Halloween Marketing Ideas: 7 Spooky Ways To Promote Your Business


Halloween will soon be upon us. Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins will prowl the night in search of sweet treats. While people around the world eagerly await this spooky day, the weeks leading up to All Hallows Eve are also a chance for businesses to get in the spirit of fun.

So here are 7 Halloween marketing ideas to help you promote your business in a fun (and ghoulish) way.

7 Halloween Marketing Ideas

#1 Dress Up Your Graphic Design

Kids and grown-ups alike will be donning costumes from frightening to funny on October 31st. So why not dress up the graphic design of your online presence as well. Here are a few ideas:

Spookify Your Logo. Add ghoulish elements to your logo, such as fangs or monstrous eyes. Other fun ideas include turning letters into pumpkins or layering your logo with webs.

Change Up Your Colors. If you can do it without disrupting your branding, consider changing the color scheme on your menu, service pages, or other aspects of your online presence. Finding ways to work in black and orange make it clear that you are in the spirit.

Don’t Forget About Your Social Media Channels. Swap your profile pic for a ghost, or update your banner to include spiders, witches, and other festive elements.

If you’re looking for a graphic design wizard to help costume your branding for Halloween, here is one freelancer who is up to the task.

#2 Decorate Your Store

While you’re dressing up your online presence, you’ll obviously want your physical store to follow suit. If you have a location that serves customers, go all out in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

Window clings, spider webbing, cackling animatronic witches, and more! Decorate outdoors as well as indoors so that the spooky theme sticks with customers throughout their entire shopping experience.

Even if you don’t want to overdo it on the scary decorations, you can still elicit those autumnal feelings with hay bales, pumpkins, gourds, and corn stalks.

#3 Offer Halloween Coupon Codes

This is a really easy way to get your online storefront in the spirit. You are probably already offering regular sales, deals, and other promotions. If you use coupon codes, why not find a way to theme them around Halloween.

Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing:

  • SPOOKY25

Just remember to keep your coupon codes memorable and easy to type. No one wants to try to figure out how to type in 7R1CKorTr34T, no matter how clever it looks.

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#4 Spookify Your Products or Services

Coffee shops have their pumpkin spice lattes. Bakeries concoct ghost cookies and werewolf cupcakes. But adding a little bit of spooky to your offerings isn’t limited to edible goods.

Especially if you are in a creative industry, it’s easy to theme your services around the season. For example, a photographer could offer costume shoots, or even photo editing services to add elements of horror to otherwise normal photos.

But the idea can translate well to any business if you get clever enough. A roofer could “Protect your home from monstrous mold”. And an electrician could “Bust that ghost that’s making the lights flicker.”

#5 Scare Up Some Social Media Engagement

Everyone loves sharing their costumes, decorations, and confections on social media. And this provides you the perfect opportunity to join the fun while engaging your audiences too. Once you’ve taken care of Halloweenifying your social media images, it’s time to actually share some themed content.

An easy way to start is simply to share all the things you are doing to spookify your business. Spread your coupon codes, take pics of your decorations, ask people what they think of your costumed logo, and so on.

But the real magic happens when you give your audience something to talk about and share. For example, maybe you’ve decorated up the company mascot. Give it a share and then ask viewers to reply with pics of their kids or pets in costume.

Your social platforms are also a great place to run contests and giveaways. So consider theming one around Halloween to really give people a reason to join.

#6 Publish Halloween Themed Blog Content

If you’ve got a blog, it is such an easy way to spread some Halloween spirit. Company blogs are generally informative, yes, but they are also meant to be informal and fun.  

Consider finding a way to tie the season to your industry in a way that is both helpful and festive. We love this example from a plumber’s website: Avoiding Plumbing Horrors This Halloween. It is obviously well-themed, but also provides readers with helpful advice on how to make sure their Halloween cleanup doesn’t lead to clogged pipes and other plumbing disasters.

If you aren’t confident in your writing skills, this is the perfect time of year to hire a skilled freelance writer on Legiit.

#7 Hand Out Treats

If you run a brick-and-mortar business, with customers coming and going, join the trick-or-treat fun by handing out goody bags to visitors during the weeks leading up to Halloween.  

You can obviously fill these with sweet treats (just be mindful of common allergens like peanuts). But you can make them a marketing tactic too by including a business card, branded magnet, or even just a coupon.

If your business operates solely online, you can still hand out “treats” to customers. Even if they won’t satisfy their sweet tooth. For example, after delivering an order to a client, send them a coupon code for a discount on their next order along with a message like “Just a little treat to sweeten up your Halloween”.

Have Fun With These Halloween Marketing Ideas

In the end, Halloween is about having fun. So while you’re exploring more Halloween marketing ideas to promote your business and increase sales, remember to have fun with it. If you create an environment that your customers enjoy, the profits will follow.

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