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I am a former Cable Installer (Cableguy) of 20 years and was tired of beating up my body with the demands of the job. Now I own 2 Internet Marketing Agencies focused on driving leads to clients through Facebook Advertising and SEO.

I have learned my craft from some incredible mentors over the last 5 years, attended the conferences that matter, networked with our peers from all over the world, and weeded through all the noise in our industry in order to provide the best ROI and results for our clients.

My former career has taught me that customer service comes first and I have transitioned that into my online businesses. My number 1 goal is to make sure our clients feel they received value from our services.

I look forward to working with you!
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What People Say About This Seller


Fabulous guy! So very helpful and I would use him again and again!


4.7 (21 Reviews)


5.0 February 22, 2024

Good service


5.0 September 20, 2022

He connected with me within an hour jumped on a call and cleared my doubts. Overdelivered. Great to connect with you Jim!


5.0 June 14, 2021

Jim is extremely thorough with his gig - def will come back and use his service! one day, i'll grab his premium face book ad Done for you service, looks amazing! Thanks again, Jim


5.0 March 13, 2021

Jim did an Excellent job! He went above and beyond helping me solve my problem. Very knowledgeable... Thanks Jim - I will be using this gig again. BB


5.0 December 15, 2020

Jim was amazing to work with. He took time on the project and gave us very valuable information. The level of engagement and quality of work exceeded my expectations. I definitely will use him in the future for all of my questions and concerns regarding FB ads. Thanks again Jim, have fun out there, be safe!


5.0 October 12, 2020

Great job. Top notch service!


2.0 September 08, 2020

Service was great until Jim took it upon himself to SPAM my entire customer list via text with some offer that was written as ME. Then he acts like it's no big deal. Keep in mind, he did this to customers we no longer serve, customers with upcoming orders who then wanted to utilize this deal on their existing order and also customers we no longer want to work with. And then for him to basically just say oh well. It's a darn shame too, because again, I was very impressed. If you decide to hire Jim, MAKE ABSOLUTE SURE he doesn't try to do something that you didn't hire him to do.

Swanny’s Reply

It really sucks as a service provider to have an unhappy customer. I did my best to make sure that I delivered quality leads and tried to go above and beyond my scope of work in doing so. While my actions using proven techniques did produce more results which I was excited for, I also did the one thing that no service provider wants....unintentionally upset my customer. I have learned a very valuable lesson moving forward and if anyone in the future would like to inquire more on this, I would be happy to explain. Thank you Ian for the experience in working with your great company. I wish you nothing but success in the future.


5.0 July 17, 2020

excellent work thorough


5.0 May 21, 2020

Good results in a short time! Would highly recommend, Jim knows his stuff!


5.0 February 03, 2020

Jim is awesome. Glad I found him. He will be my goto from here on out for anything Facebook ads. Thank you!

Swanny’s Reply

Looking forward to working with you more Ejay, cheers!