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Thank you for visiting my profile! Available from 8am-11.30pm Indian Time, feel free to DM.
Are you looking for quality legal documentation, risk minimized, contracts, risk mitigation, risk analysis, litigation documents, cross jurisdictions from EU, Middle East(MENA), US, Africa, Asia etc backed by credible research conducted by legally qualified person then you have come to the right profile!

If you have messaged me outside 08am-11.30pm IST, then, I will get back to you as soon as I come back online, (response thus may be slow, pl. bear with me)

I am Shekhar Mahapatra, Qualified, Legal Professional, Ex-Litigator. I am Expert in Law of Contracts,14 years+ (I have started working in legalities, drafting much before completion of course, specifically from 2007) in Law of Contract (international multi-jurisdictional transaction, NDA, Investment Agreement, Service Agreement, Memorandum, Terms & Policy, Data Policies CCPA, GDPR, PDPA,, E-commerce Terms, Service Agreement and some litigation documents also).

I hold degree in Law i.e. B.A.LLB HONS (5 years) from Dept. College of Law Calcutta University 2008. And Masters in Business from Sikkim Manipal University, I have completed MBA in 2013.

 I maintain open door policy and ensure good treatment even towards outgoing customer's, as there is nothing called last interaction. Feel free to ask any question but do not rush. I do deliver on speed mode only when you agree with speed delivery charge. Let's get started!

Those who claim themselves law graduate or para-legal, lawyer without reference to degree college and year of study, etc are just, impostors scammers and 'You' should be careful about these frauds! Yes by bargain you will get a provider at $50, but the real cost would be afterwards, sans, illegal terms, typos, inconsistency, DMCA claims, disputes, website take-downs, suspension or even litigation!

I offer quality documentation at reasonable fee and timelines only. Speed delivery charges were levied as per quick delivery requests!

I am here to make this process warm, quick, efficient, friendly for you!

Feel free to get in touch with me if you're looking forward to getting any legal drafting, analysis, advice and or writing stuffs.

Schedule:- I available from 08am am till 12.30am IST, but mostly buyer's think if I can respond at 12.30 at night, why not at 1.30 too but the problem is I have to sleep thus, I keep my official timing at 9am till 11,30pm so in case discussion being extended, unexpectedly, it can still be accommodated within this extra 1 hour!

My experience includes legal drafting, litigation and writing per business requirements. I am available per Indian Time Zone (most swiftly responded in between, 3pm-6pm) if you require me to work per your time zone then do have prior discussion (default time being Indian Time Only)

I do prepare Contract, Agreement, including :

1. Engagement Contract
2. Shareholder agreement,
3. Partnership agreement,
4. Web terms, privacy policies & data management privacy
5. Legal letter for claim,
6. Bankruptcy filing documents,
7. E-commerce policies, data protection policy per recent EU, Singapore, California, US regulations etc.
8. NDA
9. Prenuptial Agreement
10. NNN
11. Service Agreement
12. Investment Agreement
13. Lease
14. Risk Analysis
15. litigation documents

I have clients all over the world US, UK, Canada, Australia, European Union Nations, UAE, and Israel. I personally manage all projects. I'm an Indian Legal Expert!
Please note I have zero tolerance towards, abuses and time-wasting.


This transparent written policies will help you understand about my terms & conditions and help you work smoothly over any site:---

I am here to help you (buyers) and happy to help! Here are a few basics about working with me

1. Please jot down your requirement prior to discussion, it is always recommended with regard to hourly or any work. Do not accept any proposal or hourly without sharing complete details, discussion and agreement, to that effect.

2. Seeking suggestion, information, advice, will attract fees after all, that is the service I offer!

3. Quoted fee will change in line with newly added/shared details or incomplete detail being, completed at such discussion or speed delivery.

4. If you want me to add new points, post, expiry of agreed support timeline, or your request to make alteration/amendment, beyond agreed scope of work, you will be charged additionally! Ask for extended support timeline (its generally 3 - 9 days!) to be clear.

5. Proposal sent over more than 14 days ago were treated as expired, and will always be subject to new proposal!

I am just transparent and consistent with my policies! Please be a good
human do not scam, others regardless of grudge you may have it never helped anyone !

If you are here then the reason being your local providers are unable to help you with the work for reasons, like, expertise, time limit, fees adjustment, and may be all of them. Mostly you will find my offers exceptional, but please understand there are restrictions and exceptions, so please do co-operate, I never intend to let you down, or I never ever like to fight or mess up over one contention. I am here to make this process quick efficient appreciable for you! I remember one of our client from Canada had said (in other freelance forum) that “you can complete the work tomorrow, and you can leave for (the day) your home, and close your office, if you need to” although I did not, but it felt great, it really feels great when someone conveys, such warm gesture, it inspired me for more good work!

You are most welcome to ask your questions best @08am-1230am IST. Feel FREE to Discuss! Only Services, like drafting, advisory, writing are charged. Help me get 5? Reviews! Pl. inbox your issues/discuss straight away! No worries!

Legal drafting

Legal drafting

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