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Link Building Case Study - Rock-Solid Link Building Campaign (100% Organic Traffic Growth)

Organic website growth doesn't always take place overnight. 

It can also be a slow and steady growth. 

But what's important is that the site should always get better and attract more traffic year after year. 

In this case study, we'll be looking at one of Legiit's best link builders and how he was able to grow a website's traffic. 

This should help open your eyes to what possible link building strategies you should pursue for your site and how to get them. 

Let's begin! 

Shahzad Sanmal on Building Links for WordPress Websites 

Shahzad Sanmal has been offering his link building services at Legiit for years. 

With a 4.9/5 star rating from over 2,200 customers, he's your go-to guy for all your off-page SEO needs. 

One of his long-time clients owns a site offering WordPress themes and plugins. 

He initially offered his content writing services to them before transitioning to link building. 

Shahzad started working with them in 2018 and is still with them now. Using his tried and tested link building process, he grew the website yearly. 

Looking at the site using Ahrefs, the site finishes strong every year. It generates more Google traffic with the help of Shahzad's link building strategy.

There are also more keywords ranking for the site, which ties into the increase in traffic. 

The site's growth chart below shows a strong correlation between its traffic (orange line) and the links built to it (blue line).

As you can see, the site's organic search performance stabilized in the latter years when Shadzad was diligently building links to it. 

This shows you that climbing up the ranks on Google search with a solid SEO strategy is just a matter of time. 

Link Building Strategies Shahzad Used 

As a link builder, Shahzad knows that not all link building tactics can help a website rank. 

First, he must look at the site's backlink profile to provide the client with recommendations on how to grow its search traffic. 

After doing that, Shahzad was able to provide the two link building services below that he offers on Legiit to the client: 

Guest Posting 

Search engines love to crawl and index high-quality content to show users on SERPs. 

However, great content can be expensive. You need to be knowledgeable about the topic to produce fresh content that Google loves. 

This is a pain point that most webmasters have. If only they could get amazing content published on their site without spending a dime. 

This is pretty much what guest posting is.

Basically, you propose to write an excellent post for the website owner free of charge. 

Here's the kicker, though: 

You can include links pointing to their client sites within the content! 

So, by successfully getting your article published on different sites, you can build links at the same time. 

However, other factors should be considered aside from writing the blog post. 

For example, you should naturally link to your site or page in the article and provide value to its readers. If not, some site owners won't accept and publish the piece. 

Also, you can't just randomly submit a guest post and build quality links to any site. You must know SEO factors like the site's Domain Authority (DA), search traffic, topical relevance, and other factors using different link building tools. 

From here, you can filter which sites to prioritize and reach out to first to get the most out of your link building strategy. 

With that said, getting guest posting right is complicated due to these variables. Thankfully, These are things that Shadzad did for his client and can do for your site. Check out his Guest posting service page to learn more. 

Private Blog Networks 

Using private blog networks (PBNs) is one tactic that requires a lot of skill and talent to pull off correctly. 

In a nutshell, PBNs refer to a group of interconnected blogs owned by one person or group that is used primarily for building backlinks. 

Most blogs in a PBN are aged domains with high DA scores. And because high DA indicates a high-quality website, the links you'll be getting from them will help your site rank higher on Google.

There are many ways to approach private blog networks. You can have all sites point to your money page or website to benefit from the link juice or PageRank it'll bring to your site. 

Another method is to build PBN links to pages linking to your site or page. This allows you to strengthen the links in your backlink profile, also resulting in higher traffic. 

However, here's the thing about PBNs: 

Google does not like PBNs because it is an unnatural way to build links. 

So, if the search engine finds out that you're engaging in this practice, your site will be penalized and no longer rank for your keywords. 

You don't want Google to trace the PBN links back to you. This can only be achieved by covering your PBN footprints and ensuring your PBN links don't have any discernible patterns. 

As mentioned, PBNs are a complex matter altogether. Unless you have the funds and knowledge to set them up properly, you won't do your site any favors. 

The best case scenario here is to hire those with access to PBNs and experience in crafting PBN link campaigns to guarantee your site's growth. 

In this case, you can't find a much better PBN link builder on Legiit than Shahzad. His premium PBN backlinks service has an almost perfect star rating from over 1,300 customers. 

He also used this to create the backlinks for the client above. That should at least tell you that Shahzad definitely knows his way around PBNs! 


You can't expect to magically rank your website with zero links. At the same time, just because you have a few links pointing to your website doesn't mean you should stop getting more. 

In today's internet marketing, you must get your SEO foundations right to succeed. And part of laying that foundation is constantly improving your link profile, which Shahzad and other link builders on Legiit can do for you! 

Looking for other link building services on Legiit? Check out our Backlinks page for more.

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