What are Parasite Pages in SEO and How Do They Work?


Link builders have it rough these days. Reaching out to bloggers for guest post opportunities is time-consuming. It can even be frustrating in some cases. And they should consider themselves lucky if even half of those they contacted show any interest.

At the end of the day, they wonder if that effort to get backlinks is even worth the hassle. It just doesn't seem practical in today's environment.

If you're a link builder, you should know that there's a more efficient way to get backlinks from web pages with high domain authority. This is through parasite SEO.

In this post, you're going to learn what parasite SEO is and how you can use it to get links from an external authority site.

Parasite SEO in a Nutshell

But first, what is parasite SEO?

It refers to the process of getting backlinks from high-authority websites through sponsored content or PR posts. The idea is to leech off of the credibility and ranking power of the host domain.

How is it any different from guest blogging?

With guest blogging, you're leaving it all to chance. You could spend hours writing a post only to find that what you submitted isn't getting published. Parasite SEO virtually guarantees that whatever you submit—so long as you follow the set guidelines—will go live.

Even if you get backlinks by paying for a guest post spot, it won't compare to what you can get from a site with higher domain authority. Most online publications that offer sponsored content services have high domain authority.

How Does Parasite SEO Work?

How do parasite SEO pages work? What do you need to do to get user-generated content on an authoritative website? What parasite SEO strategies do you need to master?

Here's a guide on how you can get high-quality backlinks using the parasite SEO strategy.

Reach Out to High Authority Websites

The first step would be to find a high-authority site that allows sponsored content. Your best bet would be online news platforms though you can find opportunities in other categories as well.

A quick Google search of local publications in your area is a great starting point. Examples include the Orlando Sentinel and LA Weekly — and there are plenty of parasite SEO examples out there.

The search engine results pages should give you a list of news sites that you should compile into a list. Visit each site and check if it has a section on sponsored content or advertisement posts.

If it does, send an inquiry to see if it's interested in working with you.

Find Out Their Editorial Guidelines

Editorial guidelines are a set of rules that you have to follow for your post to get accepted. It's a reasonable requirement since news publications do have a reputation to protect.

Following these guidelines also help ensure that all posts published on a website are consistent in quality and tone. Some rules are also meant to improve a post's chances of ranking in search results.

These guidelines are sometimes posted on the host's site. However, there are times when these are only sent after someone sends an inquiry.

Rules differ from site to site. As a link builder though, your main concern should be making sure that your sponsored post would have do-follow links.

Write High-Quality Content

If you're satisfied with the payment terms and find the guidelines acceptable, you can start writing your content.

Given that you're trying to create content for news publications, you should aim to create high-quality posts. Make sure to keep an eye out for typos. Only insert relevant keywords.

You might also want to perform on-page SEO before submitting your article for review. It will make life easier for you and the person you're sending the post to.

Wait for Publication

Now all there is to do is wait for a response. Since you're getting treated as an advertiser, don't expect to wait too long. That's one of the advantages of choosing parasite SEO over guest blogging. As a sponsored content creator, you're treated better. 

The publication could ask you to make revisions based on its guidelines. Minor tweaks like grammatical fixes are par for the course.

It's also possible to get some resistance if you choose to add more links than what's allowed — something you might want to keep in mind.

What's certain is that you need to pay before your content gets published. So take care of it as soon as possible to avoid any delay.

Benefits of Parasite Pages for Link Building

Why publish on parasite platforms like news outlets? Why not simply focus on your own website and social media platforms?

Is parasite SEO just that good for building links?

Here are just some of the benefits of Parasite SEO.

Dofollow Backlinks from High Authority Sites

A successful parasite SEO strategy will give you high-quality do-follow backlinks. Not only that, but you're also getting more eyes on your posts since it lets you be on an authoritative site.

What's not to love?

If you're tired of doing guest blogs that don't yield the results you like, there's no reason not to try parasite SEO.

High Chances of Ranking on Search Engines for Highly Competitive Keywords

On top of your own search engine optimization efforts, you're also reaping from other websites as well. Authority sites perform their own keyword research to get high organic traffic.

That's the reason why you want to build links on these platforms by creating high-quality content. Your posts could rank higher on results pages through someone else's website.

Simply put:

Once you master the parasite SEO technique, you have more chances of ranking in search results.


So should you use parasite SEO to get backlinks from a high-authority website?


While you do have to pay for sponsored posts and advertising, you get to bypass the frustrating process of acquiring links through guest posting. And you're making sure that every backlink you get is of premium quality.

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