15 Freelance Business Ideas You Can Launch Today


Freelance Business Ideas

This big list of freelance business ideas is for anyone who has been thinking about starting a side business but just hasn’t taken the leap. Freelancing can be a great way to supplement your income, or even earn a living. But it can also be a challenge to take the first steps.

The idea of starting a business seems intimidating. But really, all you have to do is choose the service you want to offer, find a place to offer it, and list your first service. After you read this post, you could literally have your services available for clients on Legiit within 10 minutes.

So read on, find the best freelance business ideas for you, and get started today.


The businesses that fail are the ones that don’t market themselves. You can be the freelancer that helps them find new clients and keep the ones they have with these in-demand marketing freelance business ideas:

1. Market Research

Data driven market research helps businesses make strategic decisions rather than take shots in the dark. If you’ve got the number know-how and access to the right information, you could easily make a living as a market researcher. Your days would be filled with helping startups launch smart and assisting established businesses in breaking new ground.

2. Keyword Research

Any search engine optimization (SEO) campaign begins with proper keyword research. Investing in the right tools and a little bit of training could open up a host of opportunities for you. Clients could include affiliate marketers, SEO agencies, and small business owners–all looking for actionable reports on the best keywords to target.

3. On-Page SEO Implementation

On-page SEO is the not-so-fun-but-vitally-important side of ranking in the search engines. If you’ve got the experience implementing best practices in on-page search engine optimization, there is likely no end to the number of clients who would gladly save themselves the hassle by outsourcing the task.

4. Link Building

Ranking a web site for even mildly competitive search terms is generally going to require some level of active off-page SEO. Whether you are efficient at building business citations or you’ve mastered the art of guest post outreach, plenty of people will pay you to do the hard work for them.

5. Social Media Management

Social media is crucial to businesses–both online and brick-and-mortar. But nothing is worse than a stale social account. As a social media manager, you would be responsible for keeping fresh content posted on your clients’ platforms and engaging with audiences.

6. Advertising Management

If you know how to create a successful ad campaign on Google or Facebook, you are probably light years ahead of most small business owners. These are the companies that desperately need someone to help them advertise but can’t afford the prices that big marketing agencies charge. They are happy to turn to a freelancer like you who can turn them a profit without breaking the bank.


Not everyone has a way with words. If you are one of the few lovers of language, try these freelance business ideas for writers to get you started:

7. Blog Writing

A whopping 81% of business-to-business companies include regular blogging as an integral part of their marketing strategy. That’s good news if you’re a freelance writer. It means that there is no end to the number of people who are willing to pay you for your skill with the written word. Just be sure to learn the basics of SEO first so that you understand how to write a blog post that will rank.

8. Web Content Writing

If you can write a blog post, odds are good that you can write basic content for a company’s home page, service pages, about page, and more. With more than 600,000 small businesses launching every year, there will be plenty of new websites that need your services.

9. Sales Copywriting

If you understand how to sell with the written word, you’ve got a rare gift. One that people value highly. As a sales copywriter, you’ll write everything from Facebook advertisements to long form sales pages. And clients will pay you well for it.

Media Production

If writing skills are hard to come by, multimedia production may be even rarer. Here are some simple audio and visual media business ideas that you could launch today:

10. Music and Jingles

Affordable music is hard to come by, but something that marketers need on the regular. When producers need background music or a clever jingle, but they can’t afford high ticket royalties for published works, they will often turn to freelancers with the skills they need.

11. Explainer Videos

Whether a startup is crowdfunding their vision or an established business is featuring a new product, video is universally recognized as one of the most effective means of engaging an audience. If you’ve got the skills to produce high quality white board animations, live action videos, or other explainers, you’ve got a marketable skill that clients will pay for.

12. Voice Overs

Got the perfect voice? Put those vocals to use by providing voice over services for videos and slide shows. Just be sure that you’ve got the recording equipment to produce high quality work, as well as experience syncing audio and video files.


A designer’s eye is integral to the success of businesses everywhere. Here are a few freelance business ideas for anyone with an artistic streak, a knack for graphic design, and maybe a little bit of technical know-how:

13. Logo Design

Every business needs a logo. Even affiliate marketing blogs convert better with a logo. While some clients might be looking for award winning artistry, you don’t have to be Michelangelo to make a living on logos. Plenty of websites and businesses just need  something that looks mildly decent. Get good at churning them out quickly and you’ve got a steady stream of income.

14. Document Design

From keyword research reports to e-books, all manner of clients will require all manner of documents to be professionally laid out with crisp graphics, clean typography, and efficient use of white space. If you’ve got a knack with manipulating text and images in a variety of file formats, you’ve got a marketable freelance skill.

15. Web Design

With more than 1.5 billion websites on the internet, someone has to design them. You can easily get started using nothing more than WordPress with a good visual page builder plugin. From there, you can work on acquiring higher ticket clients by learning full on web development. The more customized you can make a website, the more you’ll be able to charge.

Launch Your Freelance Career Today

You’ve just been provided with 15 freelance business ideas that you could get started with today. It really is that simple. All you have to do is create an account on Legiit, write up your first service description, and start acquiring your first sales. So choose the service you want to offer and launch your freelance business today.

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