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How To 4x Your Sales On Legiit (Or Anywhere Else)


How To 4x Your Sales On Legiit (Or Anywhere Else) And Turn A $5 Sale Into A Full Time Income

Hello Chris M. Walker CEO of Legiit here.

I usually leave the Legiit blog in the hands of our extremely talented in house blog master, or occasionally to the amazing freelance writers on Legiit.

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But today I found something interesting I wanted to share with you that can help you 4x your sales on Legiit, or anywhere else in business.

These days a big part of my day is spent looking through numbers, statistics, and other types of data to find ways that we can scale Legiit and help as many customers and freelancers as possible.

This week I found something interesting.

In compiling data in various ways for 2019, we found all sorts of actionable stats that we will be taking advantage of for the rest of the year, but the one that we found that will be of the most help to you is this:

On average a customer that makes a purchase from a freelancer will purchase from them 3 more times… a month, every month, for the entire year.

Additionally the 2nd and 3rd purchase usually doubles in value from the 1st with the 4th being roughly 20% higher than the 3rd.

Now its common business knowledge that it is easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to acquire  a new customer; but I had never had any real data to back that up before.

So How About An Example?

I realize this is a bit abstract, so here is an example.

We will call our customer Jack and our freelancer Diane.

Steve is looking to start a podcast and looks in the Audio & Music category on Legiit for someone to write him a little ditty for the intro and he finds Diane.

Diane makes a little ditty for Jack for $5.

Now it would be easy for Diane to just see that as a $5 sale and nothing major. But she still takes pride in her work, and customer service and does a great job for Jack.

However later on Jack decides to start a YouTube channel to go along with his podcast and hires Diane to make a full jingle to be the background music for the intro video he got made in the video category. For this service he pays Diane $10 he also gets her to make an outro for the podcast for $10 and a bumper for the YouTube videos for $15.

That single $5 sale has now been worth an extra $35

Now multiply that over the course of a year. 35 * 12 =$420 over the course of a year.

That doesn’t sound like a lot with those numbers… but that is 84 times as much as Diane would have made if it had stopped with just the $5 sale.

So imagine if we started from a $20 sale? or $100 sale?

A $100 sale in this scenario would then turn into roughly $900 a month or $10,800 a year. Now multiply that by 4-10 regular customers. That is a full time living of 40 – 100 thousand dollars a year.

All from one small initial sale.

Now remember these are just averages. I personally have customers that spend several thousand dollars a month with me, and I have others that spend $5 and disappear forever, and I have some that have spent hundreds of thousands with me and followed me across 3 different platforms over 5 years.

But these numbers do illustrate a very clear point: Every customer no matter how big or small can, and does on average lead to more sales, more money, and a long term relationship.

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That’s Great But How Do I Get That First Sale To Begin With?

Having repeat customers is great, but in order for them to be repeat, you have to make a sale in the first place.

It’s true that when there is an entire marketplace full of experienced freelancers that getting off the ground can be tough, so here are some tips on how to get your first sale on Legiit.

Make A Professional Looking Profile

Your profile represents your business to potential customers (and marketplace freelancing IS a business) so you want to look professional.

This should include:

  • A professional profile picture. Either a picture of your face, or a branded logo
  • A full profile description that explains who you are, what you do, and why you are qualified to do what you offer.
  • A memorable username that relates to what you do.
  • Fill out every possible detail the site gives you… your location, availability and so on.

Make Professional Looking Services

This is very similar in nature to the last suggestion, but has several things that are unique to it.

Some important factors:

  • A catchy, memorable thumbnail that makes your service stand out and encourages people to click it.
  • A title that draws people in and encourages the click… avoid things like “I Will Do A Logo For You” and instead use something like “Breathtaking Custom HD Logo To Represent Your Brand”
  • A sub-headline that supports the main headline and further encourages the click. Continuing the previous example it would be “Check out samples of what the top businesses have gotten done”
  • Actual sales copy on the service description. You need to describe what you will do for sure, but you also need to explain to the reader why they need it, and how it will solve their problem for them. Make an emotional connection.
  • Use images and videos that support your copy.
  • Use past reviews, testimonials, and proof of concept.
  • Use a call-to-action

Check out our previous post How To Write A Service Description That Sells for more on this.

Give People A Reason to Try Your Service

When you start a marketplace service there are going to be well established freelancers offering similar services that have years of experience and reviews, so you will have to get an edge on them.

