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Do This and Rank Higher in Google Maps


Today is the 5th anniversary of Legiit's launch. Thank you all for your support of us over the years, it's changed lives all over the world, including mine, I am forever in your debt.

One of the freelancers that has been with us from the beginning is Simeon Kowshik, who works on Legiit as MercySEO.

One of the reasons Simeon has been such a mainstay on Legiit is because he does really great work, particularly with Google Maps ranking, that has a long track record of getting results.

It's that quality and consistency of work that makes him this week's Legiit Featured Service Of the Week.

> Authority Map Stacking - Boost Local Rankings <

Simeon was one of the first people I invited to Legiit back in 2018 because he has been a visible member of the SEO community for years and has a reputation for delivering results like these from his Authority Map Stacking Service...

Anyone with a local business or clients knows the importance of ranking in Google Maps in order to keep the phone ringing and leads coming in.

Simeon has a history of making that happen with this service, which is why he has testimonials from multiple industry leaders like these...

Now to be clear Google Maps ranking is a process, and one service alone may not be enough... but if you have done the fundamentals, or need extra power, or just stuck and don't know what to do next, Google Map Stacking is a powerful technique that, when done correctly by an expert like Simeon, can make all the difference in your campaign.

This service is a Legiit Checked service that has proven results, and has been recommended and used by multiple industry leaders.

It also has 10% off right now with coupon code: SAVEMORE

(Quantity of the coupon is EXTREMELY limited)

So the only reason to not grab one today is if you don't want to rank 😛

> Click To Rank In Google Maps <

Don't forget to use the 10$ off coupon code: SAVEMORE

Thank you again for letting Legiit be a part of your business and life for the last 5 years.

See you next week!


Chris M. Walker

CEO Legiit

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