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Start doing some research on links and their place in SEO and you will find a lot of different opinions.

Some people will specifically tell you stuff like "links are bad! They don't work! Google doesn't approve!"

I'm not here (today) to relitigate that... but I am going to point out the fact that there are some sites that Google DOES approve, and indeed they approve so much that they consider them worthy of being in Google news!

That brings us to this week Legiit featured service of the week.

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> Get Your Guest Post Indexed On Google News <

Guest posts, as most of you know are powerful links on existing sites with real traffic that, when used properly, can be real needle movers for your organic ranking.

For this service the freelancer Randy Rhode/38DigitalMarket takes the power of guest posting one step further and gets you guest posts that are approved for Google news!

What this means is that these sites are trusted enough by Google that they can show up in Google news.

So while the "links are bad" folks will always be there, this is undeniable proof that Google doesn't hate links... especially ones that it itself approved for news results.

Oh and did I mention these links... work?

Here is one of Randy's results...

But these links aren't just powerful for organic SEO.

When combined with embeds, and a Google, and properly optimized they can expand your Google Maps/Google Business Profile grid too!

If you take a look at the grids below, you will see that after 1 order of this service it helped to expand the grid in multiple directions.

(To be clear... this is one piece of an ongoing strategy and not enough to rank in maps alone... but for the price vs. the results this approach is an incredible ROI... contact the freelancer for help with this strategy before purchasing)

There are even instances of these posts ranking all on their own!

That just scratches the surface! Google news site guest posts are some of the more powerful and versatile links you can get and at the super low price Randy is offering them at, you really can't afford to miss out on adding them to your campaigns.

I also highly encourage you to get the inexpensive extra to embed a map or video to get the full possible results.

This week's Legiit Featured Service Of The Week can be a game changer!

And the best part is:

Get 15% Off With Coupon Code: WOW15  

> Click Here For Google News Approved Guest Posts <

Be on the lookout for the Legiit Featured Service Of The Week every week!

See you next week!


Chris M. Walker

CEO Legiit

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