Some ways to go about this include:

  • Make a better offer than them. If you are doing SEO for example, sell 5x more links than they do. Or higher quality links. If you are a writer and they offer 500 words, offer 1,000 etc… find a way to make a service that is better than what everyone else is already offering.
  • Be willing to take a loss up front. Reviews build trust with customers but many customers are not willing to risk large amounts of money on an unproven freelancer. To overcome this you may want to consider giving them a heavily discounted service; this will give them a chance to buy your service and become a repeat customer, and for you to start building up some reviews (assuming you do a great job). I know this can be painful at first, but like the point I made earlier in this post, a small loss or break even up front can lead to 10s of thousands of dollars in sales and make a lifetime customer.
  • Market yourself. As I said before, marketplace freelancing is a business, and in business marketing and sales are what make everything work. You should not only want to market yourself, you should feel like you are doing your potential customers a disservice by not getting in front of them with your service as soon as possible.

Legiit offers several options to help you market your services and make your first (or additional) sales that no other marketplace does. Some of them are:

  • Legiit Mondays – We give our freelancers a chance to make offers directly to our customers in the Legiit Facebook Group you can learn more about Legiit Mondays here. 
  • The Legiit Weekly Roundup – Every week we feature 3 established services and 3 new services in an email to the entire Legiit community. Learn more about the Legiit Weekly Roundup Here
  • Feature Your Service On The Home Page – Legiit allows you to promote your service on the home page of the site for a small investment. You can learn more about that here 
  • Customer Requests – As of this writing I expect there to be a feature on Legiit in the next 2-3 weeks where customers can list something they need to have done, and freelancers will be able to bid on them. In the meantime you can find daily customer requests in the Legiit Facebook group.

These are just a handful of the ways that Legiit works directly with freelancers to help them scale their business. If you would like to learn more about how I grew my freelancing business from scratch into owning my own marketplace you can take my free course Legiit Freelancing Mastery

So Now That I Have My First Sale How Do I Keep Customers Coming Back?

The good thing here is that the numbers are in your favor. Remember most freelancers that make a sale are likely to make 3 more sales to that same customer every month.

That said you don’t want to take that for granted. You want to give people every incentive to become a repeat customer.

Some key ways to go about this are:

  • Be as specific and transparent on your sales page and service requirements as possible when describing what you are going to do. Including a FAQ and disclaimers will help you attract the kind of customers that are likely to become repeat customers. 
  • Deliver what you describe, and over deliver when possible. This should go without saying, but it is important to keep improving in this regard. 
  • Be as helpful as possible. Answer questions, offer advice, be friendly and so on. You are building a relationship that you want to last for years and that starts by treating people right. 
  • Communicate quickly and clearly. This is by far the biggest complaint I see from customers and it is the easiest thing in business to do. Even a quick “Order Received. Thank you.” will set a lot of people’s minds at ease. 
  • Make them feel like a VIP. Offer specific discounts, upgrades, and extras to repeat customers. Legiit for example has a simple 1 click option to allow customers to re-order the same service at a discount. 
  • Build a list. Unlike other marketplaces, Legiit encourages people to build a list, and brand of their own. As people to join your email list, and/or Facebook group to continue to grow your relationship with them and send them special offers in the future. This is one of 2 ways I was able to scale my freelancing business into a multi-million dollar brand. The other was… 
  • Leverage your delivery message. Don’t just say “All done. Thanks!” Describe in detail what you did, where they can locate it, and what they can expect in the future. Also throw in some great bonuses here. Here is a sample delivery message of mine:


example delivery message

Let’s pick that apart a little bit.

The first line “I have an important message for you regarding your delivery, as well as some secret unannounced bonus gifts at: https://superstarseo.com/thanks5000 ” makes them feel like a VIP, gives them some bonuses, and get them into a chatbot list so I can market to them later on. It also has a video of me thanking them for their business. Click that link if you want to see exactly how it works.

The next line “Your order is complete!” is letting them no that we did the work.

The next 2 lines tell them specifically how to verify the order. This is important, no matter how simple the interface some people will need a little extra help figuring it out, and that is on you to assist them with.

I then thank them for their business… another thing that should go without saying, but doesn’t always happen.

Then the P.S. take one more opportunity to get them back into a place where I can reach them again, and gives them something valuable.

This paragraph or so of text is the #1 key to how I grew both of my businesses, and without it Legiit wouldn’t exist today. Its that powerful.

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In my opinion marketplace freelancing is the fastest and most effective way to financial and personal freedom. That’s why I have invested so much of myself into making Legiit the most freelancer friendly platform possible.

Spending time mining data is not what I envisioned my career becoming, but when it reveals data like this that can literally change customer’s and freelancer’s lives it is worth it.

If you are thinking of getting started freelancing, or are already established I hope you will put some of these tips into action, and leverage the “already in your favor” odds to quadruple your sales, and help customers Get More Stuff Done.

Thanks for reading everyone and thank you all for being Legiit.



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