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The Most Powerful Links (...And They're Free)


Links are unquestionably one of the biggest SEO ranking factors.

Bottom line is without links, you don't rank and someone else wins.

But it's confusing to know what kind you need... HARO, PBN, Guest Post, Foundational, PR and on and on.

The thing is the most powerful kind of links are often the most overlooked.

The type of link I am talking about, when done correctly, can skyrocket your rankings almost instantly, and here's the best part...

...they are free to build.

The type of links I am talking about are internal links.

Internal links are links from one page of your site to another, done in a strategic way in order to make it easier for Google to understand your site, and in turn improve your ranking.

There are problems though.

If you do it wrong, at best it won't do anything, and at worst you can reverse your progress.

It can also be a ton of work and be very tedious.

That brings us to this week's Legiit featured service of the week.

I was very excited to see this service and freelancer had submitted their service for consideration, because it is a service I used myself (more on that momentarily).

So enough with the suspense, here is this week's Legiit Featured Service Of The Week

> Internal Linking Strategy <

Like I said I used this service multiple times, including for my own SEO site in April last year, which was a massive job... but you can see the results...

And if you are interested in seeing the actual deliverable you can check it out here.

I also do not have the patience to implement this for myself, especially at that scale, so I paid the extra to get it implemented as well.

So for a ridiculously low price of $49 for the beginning package you can get a true industry expert to analyze your site, and make expert decisions that could improve your ranking almost instantly, and you can even get it done for you for a small amount more.

> Click To Claim Your Internal Linking Strategy < 

Be on the lookout every week for the Legiit Featured Service of the week! 


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