What are Niche Edits?


In a nutshell, niche edits are hyperlinks or anchor text inserted into an article, already published a while back on a website or blog. The difference between niche edits and a guest post is that with the prior you don’t need to write an article. Guest posts on the other hand are fresh content.

Now for those who are new to the world of SEO, niche edit backlinks are also referred to as link insertions, curated links, and broken link building.

Are Niche Edits Legal?

Honestly, there is no law against using niche edit links. However, the more appropriate question is: are they White hat? After all, nobody wants to risk engaging in Grey or Blackhat SEO.

Sometimes niche edits can be illegal, especially if your links are being inserted into a hacked website. To put it another way, if the owner of the website or the webmaster does not consent to have outbound links from their website to your website, then the technique is effectively Black hat.

While rare, hackers will often take over a website, and then sell backlinks from it. Though if you buy from a trusted seller like Superstar SEO for instance, or Saket Wahi (to name a few), then there is nothing to worry about.

In case you were wondering there are other Legiit niche edit sellers!

The other question people have is do niche edits work? Yes, they do work, and that’s why so many SEOs are using it.

Now if you have the time and the will you can try doing it yourself. Contact website owners, who may have broken links on their site and offer to replace them with links to your website.

It will require launching an outreach campaign. However, you might also be able to get some attention by making a financial proposition to the webmaster something we’ll get into a little later.

Niche Edits Versus Other Link Building Techniques

Niche edits can be a very powerful way to get backlinks and rank a website sooner than later. However, it all depends on context.

You need to make sure:

• The niche edit or link is on a page has a great deal of domain authority

• The site should more broadly have authority

• The article is highly relevant to what your business or website has to offer

• Are there other links on the page, pointing to other websites?

All the factors above contribute to the effectiveness of your niche edit link.

Generally, contextual links are considered to be more powerful, so adding a link to an existing page as opposed to creating a new blog post, for instance, will net you more link juice.

The best way to picture a niche edit is to think of it as being easier than a guest post, but potentially offering the same amount of power.

When you acquire a niche edit, it does not require:

• You to draft a guest post

• Website owners are more likely to add a link on an existing article. Interestingly, this is ironic because back in the day most bloggers would accept a guest blog post because it meant that their website got free content. But times have changed.

Do Niche Edits Help You Rank Higher in SERPs?

Yes, if used correctly, you will notice an increase in rankings. After all search engines like Google see a backlink, as a vote. So, technically speaking the more votes the better.

However, it does get more complex, than just having a bucket load of links, but we’ll leave it at that for now.

It is just as easy to miss the mark, with a load of low-quality links, and end up getting penalized by Google search as a result.

So, before you start grabbing all the niche edits you can find on Legiit, here are a few things you should consider:

Choose your anchor text wisely – The majority of your anchor text should be natural and brandable. It is an excellent long-term strategy.

Natural link velocity – What that means is not building several hundred links a month. Instead, a few links each month, most of which can be from niche edits is fine. Though after starting slow you can ramp things up once organic traffic to the site grows. The important thing is to get links that are relevant and from quality websites.

Link diversity – Niche edits alone may not be as powerful, which is why you’d want to mix it up with press releases, guest posts, and citations.

Quality links – Make sure that your links come from quality domains with authority. Established sites are always going to have a more positive effect on your ranks as opposed to up and comers.

Niche Edits Vs. Guest Posting

Most people are familiar with using guest posts to build links. It is a technique as old as SEO itself.

A guest post for those who don’t know is an article that they can write and then have published on a high-authority, niche-specific website. A well-drafted guest post will have valuable content, along with a backlink to the website.

You don’t have to choose between a guest post and niche edits. It is highly recommended that you use both methods to ensure link diversity in your backlink portfolio.

However, guest posts can be used on their own but depending on how you do it, they can get expensive.

How To Acquire Niche Edits?

We sort of alluded to one of the ways you can acquire niche edits, with absolutely no effort. We’ll go into it a little more here.

So, one of the ways to get a niche edit is to work for it. Yes! You will need to do a bit of heavy lifting to get niche edit links, which is time-consuming but worth it.

Here are the steps:

• You start by finding a website that links to articles that are similar to what is on your website.

• Reach out to the owners or webmasters of the website and see if they are willing to link to your article.

We will tell you ahead of time that the conversion rate on this tactic is going to be low. However, take this opportunity to network with as many webmasters as you can.

Many times just befriending them, is all it takes to gain a link. Though that is if you get a response. Again it boils down to practice.

Buying Backlinks

The other way to do it is to buy links. You can make an offer to the webmaster or owner to add a link to your website for a certain dollar amount.

Since the article is already live, and the blogger has already made what they thought was possible from it which means they would be willing to accept a decent offer for the effort of adding a backlink.

It is the same with bloggers who accept guest posts in exchange for payment.

You can reach out to bloggers that offer paid guest posting services too. Just ask them to add a link to an existing blog post or piece of content.

It works great, and it saves you from taking the time to draft an article or pay someone to do it. Also, site owners are a lot more open to it.

In most cases, the webmaster will add the link within a day. Also, some bloggers may not charge you much.

Buying Niche Edits From An Agency

Finally, the easiest way to acquire niche edit links with high quality, you need to work with an experienced agency. Many agencies on Legiit have a large network of websites they work with.

Some sellers like Superstar SEO, SERPABOVE, and Saket Wahi have spent years building a network of websites across a laundry list of niches. They are serving tons of clients with their high quality niche edit services.

You can choose to have your links placed on real websites in the dating, health, automotive, relationship industry, etc. some of these sellers are more expensive than others, but for the most part, you can expect quality.

The big reason to buy niche edits as opposed to trying to do it yourself is it saves you time. You can buy niche edits today and see your links live tomorrow…yes it’s that fast!

The other advantage is that if you buy from a trusted seller on Legiit, you know you’re getting the good stuff, not links from hacked websites.

Finally, choosing to buy your links from agencies on Legiit, also comes with some free advice.

Many sellers are willing to impart knowledge if you ask them. You can learn a lot from just asking questions, but make sure that you keep them short and to the point.

Final Word About Niche Edit Links, Guest Posts, PBNs, and Press Releases

It is worth mentioning again, that niche edit(s) is an excellent link-building strategy but it isn’t the only one.

Like all link-building strategies, use niche edits carefully and mix with other techniques.

Make sure that you balance your anchor text diversity, and link velocity. Also, ensure that your backlinks are from relevant websites.

Niche edits are always going to be a major part of any link-building strategy and they should be if you ask us. However, not the best choice as a sole tactic.

Our suggestion based on experience is to mix it up with PBNs, have a few guest posts and press releases. Do this each month.

If you don’t have the time to figure out link velocity and anchor text diversity. Also, you’d rather focus on your business, then there are many agencies on Legiit offering monthly SEO.

Monthly SEO will entail more than just link building. The agency will handle on-page SEO, content optimization, strategy, and backlinks.

However, it is worth learning SEO and investing the time needed to grow your presence online. Not only does it open you up to more business opportunities but you can offer a service of your own on Legiit!

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