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Natural Link Building Services: Empowering Your Website with Organic and High-Quality Backlinks for SEO Success


In the world of SEO, link building is one of the integral parts. It plays a key role in pulling in the organic traffic to your website.

In fact, it is the third most important thing you can do to rank high on Google, according to data box.

That means the more links your website has, the more your odds to rank high on Google.

But those links should be of high quality or natural. In any other case, Google will derank you.

Google’s algorithm PageRank is programmed to tell the difference between a quality, natural, and bad link. It rewards or penalizes content accordingly.

However, it tends to rank those websites that have more natural links. This raises a question: how do you get natural backlinks?  

To many of us, building high-quality links looks doable. But when it comes to earning natural links for SEO, it seems an insurmountable summit.

Fortunately, there are many techniques and natural link building services available to build natural links. You’ll get familiar with all after reading the article.

What is Natural Link Building?

Natural link building or organic link building is when you get a link from other websites or social media users - because they find your content valuable, credible, or relevant.

You don’t pay big bucks or offer services or goods. You also don't implement any tricks for backlinks.

You see, natural links are called so because they occur naturally.

The PageRank algorithm loves these natural links. They are the proof provided by your competitors and other users that your content is relevant to the niche on which you and they are working and that your content is helpful.

If you manage to get these natural links in huge numbers, it will positively affect your SERP, and you’ll find your content often ranking.

What Backlinks Are Unnatural?

Links that are acquired using different tricks are, of course, unnatural. But those also fall in the unnatural category that you get either making a request or a deal.

Keep in mind that just because they are unnatural links doesn’t mean they are all bad for SEO. Some of them positively affect the natural link SEO campaign if not abused.

With that said, let’s review some common unnatural ways people acquire links.

Link for links: you and other website owners make a deal. You allow them to place a link on your website, and they return the favor. This approach works for one or two.

However, if abused, google will easily detect these links and penalize the content.

Guest postings: This might be the most used technique to build links, and it also works fine. But guest posting doesn’t occur naturally. Moreover, this technique is also sometimes abused. Therefore, Google counts it as unnatural.

Press release: A press release is best for marketing purposes. And if done right, this is a great source of link building. But if misused, it will do more harm than good.

Social media links: Some people create hundreds of social media accounts and leave a link there. This may have worked once, but not anymore.

Private blog networks: Just like social media links, some people make new sites and place links there. And just like social media links, these are also prone to be penalized.

Comment in forum and blog: Leaving a comment on someone’s blog or an online forum is another unnatural method.

Contextually irrelevant links: If a page is about pasta, getting links from an archery page is unnatural. Hence, the link is also unnatural.

Paid links: As you know, any sort of payment in exchange for a link is an unnatural link.

The Natural Link Building Profiles

The link-building profile is a collection of your inbound links. It includes both natural and unnatural links.

If your backlink profile has mostly bad links, it is called a bad link-building profile, and for that, google can derank your content.

However, a natural profile link building is the process of getting other websites to point links to your website. You don’t game the system for them.

Therefore, it's a good practice to regularly keep an eye on your link-building profile and keep removing bad links. So that when Google bots crawl on your website, they find a high-quality or natural link profile.

Profile Link Building Site List

There are literally a hundred profile link building sites, but here is our short list.

  • Medium.com
  • Dailymotion.com
  • Weebly.com
  • imdb.com
  • Mediafire.com
  • Yahoo.com
  • Twitter.com
  • Soundcloud.com
  • Shortcloud.com
  • Quaro.com

Is Natural Link Building Hard?

Link building is undoubtedly one of the hardest parts of off-page SEO. But how hard is it? Let's see some link building statistics to get the idea.

According to Backlinko, Only 2.2% of all content gets more than 1 backlink. This means 97.2% don’t get any links, let alone natural links.

Ahref says the number of backlinks a website gets is linked to the amount of organic traffic it gets. This means you have to somehow rank your content without a huge amount of backlinks in the first place to get natural links – which is another challenge for website owners.

And Maybe that’s why 36% of businesses don’t bother to do link-building on their own. And hire freelance link-building professionals to get the job done.

There are more link building stats, but we think these three are enough to get the idea.

Top Natural Link Building Benefits

There are a dozen benefits of link building, but let's learn the top three of them.

* Google Loves It: Imagine getting a link from a Mayo Clinic’s ranking article. This means the most trusted website finds your content helpful.

This makes you credible in the sights of the audience. And If the audience thinks you are trustworthy, so does google.

* Brand Awareness: A natural link is basically an acknowledgment from other websites that you are the expert on the topic.

This not only will improve the reputation among your existing audience, but it will also increase the popularity among the external audience who didn’t know you before.

