for you as a check list for current dates from time to time. All that's needed is a reasonable excuse to contact prospects. Being able to keep our brand in front of old and new prospects without flogging stuff all the time could be a God send.


5.0 March 27, 2023

Very efficient service and received my order as soon as I received it. And I encourage you to take the service

BrianKilleen’s Reply

Thank you for your kind words Ashikur. I certainly hope you have found great value in the global events calendar and you use it wisely to build better marketing plans for your business.


5.0 December 08, 2022

Great video by an even greater guy!

BrianKilleen’s Reply

Hey Chris Thanks for those kind words I know it's hard sharing the top spot But I suppose there's room for two Cheers Brian Remember be Kind to Others


5.0 August 16, 2022

Thank you Brian I wasn't sure what to expect at first. I really like everything that was done to my video except for the robot voice. You took the time to send me links and help me figure it out. Not all would ever do this so Thank You. I will try your whiteboard next.

BrianKilleen’s Reply

Hey Sonia thankyou so much for your honest and open review . Producing video is never any easy task, everyone including our audience has a different take on how they like to see things. If it was easy, every movie would be a block buster, the proof of the pudding is eating in this case the views you get. Would you believe that we can engineer Ai voices so that they don't sound like a robot and although the end result is a little more expensive than what we supplied, they are way cheaper than Real Human Voice over. Thank again Brian Killeen Remember Be kind To Others


5.0 July 27, 2022

Brian is a true expert in reviewing profiles. I gave him my profile review task to see what improvements can be made to increase my sales, and it was totally worth it. He created a really helpful infographic and explained all the suggestions very clearly. Definitely gonna make those changes. Thanks Brian

BrianKilleen’s Reply

Qamar your profile was pretty good in many areas you nailed it. Your services are outstanding and with a little more emphasis in the areas that we spoke about, you should find yourself getting right up there in the Legiit Profile and Services searches. Thank you for allowing me to be able to help in some small way. Cheers And all the very best for the future Brian PS I'll be looking at your profile and eager to see the changes you are making .


5.0 July 24, 2022

Thank You for providing a mindmap explaining the requirements for optimization of legiit profile.

BrianKilleen’s Reply

Shridhar I hope that you found the Blue Print (MindMap) useful and that you will apply all that is mentioned in there. I'll also send links from SEO Super Star on all the tips for getting your first orders. Cheers Brian Killeen


5.0 July 20, 2022

This is Amazing. Thank You! :)

BrianKilleen’s Reply

Hey Saeed, thank you for your 5 star response , I know you will find benefit from the Blue Print Assessment of your Profile. I'll be looking at it in a few days to see if you have implement any or all of my suggestions. Now that you know how to find the Sweet spot on Legiit I hope it pleasures you. Cheers Brian Killeen BTW were you happy with the delivery time frame?


5.0 November 08, 2021

Review deserves more that just a thank you. This seller and service is one of the best services I have ordered on Legiit. Brian was great at communicating and editing to deliver a great product. Will be using this service for our client base. Don't pass this service up at this price. Thanks Brian, this was fantastic.

BrianKilleen’s Reply

Thankyou Anthony for the opportunity to work with you, it makes the experience a lot easier when you have the right information. Looking forward to be of service a lot more in the future. Cheers from Brian Down Under