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Great order, as described!


4.2 (5 Reviews)


1.0 April 12, 2024

Very few french directories. Seller should change the name of this gig and take off "french" from it.

offpageseoexpert’s Reply

I apologize if the service did not meet your expectations regarding the number of French directories included. I strive to provide clear and accurate descriptions for my gigs to set the right expectations. I appreciate your suggestion and will certainly consider revising the gig title to better reflect the service offered. Additionally, I am open to discussing any further specific needs you might have or to find a way to rectify your experience with additional services or support. Your satisfaction is very important to me, and I am committed to ensuring that all my clients receive the quality they are expecting. If you have any further concerns or need assistance with anything else, please feel free to reach out.


5.0 October 30, 2023

I really love your job and your report. Your reports shows that how precise you are.

offpageseoexpert’s Reply

Thank You for your valuable feedback!


5.0 September 25, 2023

seems good

offpageseoexpert’s Reply

Thank You for your Valuable feedback!


5.0 January 19, 2023

good job

offpageseoexpert’s Reply

Thank You for your Valuble feed back! Great Buyer


5.0 June 14, 2021

Great order, as described!

offpageseoexpert’s Reply

Great Buyer! Thank You