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How To Use ChatGPT To Get SEO Clients


How To Start An Ai Prompt Business With ChatGPT

Yesterday I showed you the prompt I was using to generate Local SEO Plans with ChatGPT, and the post and video BLEW UP!

Here is a link:  

Well my friend and Ai Wizard Roy Nijland decided to take the prompt and 100x it by making the output more in depth and helpful AND training it to help you use the plan to sell SEO to a prospect!

I got his permission to show it to you and let you use it yourself.

Today, live at 2pm. EST. I will reveal the prompt and show you how you can use this and other prompts to start your own Ai Prompt generation business!

There will be the usual giveaways, and lack of pizza as well so this is literal can't miss!

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