* Build Authority: Natural links not only pull in common audiences. They also attract bloggers, editors, researchers, and influencers as well.

And they tend to link back a reference to your website for the portion they take from your content. Their reference will help you become an authority in your niche.

What Are 3 Awesome Natural Link Building Strategies?

Let’s go through the top 3 most effective link building strategies:

Skyscraper strategy:

Brian Dean, a well-known name in the world of SEO, introduced this technique in 2015.

It works in three steps.

The first step is to explore the trending topics in your niche with the most backlinks. You can do it with the Ahrefs Explorer tool.

Then, improve it further as much as possible. Here’s how to do it.

  • Increasing the length: If the other article is 2000 words long, enlarge it to 2500 words. If others provide 20 tips, you provide 25 tips.
  • Depth: Dig deeper when you research to increase the length of your article. Because we don’t only have to increase the numbers but provide value.
  • Cut out: You must have an eye to spot outdated and redundant information to cut it out.
  • Reach out: now you have reached out to only those who have linked to already existing content that you have improved. Ask them to swap the links to your article. You can find these people through Ahref or Semrush tools.

Long-form Content:

There was a long debate among experts on which form of content is good for SEO – Short or long.

For that, Backlinko and Buzzsumo analyzed 912 million blog posts in 2019. and their analysis revealed that long-form articles were shared 77.2% more time than short articles.

They also found that content with long headings got 76% more shares than short headline content.

It makes sense since a long-form article provides adequate information to a novice about a subject. And an expert can simply scroll down and find the needed information.

Now that we know the long form is king, but how long? Well, it depends on the subject. However, according to Hubspot, 2100 to 2400 word count is an ideal length.


Infographics can make people read bland content. Because its Attention-grabbing, engaging, memorable, Easy to read, and easy to comprehend.

These elements make the infographic three times more shareable than other forms of content, including videos, according to Demandsage.

The only challenge is it takes effort to be well-designed. So most site owners don’t bother to make them. And you can turn this challenge to your advantage if you are willing to put in some effort. Or you can hire an expert to create them for you.

How To Get High-Quality Natural Backlinks?

As I’ve mentioned, not all unnatural links are bad. Most unnatural links are downright useless. But some of them, though not natural, still play a huge part in SEO.

Now, let’s review what they are.

  • Guest blogging: You make a polite request to other websites to let you publish a guest post on their site.
  • Social media: Most social media platforms allow you to put links in your bio. Those links are also counted as quality links.
  • Influencer Collab: Collaborating with influencers can get you a quality link. Just make sure the influencer is respected.
  • Statistics Pages: There are stats websites, like Alexa and Quirkbase. They tell stats of either your site or others. You can put a link there, and they will show you useful information and make a profile page with a link.
  • Forums: You can put a link at your forum’s profile. Do some research because not all of them are cool to allow a link.

What Are Link Building Services?

Natural link building and off page seo services are provided by SEO experts. These experts have extensive knowledge of Google’s algorithms.

Natural link building experts’ services include finding relevant websites to your niche and placing a link there so the target audience and Google recognize you as an authority.

However, their services also include other factors that matter to rank your article on top, such as off-page SEO, on-page SEO, and technical SEO. Moreover, they can examine your already created content and optimize it for Google.

And if you don't have existing content, they can also create top-notch content for you.

As organic link building is no hours of work, website owners hire them to take this complex job off their shoulders.

If you’ve never done SEO, it’s probably best to hire a professional link building expert to help you. Here at LEGIIT, we have hundreds of SEO experts who have successfully satisfied clients and ranked their pages on top. And they are just a few clicks away.


As you now know, link building is an integral part of ranking your pages up at the top.

Of course, it's a hard and time-consuming task with many hurdles and pitfalls.

But with the right knowledge and tools in your pocket, you can get hundreds of shares across the website and social media.

All you have to do is steer clear of unethical link-building. Create quality content, and be ready to run for an extra mile.

Don’t forget that every content that you produce should provide value to readers. This will help you become credible and an authority.

And if you don’t want to do everything by yourself, you can always hire professional link building experts here at LEGIIT to assist you.


How to hire SEO professionals link?

Many so-called SEO experts out there still use outdated techniques to rank content on Google.

You must see three things in an expert before hiring.

  • Are they up to date?
  • Do they use the right tools?
  • See feedback that other clients have left on their profiles.

How much time does it take to link building?

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. It depends on many factors, such as niche competition, the existing content on your website, the number of backlinks you have, etc. But generally, it’s estimated to take at least a few months.

How much should I pay for natural link building?

Again, it depends on skill level and for how much time you are hiring. But you should be ready to invest anywhere from 500$ to 3000$.

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