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It’s that time of the month again…

We wanted to bring you some insights from a high-performing business on Legiit.

So we reached out to Neha P., the owner of BradyBear – which many of you may have seen around on Legiit or in the Facebook group.

Throughout this article, we’re going to look at what insights Neha shared with us – so you can use them and apply them to YOUR Legiit business.

Also, many of the tips apply to building a business anywhere… Not only on Legiit.

So if you are an agency owner, run an Ecom store, or whatever the case may be – you should still find lots of value.  

About Bradybear

Bradybear is an SEO provider on the Legiit marketplace. The business was founded by Neha P., an SEO expert with over 12 years of experience.

Today, BradyBear is a team of over 30+ exceptional SEO specialists  who help deliver the projects on Legiit.

Since BradyBear joined Legiit in July 2019, Neha and her team have completed over 672 orders!  

And this May alone, their team did over $12,000 in sales on Legiit… Highly impressive. Let’s take a look at how they achieved this.  

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Neha’s Tips For Succeeding on Legiit

We wanted to make sure that our questions don’t miss any potential insights Neha had to share.  

Therefore, we asked her to share whatever tips she has for other Legiit sellers.

And she gave us some pure gold…  

Quick and Professional Communication

Her first tip was always to provide quick and professional communication to everyone.  

She went on to say that even if the question is about something that might not necessarily be something you can provide, you should respond “No” but in a polite way.  

Additionally, this can also help build trust with those customers – as when they need something you provide, they’ll come back to you.  

Neha said that she and her team use the new Legiit app to communicate as quickly as possible with all her customers.

So, if you haven’t downloaded it yet, make sure to check it out. 

Client Satisfaction

Neha told us that client satisfaction should be a top-notch priority for every business.  

The way Neha and her team do this by:

  • Giving free bonuses on orders, which helps keep their customers happy.  
  • Delivering on time, usually earlier, to help build trust with customers.
  • Tracking the results of each order and updating the customer.

I mean, wow… No wonder BradyBear customers are so satisfied.  

And if they’re happy, they’ll keep returning to your business. Interestingly this is also something that Vasco (Konec.Co) mentioned when we asked him.

And if this is something that the top freelancers are doing – YOU should too – if you want to compete with them.  

Your Service Should Be Unique and Easy To Understand

Neha makes two excellent points here:

  1. If everyone else is offering the same service, why should your customer choose you?
  2. If the customer doesn’t understand the service and its benefits, they won’t purchase.

These two simple points are a complete game-changer – and one of the reasons many people fail on Legiit.  

Chris (Legiit CEO) has brought the first point up a couple of times, as it’s SO important.

Think about it like this: Imagine you want to purchase 100 web 2.0 links. Now you go over to Legiit and see 50 different services that say the same thing.

What are the chances of every single one of them getting many sales?

Not a lot.  

The second point is very true too.  

You should always ensure your target customer understands your service – not just you. Otherwise, you won’t generate sales.

Most Eye-Catching Designs Get The Most Attention

Neha went ahead and mentioned that the most eye-catching designs will always get the most attention.  So put a little effort into your graphics – and if you’re not graphics-gifted, consider using one of the designers on Legiit.

Top-rated Legiit thumbnail service: Eye-Catching Service Thumbnail 

How To Use Legiit To Its Full Potential

As Neha and her team use the Legiit a lot, we wanted to ask her what her top tips are for using it to its fullest. Here’s what she has to say.

Making More Sales

Making sales is something that many freelancers struggle with… Let’s take a look at how Neha and her team do it.

Legiit Monday & Roundup  

Legiit Monday and the round-up are some of the best opportunities on Legiit. One thing that we noticed is that BradyBear is ALWAYS submitting its services with significant discounts for customers.

Neha went on to say that offering a discount is the key to getting included in the first place – and generating sales with these opportunities.  

Combine this with unique and effective services, and then you should see some great results. If you would like to learn more about the Legiit round-up, check out this article.

Share Reviews

Another opportunity that BradyBear takes advantage of is the ability to share reviews in the Facebook group.

This introduces the potential to your services and immediately builds trust with them.

If you would like to start sharing your reviews, Legiit makes it easy:

Just head over to your review and hit the “SHARE!” button to generate a beautiful and extensive version of it that you can share on social media.

Pretty cool, right?  

Yep, we love our dev team too 😀

Use Paid Ads

When we asked Neha how their May was SO successful… She said they used paid ads, specifically the category ads on Legiit.

These are available for just   $10-20 per day and show sellers at the top of a category page — all day.  

BradyBear used the entire month to advertise on the category page, and as you see… It paid off BIG time.  


Going on BradyBears profile, we saw that they branded their services and profile well.  

Neha recommends that ALL freelancers come up with some way to brand their services. Looking at hers, she’s done the same by giving some of her packages names like LORD links, Rank Raider, Rank Caesar.

Doing so helps customers recognize you and sets you apart from other generic names – giving you an advantage.  


As BradyBear sells SEO services, Neha also wanted to give some tips on finding suitable sites.  

How To Get Access To The Best Sites

If you’re selling SEO services or any in general, you should try to offer REALLY high-quality stuff that is hard to get for the average business owner.

Neha told us that her team reach out to sites and pay for various subscriptions to get as many hard-to-find websites as possible.

Of course, it depends on the links that the customers order as well.  

Neha went on to say that a lot of the work they do is researching and testing what works well – so that they can provide the best possible services for their customers.

So if you sell SEO services, don’t just offer the generic stuff… Try to go out there and find links/services that nobody else offers.

Creating Packages

Neha also shared some insights on how to create packages that sell work.

 They research great link combinations and then test different packages to see what sells well.

The key here is that they aren’t afraid to tweak it if it doesn’t go well.  

It’s not just about throwing up a service; it’s also about researching and testing until it sells.  

Building a Team

As mentioned earlier, Neha has a team of over 30+ exceptional SEO specialists.

She explained that this had been the key to Brady Bears’ success because it’s the system behind all the links.

This means if you’re selling links or anything else really – you should try to build a system that lets you:

  • Handle your orders quickly
  • Communicate with your team & clients quickly
  • Market your business efficiently  

We also asked her how she goes about hiring, and she said:

We hire passionate people who want to learn new things and are ready to make their career in the SEO industry only.”

The important thing here is that she only hires people who want to progress in the SEO industry.

Because if they are passionate – they will enjoy the work, which will lead to better results. So, if you’re hiring team members, always go for people who have an interest in your industry.

Team Communication  

Neha also mentioned that one of the most important things she looks for when hiring is working in a team.

Without this, there would often be issues within the system of building and delivering links.

So, if you’re hiring or planning to do so – this is something you should look out for.  

Final Thoughts  

We hope you have enjoyed the insights from Neha and have found some value in this article.

Here are all the critical takeaways mentioned throughout the article:  

  1. Quick and Professional Communication
  2. Client Satisfaction
  3. Your Service Should Be Unique and Easy To Understand
  4. Most Eye-Catching Designs Get The Most Attention
  5. Use The Legiit Round-up & Monday Opportunities
  6. Use Paid Ads
  7. Brand Your Services
  8. Do Lots of Research To Get Access To The Best Sites
  9. Hire Passionate People
  10. Ensure Your Team Communication Is Perfect

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