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4 Types of Videos for Marketing Your Brand


4 Types of Videos for Marketing Your Brand

The percentage of businesses using video marketing rosefrom 63% in 2018 to 81% in 2019    . And that’s not surprising given the fact that audiences tend to remember only about 10% of what is communicated to them in writing alone.

If you are looking to engage audiences and build a memorable brand, video is simply a no brainer. In this post, we’ll look at 4 types of videos for marketing and explore the dos and don’ts of each of them.

Let’s get started.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are easily one of the most popular types of videos for marketing. These short, animated videos focus on telling a brand’s story or communicating an important message about your product or service.

Don’t confuse an explainer with a tutorial. A tutorial usually targets existing customers and focuses on showing them how to use your product. An explainer video targets prospective customers by trying to show them how your brand will make their life better.


Tell a story. The term, “explainer video” sounds pretty dry, but don’t let it fool you. If you want to engage audiences, you need to tell a compelling story with conflict, resolution, and relatable characters.

Focus on problems and solutions. style=”font-weight: 400;”> Your audience has a problem. You have the solution. The sole aim of your explainer video should be to highlight the viewer’s pain points and convince them that your brand is the best possible choice to alleviate them.


Don’t focus on features. Your explainer video is not the place to tell your audience about all the technical specifications of your product. Sales are made on solutions, not specs. You’ve only got about 90 seconds with your audience, so keep everything centered around the benefits of your product rather than the features.

Don’t go for the hard sell. While they are a type of marketing video, explainers shouldn’t feel like a pitch from a used car salesman. The goal should be to position your company as the go-to solution for your customer’s biggest problem. If you do that well, sales will naturally follow.

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Whiteboard Videos

You’ve probably seen a whiteboard animation before. You know, those ones with the live action hand that’s drawing rapidly with a marker on a white background as a voiceover narrates.

Whiteboard animations are basically a subset of explainer videos, but their popularity has turned them into a category all their own. Sometimes, however, whiteboards are used to transmit information rather than market a brand.

Audiences love whiteboards because they make even the dullest or most difficult topics much more down-to-earth by using cartoony, hand-drawn images.


Stick to convention (mostly). Audiences have come to expect certain standards when it comes to whiteboard animations. Deviating too far from them may feel unnatural. So make sure there’s a drawing hand and stick to mostly black drawings on a white background. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color here and there for emphasis, though.

Use memorable images. While your budget might not allow for completely unique drawings, you want your whiteboard animation to stand out in the audience’s memory. So try to use visual elements that have some personality.


Don’t drag on. Avoid dragging on like the dull college professor who is completely out of touch with their students. For most topics, 90 seconds is the ideal length, though some may merit as much as two full minutes.

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Intros, Outros, & Animated Logos

This is one of the more overlooked types of videos for marketing that can add an extra level of professionalism to an already awesome video. They are basically short 3 to 10 second animations placed at the beginning or end of your video, often accompanied by a catchy jingle that’s separate from the primary background music.

Why is it worth investing in a professional intro? Because viewers will form their first impression of your brand in a matter of seconds. If you don’t catch their attention and establish a favorable image quickly, odds are good that they won’t stick around for the rest of the video.


Keep it short. It shouldn’t take longer than 10 seconds to warm your audience up before the video. Any longer and you may lose them completely.

Keep it consistent. Your intros and outros are part of your branding. By keeping them mostly identical from one video to the next, regular viewers will come to associate the jingle and visuals with your brand personality and your high quality content.


Don’t sacrifice quality. Your intro especially is worth investing in. A cheap, poorly produced intro is going to leave a negative first impression that will be difficult to overcome. For the most part, you’ll be able to use the same intro for every video you create, so the cost over time to get a really good one isn’t all that much.

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Spokesperson Videos

Spokesperson videos are exactly what they sound like: you have a live person speaking in front of the camera. They are often shot in front of a green screen so that the spokesperson can be superimposed on a relevant background. They will also usually include stock footage to help break up the main content.

Spokesperson videos are perfect for adding to landing pages to offer a professional introduction to your products and services. They can also be used to highlight your brand story, educate consumers, or announce important news.


Use a variety of camera angles. A good video is more than just your spokesperson standing in front of the camera for a few minutes. You’ll want to shoot from multiple angles and ranges. It’s also a good idea to keep the audience’s attention by transitioning to b-roll footage every now and then.


Don’t use an amateur spokesperson. Although you might be tempted to save money by using someone from your company as your spokesperson, don’t go this route unless they have actual acting experience. Nothing will flush your video quality down the drain faster than unprofessional acting.

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Get The Best Video For Your Business

There are plenty of types of videos for marketing that we couldn’t fit into this post. But these four are some of the most commonly used by businesses to engage their audiences and promote their services.

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