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Legiit Weekly Roundup 11/7/2019

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Good Afternoon!

Welcome to this week’s roundup.

Legiit Affiliate Program Update

Effective 11/8/2019 Legiit’s affiliate program will undergo some minor changes.

  • Affiliate Commissions will only be paid to an affiliate who has previously purchased from a seller they are referring. Essentially an affiliate will not be able promote a service from a seller they haven’t done business with.
  • Cookies will last 7 days instead of 15

We believe this will improve the integrity of our affiliates, reduce affiliate spam, and be fair to both our sellers (who often unfairly lose 15% due to affiliate spam) and our affiliates who can still promote services from sellers they know and trust.

If you have any questions please contact our support team at [email protected] 

Here are some of this week’s deals that our sellers have been generous enough to offer:

(If you are a seller and would like to have your service included in the weekly roundup, or you are a customer with a favorite seller you’d like to see featured please join the Legiit Facebook Group and let us know)

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There were so many great deals this week it was hard to narrow them down! Check out the full list here in the Legiit Facebook group

Also check out some new services that launched this week:
Architecture 2d Floor Plans in Autoclad – Graphics & Design – $5

Professional Video Editing Up To 4K – Video – $5 

Creative Writing Content – Writing – $5

From The Blog:

This Week’s blog post offers a new perspective when on the quest to growing your business…

How To Fail at Freelancing (Or 5 Reasons Businesses Fail)

Whether you are a perfectionist who is bound to never fail, or you are adaptable and open to failure in order to learn and grow. These insights to failing at freelancing will be a great reminder to never get too comfortable where you are in your career.
And that concludes this week’s Roundup.
See you next week.
Thanks For Being Legiit!

Team Legiit